Sunset Home & Business – Invoice issues

[updated 2/26/2017]

In the US version of Money Plus (and Sunset) Home & Business, it is possible to change the default invoice template. If you make the selection to print an invoice, which isn’t using the default template (top one in the pulldown list),  this change may be not be remembered after restarting this version of Money.

To fix this, and make a new custom default invoice template, you will need to modify the list of invoice templates in the 2008Invoice.ntd file, and then you should be able to ensure your custom invoice template is the one which is selected by default by moving it to the top of the list using a text editor.  NOTE: Make sure the Money program itself is closed when doing this editing.

By default for Windows XP, the files will be located ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Money\17.0\Invoice’ – this may be a hidden directory, so you would need to select the ‘show hidden files and folders’ option in Tools->Folder Options->View under Windows Explorer.

In Windows 8, you should find the files in ‘C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Money\17.0\Invoice’.

In Windows 10, you should find the files in ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Money\17.0\Invoice’.

If you have selected / created a new default invoice template, it would be a good practice to include a backup of your new invoice .htm file, a backup of your altered 2008Invoice.ntd file and a backup of any custom logo image on your CD that you’ve made with a backup copy of the Sunset install, along with a backup of your patched dll file and Pocketsense files (if you use this great addon). After a new install of Money, you will then overwrite named files with these backup versions.

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