Reg file to empty the statement import que

Cal Learner has written a Registry fix to empty out any statements waiting to be read into Microsoft Money Plus. Select Save, rather than Run so that you can review and edit if necessary. The “17.0” could be changed for a version other than Money Plus.

Then Run to remove queued up statements for import into Money when they seem to be causing the program to crash.




  1. MirchiFM said

    Upon clicking the link I am getting this error.

    “File not found. It has been either deleted, or it never existed at all. ”
    can somebody just post the contents of this file.

  2. ameridan said

    The page and file used to exist – guess Cal doesn’t keep them up long…

    Anyways, I found delofxi.reg which I believe to be the file Cal created. Here is the contents of that file:


    “Import Files”=-

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