OFX file analyzer

If you’d like to analyze your OFX file for “errors” and validate the conformance of the file to the standard, here is a link to the tools to do so…





  1. gun schwarz said

    is this analizer only for Money or also for the Sunset version?
    and should it be downloaded to the same folder that holds the OFX files?

  2. ameridan said

    Yes, simply download the file for Money 2005 and 2006 as it also works with 2007 and Sunset. It makes it very easy to find to install it in the folder you mention.

  3. gun schwarz said

    This is another subject: A while back you showed me how to change % gain or loss to actual Dollar value in quotes.py and you provided me with a link that showed the different possibilities. unfortunately I lost my notes and I would appreciate if you could help me out again.

    • ameridan said

      Hi gun,

      I think you’re referring to this comment and the link within.

  4. gun schwarz said

    Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

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