Merging Money Files

Instructions were extracted from article by Glyn Simpson

A reader has asked how he can merge a Money file that he created for his Family Trust into his personal Money file, and I remembered that quite a while ago, Glyn had written a thorough process for importing and exporting data using the QIF format.

Exporting your accounts from Money

  1. Choose ‘File’->’Export’
  2. Select the ‘Loose QIF’ option
  3. Enter the name of the account in the filename box – this makes it easier to identify the accounts you have exported
  4. Choose the type of account, i.e. ‘Regular’ for checking, savings accounts etc and ‘Investment’ for your investment accounts
  5. Select the account from the ‘Account List’ box
  6. Click ‘OK’ to export the account

You’ll need to repeat this for every account, including closed ones if you need them (open them first).

Importing exported accounts into Money

  1. Start a new Money file (if required) by clicking ‘File’->’New’
  2. In the filename box, give your new MS Money file a name
  3. Click ‘File’->’Import’ (or ‘File’->’Import’->’Recover Accounts’ in Money 2005 and 2006)
  4. Select the QIF files you wish to import. When importing your QIF files into Microsoft Money, you will need to make sure you select them all to import at the same time, because then transfer transactions should be picked up properly.
  5. Click on the Import option
  6. Select ‘As a new or recovered account’ and then press ‘ok’
  7. On the next window, make sure you match the QIF files with the correct accounts – you’ll need to do this multiple times
  8. Click OK to finish


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