Fixing OFX Financial Institution File Association


Hello. I choose a wrong bank account when associating an OFX file content. Now, when downloading data for account A, the account B that is updated with file’s informations. How can I ask Money to associate files downloaded to a particular account? I looked on the web, but found nothing about reinitializing OFX file association.

A: (Provided by Cal Learner)

If OFX Web statements are placed in the wrong account, blank the
Financial Institution (FI) for the *wrong* account in account
settings.  Do that in the Account Settings/Details, which you can
reach by right-clicking the account name on the Account List.  Don’t
just change the FI.  Blank it.

On the Account List, if there are transactions to read for the
wrong account, right-click TransactionsToRead, and then click
Delete Statement.

Import the OFX file.  Money should ask which account to use.  Tell
Money the statement should go onto the right account.

Put the FI for the *wrong* account back.
If that does not fix it, see method 2 of where you temporarily
change the currency of the wrong account.

Alternate Answer (provided by Glyn Simpson):


and includes…

The OFX statement was downloaded and stored on the desktop. To break the import-account link, the OFX file was edited using WordPad and the account number was changed so that it was different to the downloaded one (e.g. swap the last two digits). The file is saved and then re-imported.

Microsoft Money asks to map the account to the statement, and this was pointed to the incorrect account – this has the effect of overwriting the incorrect association. Next, the statement was deleted (see FAQ link above) and the OFX file was re-edited. The account number was restored to its original value, and then re-imported.

Money then asks to re-map this imported account and the correct account can be associated.



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