This was going to be my master Python script until Bobby enhanced it and published his robust package that is more user-friendly, encrypts your account information and also includes a scrubber routine to eliminate duplications of Discover transactions within Money.


import time, os, httplib, urllib2, uuid
import sys
join = str.join
sites = {
       "boa": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "CCSTMT" ],
                  "fid": "6812",
                "fiorg": "HAN",
                  "url": "https://ofx.bankofamerica.com/cgi-forte/fortecgi?servicename=ofx_2-3&pagename=ofx",
      "chase": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "CCSTMT" ],
                "fiorg": "B1",
                  "fid": "10898",
                  "url": "https://ofx.chase.com",
   "fidelity": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "INVSTMT" ],
                "fiorg": "fidelity.com",
                  "fid": "7776",
                  "url": "https://ofx.fidelity.com/ftgw/OFX/clients/download",
   "vanguard": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "INVSTMT" ],
                "fiorg": "vanguard.com",
                  "url": "https://vesnc.vanguard.com/us/OfxDirectConnectServlet",
   "discover": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "CCSTMT" ],
                "fiorg": "Discover Financial Services",
                  "fid": "7101",
                  "url": "https://ofx.discovercard.com/",
     "schwab": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "INVSTMT" ],
                "fiorg": "ISC",
                  "fid": "5104",
                  "url": "https://ofx.schwab.com/cgi_dev/ofx_server",
 "schwabbank": {
                 "caps": [ "SIGNON", "BASTMT" ],
                  "fid": "101",
                "fiorg": "ISC",
                  "url": "https://ofx.schwab.com/bankcgi_dev/ofx_server",
               "bankid": "121202211"

def _field(tag,value):
    return "<"+tag+">"+value
def _tag(tag,*contents):
    return join("rn",["<"+tag+">"]+list(contents)+["</"+tag+">"])
def _date():
    return time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S",time.localtime())
def _genuuid():
    return uuid.uuid4().hex
class OFXClient:
    """Encapsulate an ofx client, config is a dict containg configuration"""
    def __init__(self, config, user, password):
        self.password = password
        self.user = user
        self.config = config
        self.cookie = 3
        config["user"] = user
        config["password"] = password
        if not config.has_key("appid"):
            config["appid"] = "QWIN"
            config["appver"] = "1800"
    def _cookie(self):
        self.cookie += 1
        return str(self.cookie)
    """Generate signon message"""
    def _signOn(self):
        config = self.config
        fidata = [ _field("ORG",config["fiorg"]) ]
        if config.has_key("fid"):
            fidata += [ _field("FID",config["fid"]) ]
        return _tag("SIGNONMSGSRQV1",
                         _tag("FI", *fidata),
    def _acctreq(self, dtstart):
        req = _tag("ACCTINFORQ",_field("DTACCTUP",dtstart))
        return self._message("SIGNUP","ACCTINFO",req)
# this is from _ccreq below and reading page 176 of the latest OFX doc.
    def _bareq(self, acctid, dtstart, accttype):
        req = _tag("STMTRQ",
                   _field("BANKID",sites [argv[1]] ["bankid"]),
        return self._message("BANK","STMT",req)

    def _ccreq(self, acctid, dtstart):
        req = _tag("CCSTMTRQ",
        return self._message("CREDITCARD","CCSTMT",req)
    def _invstreq(self, brokerid, acctid, dtstart):
        dtnow = time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S",time.localtime())
        req = _tag("INVSTMTRQ",
                      _field("BROKERID", brokerid),
                        _field("DTASOF", dtnow),
        return self._message("INVSTMT","INVSTMT",req)
    def _message(self,msgType,trnType,request):
        config = self.config
        return _tag(msgType+"MSGSRQV1",

    def _header(self):
        return join("rn",[ "OFXHEADER:100",
    def baQuery(self, acctid, dtstart, accttype):
        """Bank account statement request"""
        return join("rn",[self._header(),
                                self._bareq(acctid, dtstart, accttype))])

    def ccQuery(self, acctid, dtstart):
        """CC Statement request"""
        return join("rn",[self._header(),
                               self._ccreq(acctid, dtstart))])
    def acctQuery(self,dtstart):
        return join("rn",[self._header(),
    def invstQuery(self, brokerid, acctid, dtstart):
        return join("rn",[self._header(),
                               self._invstreq(brokerid, acctid,dtstart))])
    def doQuery(self,query,name):
        # N.B. urllib doesn't honor user Content-type, use urllib2
        garbage, path = urllib2.splittype(self.config["url"])
        host, selector = urllib2.splithost(path)
        h = httplib.HTTPSConnection(host)
        h.request('POST', selector, query,
                  { "Content-type": "application/x-ofx",
                    "Accept": "*/*, application/x-ofx"
        if 1:
            res = h.getresponse()
            response = res.read()

            f = file(name,"w")
            os.startfile(""" + os.getcwd() + "" + name + """)
            print h
            print self.config["url"], query
        # ...
import getpass
argv = sys.argv
if __name__=="__main__":
    dtstart = time.strftime("%Y%m%d",time.localtime(time.time()-31*86400))
    dtnow = time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S",time.localtime())
    if len(argv) < 4:
        print "Usage:",sys.argv[0], "site user password [account] [CHECKING/SAVINGS/.. if downloading from bank account]"
        print "available sites:",join(", ",sites.keys())
    #passwd = getpass.getpass()
    passwd = argv[3]
    client = OFXClient(sites[argv[1]], argv[2], passwd)
    if len(argv) < 5:
       query = client.acctQuery("19700101000000")
       client.doQuery(query, argv[1]+"_acct.ofx")
       if "CCSTMT" in sites[argv[1]]["caps"]:
          query = client.ccQuery(sys.argv[4], dtstart)
       elif "INVSTMT" in sites[argv[1]]["caps"]:
          query = client.invstQuery(sites[argv[1]]["fiorg"], sys.argv[4], dtstart)
       elif "BASTMT" in sites[argv[1]]["caps"]:
          query = client.baQuery(sys.argv[4], dtstart, sys.argv[5])
       client.doQuery(query, argv[1]+dtnow+".ofx")

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