Creating a shortcut to on your desktop

If you wish to create a shortcut on your desktop (as pictured above), right click on the Python script and drag it to your desktop and select “Create shortcut here”.  Then download the Money icon file that I’ve extracted from the Money program for you and save it to the same folder as your Python scripts.

Now you can right click on the shortcut and rename to “Get OFX data” or whatever else you like better.   Next click on Properties and select change icon and point to the getofx.ico file.   Then after clicking OK, you are ALL DONE.

[NOTE added 3/4/2010]  I developed this guide prior to coming up with the webpage add-in, and decided to leave it posted even though I now prefer to start my downloads from within Money instead.  There may be others that would rather initiate the downloads from their desktop, and fire up Money later.



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