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New Money addon program released ~ MS Money Quotes by Gaier Software

     MSMoneyQuotes by Gaier Software, LLC

[UPDATE 1/3/2015] Dan has just released version 2.0 for 2015 that obtains financial data from an entirely new online quote service built for the new and MSN Money websites, and is also used by the Windows 8 Finance app. The new online quote service is more reliable, has better symbol coverage, and should be here to stay for a long time. It is backed by a Morningstar quote feed and should prove to be more useful to more users than has been this past year!

Well, I stated in my previous blog post that this addon program looked promising, and indeed, even though Money is offline now,  with MSMoneyQuotes, we once again have the ability of  feeding live (20 minutes delayed) MSN online quotes data into our Money database once again – even if your Money program isn’t currently running! For those using Pocketsense, simply make sure that you run this program prior to Pocketsense each day (or stop retrieving quotes with Pocketsense  ~ comment them out in sites.dat file by inserting # in first column, and use it for statement downloads only)  so that your quote price is input into Money as online rather than update.    Online allows for continuous updating throughout that day whereas Update only holds the first price entered that day.    There is even an option for updating quotes every 15 Read the rest of this entry »


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Restoring Microsoft Money Quote Updates…

Restoring Microsoft Money Quote Updates

I was sent a link from Gaier Software and in the interest of helping them promote this promising new Microsoft Money “add-on” program, I’m posting their announcement here.

I’m a former Microsoft employee who worked on the Microsoft Money product and MSN Money website for almost a decade. Yep, I was the software developer who built the Portfolio Manager for both products, worked on the quote services that powered them, and in 2009 built the Money-to-Quicken Converter for Intuit.

Since Microsoft pulled the plug on the quote servers in the summer of 2013, I often get asked if it’s possible to build something that would restore Money’s ability to get quote information. It turns out it is possible!

So in my (very limited) spare time, I’ve been tinkering with building such a tool over the last 6 months. The Money code is old and complex (written in C/C++, Win32, COM for those technical folks) and it took a fair amount of time and effort to work through some hurdles, but I finally have something that works. Read the rest of this entry »

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Redirection of MSN’s former online services?

Just throwing this out there for the programmers / Money “experts” out there…

I happened to stumble on the possible source of links in Money Plus to the MSN servers that might be used to redirect to alternative solutions for those functions that used to be provided by the MSN servers.

In MNYCoreFIles/WebCache is a file rooturl.xml that reveals the following:

[?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?]
[link id=”moneycentral”]
[link id=”moneycentralintl”]
[link id=”data”]
[link id=”securemoneycentral”]

It couldn’t be so simple as to plug in new urls, could it?

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New Money addon review – PalOMoney


I’ve been beta testing two new apps that interface with Sunset Money that I’ll be reviewing today. Knowing that many of my blog readers have stated that they want to be able to update quotes from Google and Yahoo without having to deal with Python is the reason for my inclusion of the first (beta) app, which actually is not “new” in that it was released in 2011. It is SunsetOFX from Syntap Software and it is a simple Windows app that only requires .NET 3.5 which is native to Windows 7. If you are running Windows XP as I am, you are probably running .NET 3.5 as well, and if not, it is an easy to install update. Whichever folder you install the single EXE file into is where the XML and OFX files are also saved (when exiting). The app has an ADD button to add stocks, funds and options. There is no DELETE button, but by right-clicking the XML file, which also serves to store your security selections, you can select edit and your text editor will open the file for editing. Similar to Pocketsense and TheFinanceBuff’s scripts, you should create a dummy account with zero shares of the quoted securities and you can only update Money once per day, so if you update a mutual fund prior to 5 or 6 pm, the quote will probably be from the prior business day. Any feature requests regarding SunsetOFX should be left on Syntap’s blog page.


The developer(s) of the second app seem very anxious to get a much more robust Money addon program to fruition. It is called PalOMoney and it has really advanced in the last few weeks. I believe I am the first outside beta tester and I probably caused a few headaches for the developer(s) as I installed the app as I thought a typical user would (rather than the suggested “ideal test computer” conditions using a root folder, etc) but I can honestly state that I’m confident that unlike version 1.0.3, the current version (1.0.4 as I’m writing this) should install nicely and work as advertised.

It too is a Windows program, but this one actually directly interfaces with Money’s data file with the intent of updating delayed, real-time and historical quotes, Read the rest of this entry »

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Schwab OFX downloads

[UPDATE: The revised scrubber routine is now incorporated into newer released versions of Pocketsense, so you no longer need to look for the beta version 12/12/2013]

I discovered that Schwab has started using a new tag CORRECTACTION when uploading their ofx data, and Robert immediately added a routine to his Pocketsense scrubber script for me to try out. After testing it out, he released the revision and I am happy to report that was apparently the only issue that has caused errors recently for Schwab ofx updates. You can download the beta package by heading to the February 17th entry in Robert’s blog comments. It is reported that Quicken does not like this tag, so I can’t imagine why Schwab is still using the tag, as most of Schwab’s clients attaching to the OFX server are undoubtedly Quicken users.

The new scrubber should also fix transaction (-)  sign issues that have been seen in Fidelity Net Benefits ofx downloads. I think this is the same issue I reported last summer from VALIC as well that would actually crash Money.

Thank you Robert!

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Updating Tax Rate Schedule

Microsoft states that tax rates can be updated manually in Money Plus (and Sunset) by going to: Tools / Settings / Tax Settings / Set your filing status and see Tax Rates. You’ll note that the rate schedule hasn’t actually changed since 2011, even though the current table reads “2013 Tax Year in progress”.

What they fail to mention though is that the boxes are all grayed out and you are unable to edit the rates for Single, Married filing Jointly, Married filing separately and Head of Household, so what you have to do is select Custom and your data fields will open up to plug in new rates. Naturally then, when using the Tax Estimator module, you will also need to select Custom for Filing Status, rather than Single, Married, etc. in order to use the manually updated rates.

(The only method I know of to actually update the grayed out rates is with Hung Le’s Sunriise tool, but that isn’t an option for the average user.)


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Windows 8 (64-bit version) compatibility with Sunset Money

[UPDATED 12/12/2013 & amended 4/20/2014, 8/8/2015]

Windows 8.1 is reported to be compatible with Microsoft Money “Sunset”, but the patch available below is recommended regardless.  When upgrading to Windows 10 you will again encounter the crash issue if you haven’t fixed the dll.  In order to find the dll file, you’ll have to not only show hidden files, but you’ll have to unhide system files as well and have administrative privileges.  The dll file can then be found in c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYcoreFiles.

So here are the steps for Windows 8.x (also Windows 10)  😉 after you have downloaded the appropriate patched dll file as discussed in this blog article:

  1. Enable Show Hidden Files in Folder Options:
  • Click radio button to turn on “Show hidden Files, folders, and drives”
  • Turn off “Hide Protected operating system files” (Recommended)

file options

2. Backup the original “MNYOB99.DLL” by renaming it to “MNYOB99.DLL.OLD” in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles

3. Copy Download Patched “MNYOB99.DLL” to
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles\” to replace the original file

[UPDATED 3/20/2013]

Apparently Windows 8 “Update” should now fix the crash issues with Microsoft Money during imports of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloaded transaction.    As of  12/12/2012 though, the same OS updates (KB2758857 specifically) that Microsoft published actually introduces the same crashes for Windows XP users.   I’m not sure which files their updates actually effect, or what methodology they use to “fix” the issues, but I’m so glad I don’t allow automatic updates!

Raymond Chen has reverse-engineered his own patch to fix some bugs in the Version 17 file mnyob99.dll which you can read about and perform yourself with a hex editor and seems to be more reliable across all OS’s.    By his description of the bugs, it is surprising that Money has worked consistently with the older OS’s all these years.   Thanks to John who has provided me with the patched file for the Plus Deluxe version of Sunset Money, I am making it available for you to download it  here.    If you are using the Plus – Home & Business version of Sunset Money, download the patched dll file specific to that program here.

OR you can manually edit your dll file yourself, using Raymond Chen’s great patch blog instructions (summarized here):

  • File offset 003FACE8: Change 85 to 8D
  • File offset 003FACED: Change 50 to 51
  • File offset 003FACF0: Change FF to 85
  • File offset 003FACF6: Change E8 to B9

Even though I wasn’t having a problem with XP (I don’t do OS updates very often), I’ve replaced the dll file on my system with no hiccups.

Another error that was reported…

MS Money was crashing after sign in while trying to import data. It was reporting that UTLSRF08.DLL was the faulting module.

was also fixed by replacing the faulty dll file.

[UPDATED 12/17/2012]

Cal Learner has verified that the only changes to the dll file that I’ve posted are as discussed above.   Thank you Cal

trp2525 also reported today that the recent XP Security Update that caused problems is fixed by installing the patched dll file.

The mnyob99.dll is located at C:/Program Files/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYCoreFiles for my version of Money.

After replacing the dll file I installed update KB2758857 and then restarted my computer.  I then tried updates from 3 different banking sites that included OFX and QIF downloads and my program worked perfectly with no crashes!  These were the same downloads that had crashed my program (with update KB2758857 installed) prior to the replacement of the dll file.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to use this fantastic program for many years yet!

[UPDATED 2/23/2013, 3/20/2013 & 12/18/2015]

Cal Learner has stated in the past that there are slight differences in the patch depending on the version of the Money program.  Other readers have confirmed that the Sunset Deluxe patch seems to work on other versions (including 2005 International), but technically he recommends that the other versions be patched using his Python script to  fix the dll file for versions of Money other than Plus Deluxe & Sunset Plus Deluxe.  See his post and (read the comments for more info) here.

When he first published his scripts, I was one of the few that had used this routine, and I was happy to report that I’d fixed my dll for the Home and Business version of Sunset Money and all went well (although the downloaded dll mentioned above also worked for me as well 🙂 ) and you can download the patched dll file for the Sunset Home & Business version here.


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