AppID & AppVER for OFX scripts

[UPDATED 9/25/2014]

When PocketSense and TFB’s scripts communicate with the OFX servers at your financial institutions, by default they inform the server that you are using Quicken 2011* via the AppID and AppVER variables.   Within PocketSense, the default values are specified in  and even though you are downloading the data into Money, you are actually emulating a request from  Quicken (which should have a few more years of life expectancy than Money).   Since Money is discontinued, it is probably best to not use the Money AppID any longer.

From Quicken’s site, I found the following:

On April 30, of each year, Quicken discontinues its support for any of its versions more than 2 years old. As of April 30, 2014, Quicken will no longer support Quicken 2011

This implies that if you have changed the default or are overriding AppVer with an older version (like 1700 or 1800), you may have to upgrade the AppVer  in PocketSense at that time since Quicken forces financial institutions to promote Quicken upgrades by not allowing “obsolete” versions to communicate with their servers.   I’ve observed that Moneydance is currently using version 2100.

The AppID and AppVER of Intuit products are:

Product Version APPID APPVER
Quicken 2016 for Windows QWIN 2500
Quicken 2015 for Windows QWIN 2400
Quicken 2014 for Windows QWIN 2300
Quicken Windows 2013 QWIN 2200
Quicken Windows 2012 QWIN 2100
*Quicken Windows 2011 QWIN 1900
Quicken Windows 2010 QWIN 1800
Quicken Windows 2008 QWIN 1700
Quicken Windows 2007 QWIN 1600
Quicken Windows 2006 QWIN 1500
Quicken Windows 2005 QWIN 1400
Quicken Mac 2008 QMOFX 1700
Quicken Mac 2007 QMOFX 1600
Quicken Mac 2006 QMOFX 1500
Quicken Mac 2005 QMOFX 1400
QuickBooks Windows 2008 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1800
QuickBooks Windows 2007 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1700
QuickBooks Windows 2006 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1600
QuickBooks Windows 2005 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1500
QuickBooks Mac 2007 N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads
QuickBooks Mac 2006 N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads


The AppID and AppVER of Microsoft products are:

Product Version APPID APPVER
Microsoft Money Plus & Sunset editions Money Plus 1700
Money 2007 Money 1600
Money 2006 Money 1500
Money 2005 Money 1400
Money 2004 Money 1200
Money 2003 Money 1100*
Money 2002 Money 1000*
Money 2001 Money 900*
Money 2000 Money 800*
Money 99 Money 700*
Money 98 Money 600*
Money 97 Money 500*
* We don’t believe the scripts will work for these versions


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