Chase OFX downloads

Having just set up multiple Chase accounts to work with Pocketsense, here are my findings:

  • Quicken downloads are offered on the web, but only to the primary account holder, and only after you have logged onto the web, click on top left button and then click on Profile & Settings > Manage Account Security > Desktop apps > activate Quicken.  Otherwise, you will only be offered pdf downloads.
  • Then clear you account credentials (if any): Pocketsense > Setup > Delete Account
  • Add your Chase account:  Pocketsense > Setup > Add Account
  • For each account user, after running Pocketsense > Setup > Test Account, you will get an error informing you that you have a secure message requiring your verification.  Logon to your web account, click on top left button and then click on Secure Messages and then click on the link within your most recent message to activate downloads.
  • Now you can test once again and you should have a successful download that you’ll need to Send to Money so that you can match with the appropriate account in Money.
  • Test each account individually and match to Money accounts before running the regular combined downloads.

sites.dat settings

     SiteName : CHASE 
     AcctType : BASTMT     #bank accounts 
     fiorg : B1 
     url : 
     fid : 10898 
     bankid :     #use appropriate routing number  
     brokerid : 
     appid : QWIN
     appver : 2400
     ofxVer  :    103
     mininterval : 

     SiteName : CHASE CREDIT CARD  
     AcctType : CCSTMT     #credit card  
     fiorg    : B1 
     url      :  
     fid      : 10898
     bankid   : 
     brokerid : 
     appid    : QWIN
     appver   : 2400
     ofxver   : 103




  1. Pablo said

    Could you send me the same for Charles Schwab. I have pocketsense, but it does not work anymore. Thanks, Pablo Tricci

  2. ameridan said

    Pablo, see this article.  Nothing else has changed with Schwab.

  3. Norm Coltri said

    Sorry. I can’t seem to find were to start a new topic.

    I use OFX download from banks sites rather then PocketSense script. Find it easier than trying to keep up with the changes.
    All was working weel until TD BANK went online with there new WEB site. The site maintained an OFX export option, however the file is not in the proper format.

    I have a TD BANK OFX file from before Feb 9 and the current OFX file. Vastly different in construction and headers. Both claim to be OFX, but only the pre Feb 9 file will import. Other banks ( Everbank, CapitalOne, GinnieMay) all have OXF exports the work just fine.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue. How do we approach TD BANK fro a fix when that will probably say that they do not support obsolete software?

  4. ameridan said

    OFX file format is standardized, so I’m not sure what you mean when you say “the file is not in the proper format”. Pocketsense makes use of a scrubber routine for getting rid of OFX tags that Money doesn’t know what to do with, and so you may have to do that manually to each download, once you determine what tags Money doesn’t like. For instance, Schwab uses {correctaction} tags that Money doesn’t like and the scrubber eliminates those. By comparing the two TD Bank files, you need to determine what is different and look for new tags.

    • Norm Coltri said

      I understand your comments. Really want to continue with manual OFX downloads.
      I analyzed the new TDBank OFX file and found that the header was missing:

      When I paste the header on the OFX file, imports correctly. All of the other banks I use have this header. Suspect that TDBank overlooked the header in their new implementation of OFX. Now to convince them…

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