Schwab downloads not working

Sometime towards the end of July 2017, access to their OFX server appears to have been tightened down, effecting a large number of users via various access methods – including Pocketsense, Moneydance, Quicken, and others.   The story is that blocks of IP addresses were entered into the firewall (removed from their “white list”?) a little too aggressively, in an attempt to curtail malicious (Bot) attacks on their server.

Several of us have already had success by calling Schwab Tech Support @ (866) 855-9102 option [3], to have our dynamic IP address “range” added to this white list, so hopefully that success will continue, as our IP providers assign us a new IP address whenever they feel like it.  I’m assuming that they guesstimate the dynamic IP address “range” based on a common mask of, or perhaps they loosen it up even more.

[Update 9/29/2017]

My IP address has changed many times during the last two months, and yet my Schwab downloads have worked perfectly since being added to their white list, so apparently they have resolved this issue properly.


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