Schwab downloads not working

Sometime towards the end of July 2017, access to their OFX server appears to have been tightened down, effecting a large number of users via various access methods – including Pocketsense, Moneydance, Quicken, and others.   The story is that blocks of IP addresses were entered into the firewall (removed from their “white list”?) a little too aggressively, in an attempt to curtail malicious (Bot) attacks on their server.

Several of us have already had success by calling Schwab Tech Support @ (866) 855-9102 option [3], to have our dynamic IP address “range” added to this white list, so hopefully that success will continue, as our IP providers assign us a new IP address whenever they feel like it.  I’m assuming that they guesstimate the dynamic IP address “range” based on a common mask of, or perhaps they loosen it up even more.


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