Discover has changed your Account ID

This week, the cause of the errors when using Pocketsense to download Discover transactions is that, without telling anybody, Discover has changed your Account ID needed to access their OFX server, and the only method* of revealing what your ID has been changed to, is by downloading and reviewing a statement from the website.

Instructions to determine your new Account ID

  • Log into your Discover account on the web
  • Download your most recent statement in Quicken format
  • Find the downloaded QFX file (probably in your Downloads folder)
  • Pull up in a text editor and find your new Account ID (for the OFX server)

Once you have your new coded Account ID, although the OFX server information in your Pocketsense sites.dat remains the same…

     SiteName : DISCOVER CARD
     AcctType : CCSTMT    #credit card
     fiorg : Discover Financial Services
     fid  : 7101
     url  : 
     bankid : 
     brokerid :
     appid : 
     appver : 
     mininterval : 

you’ll need to run the Setup script to:

  • Delete your login credentials by deleting your Discover account
  • Create a new Discover account with your new coded Account ID
  • Select Test, and send the statement to Money
  • Re-matching this new import to the Discover account in Money


The 3 items needed to download from the OFX server

1. account ID (was simply your account #)
2. username (same as your web access username)
3. password

Unlike the previous round of unexplained changes by Discover’s IT department that required Robert to rewrite a good portion of code, the latest change (changing your Account ID needed to access their OFX server) seems explainable in the name of improved security. Perhaps they are trying to prevent hackers that know 2 of the 3 logon criteria (i.e. your account # and your username) from guessing at the 3rd item (your password) until a successful logon has been achieved.

I thought I would document this change, as the possibility exists that other financial institutions may have been advised to take this action in the name of improved security as well, so that we’ll know what to try should we suddenly be unable to access our data.

*[UPDATE 5/15/2018]  Whereas before you had to log into your web account and inspect the downloaded ofx file to determine your coded account number, the new Setup routine added today in Pocketsense will find your coded account numbers for you when adding the account, and if not redacted, will even enter it for you.




  1. ken h said

    Please pardon what will sound like a newbie question but I’m having the same download issue with Discover. However I took a look at my most recent statement and, as usual, it only shows the last 4 of my account number, which haven’t changed. What are you looking at to determine your new Account ID? In short, I have no clue how/where to find my new Account ID. Thanks.

  2. ameridan said

    Hi Ken,

    * Log into your Discover account on the web
    * Download your most recent statement in Quicken format
    * Find the downloaded QFX file (probably in your Downloads folder)
    * Pull up in a text editor and find your new Account ID (for the OFX server)

    I’ve added these instructions to the article, and hopefully that helps.

    • ken h said

      Hadn’t thought of that 🙂 However, just got my new ID, which begins Discovr……., and gave it a try. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and there really isn’t a clue in the test .qfx file.

      What are you using for fiorg and fid? I had previously been using fiorg: : Discover Financial Services and fid: 7101
      but the qfx I downloaded to get my new ID shows Discover Card Account Center9625

  3. ameridan said

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Pocketsense. Everything in the sites.dat file remains the same:

    SiteName : DISCOVER
    AcctType : CCSTMT
    fiorg : Discover Financial Services
    fid : 7101
    url :
    bankid :
    brokerid :
    appid :
    appver :
    mininterval :
    timeOffset :
    ofxVer :

    By the way, Sundays are usually not the best days to get data from OFX servers.

  4. ken h said

    Tried adding the account again and this time it worked perfectly. If it hadn’t, I’d have waited to try again tomorrow as I know often on Sundays the OFX servers go to church and are unavailable 🙂

  5. Pension drawdown InvestorGareth said

    I have used Microsoft Money since a very early version and have my investment transactions back to 1984. However, when I use the reports function for Investments “Performance by Investment Account”, and try to report prior to 2002, I get no annualized return for one of my accounts, which is still a live one. I have looked through all the transactions for that year for that account and can not find any problem. I’m at a loss as to what is causing this problem and would be grateful for any help that anyone can give me.

  6. ameridan said

    I’m guessing there is a significant gap in the transaction dates.

  7. Rette4ever said

    I got your site from Pocket Sense and I followed instructions and never got it to work. I tried it all again today and it actually worked one time. Later I updated to last PS and it has not worked since then.

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