Windows 10 free upgrade / my experience

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my Windows 7 PC (that was since upgraded to Windows 8.1) to Windows 10 and was very pleased with the outcome.  Not only did Microsoft Money function perfectly, but I was surprised to see my entire desktop appear exactly the same as it was prior to the upgrade.  I should mention that I don’t really like the live tiles Start Menu that Microsoft pushes and therefore use a program called Classic Shell to give me my Windows 7 desktop experience and that too carried over through the upgrade.

The Windows 10 upgrade is free until July 29th, but I just leaned today that for those wishing to postpone the free upgrade past that date, they can do so by “claiming” your entitlement under the free upgrade offer and then rolling back to your prior operating system. With that entitlement in place, you can schedule the final upgrade for when you’re ready, even if that’s after July 29th.   A step-by-step guide is presented at

Microsoft no longer seems to be using an Internet Explorer version longer than 15 characters, so at least for now, there is no need to alter the registry in order to get Money to function with Windows 10.   I’m leaving all that advice in the blog though, just in case…



  1. I have 5 computers. The newer ones upgraded like a charm but the older ones became unusable since I was stupid and thought everything would go fine on all of them. I didn’t keep the old OS. Stupid me! There were a number of drivers that have not been updated by HP so chances are that a 7 year old computer in perfect working order will become a brick if you are not careful.

    • ameridan said

      Well hopefully you have the old OS install disks, but you’re right – you should have chosen to go back to the pre-upgrade OS. You have 30 days to do so.

  2. I tried Win10 for a couple of weeks about 6 months ago. Had to uninstall it and roll back to Win 8.1. Win10 was too annoying and too intrusive, but Money did run fine.

    • ameridan said

      Well, it’s good to know that your free upgrade will be waiting for you. Really, check out Classic Shell at You might be pleasantly surprised and it comes highly recommended by many!

  3. Rich Tubbs said

    I don’t know if this is the proper place for this, but I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put forth to help the many, many of us die hard Money users to be able to continue using our favorite financial program! A heart felt Thank You from all of us! Rich Tubbs

    • ameridan said

      Thank you Rich!

  4. Ken H said

    I, too, was happily surprised by the Win 10 upgrade. Had been on 7 and completely skipped 8. I did a clean install to get rid of all the bloat and garbage that accumulated since the computer was new 5 years ago. It’s so zippy that there’s no reason to contemplate getting a new computer. I even went out and got a 5 port USB 3.0 PCIe card which has made backups a snap.

    One of the new things I really like are all the splash screens Microsoft is showing on sign in. The photography is very interesting and top notch.

    And, of course, most importantly, Money is running perfectly : )

  5. Chris J said

    After a reluctant start I made the transition to WIndows 10 some time ago and Money has worked perfectly ever since.

    Personally I prefer Stardock’s Start10 to ClassicShell. It’s $5 well spent.

    I now live in fear that one day Microsoft will make “Edge” their only supported browser and Internet Explorer might eventually disappear. That could present Money users with a real challenge! Taking a few characters off the product [version number] in the registry in the early stages was easy. Making Money see “Edge” as “IE” could be a real coding challenge?

  6. Somehow my machine installed Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago all by itself. I’ve no idea real how or why but perhaps I clicked on a scheduled install at some time.

    However, the icing on the cake and the big relief was that Money seems to be working fine – touch wood – at least for my purposes.

    I’m sure that we will all be very pleased to hear that you are leaving the instructions etc for installing the patch if ever we need it in the future.

    It goes without saying that your work keeping us all informed about the situation regarding Money and the various ways of curing the problems is really appreciated

  7. Ted Leverton said

    Money Quotes is working well, but one niggle is that Windows 10 no longer gives me the option to rename my file when I export it from The options are ‘Save’ or ‘Open’, and no option as to where I save the file, it always ends up in ‘Downloads’ folder.

    I then have to rename the download as it has a different filename each time.

    Has anyone got a fix, even if only to return to the old ‘Save As’ option so I just have to type in my default filename. Yes, I’m sure it would work if I went back to good old Internet Explorer, but I’m getting used to Edge now!

    Thanks in anticipation.

  8. ameridan said

    Ted, there are a couple of methods to return the Save options in Edge. See for a tutorial. Near the bottom is a reg file you can download that will give you what you want. I’ve been avoiding Edge because I’ve heard they really “dumbed it down” and trying to promote their OneDrive, not realizing that it can be improved upon with settings, so I learned something too.

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