Windows 10 Compatibility with Microsoft Money

Well tomorrow Microsoft is supposed to start installing Windows 10 as an “upgrade” to PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 8.x and it appears that some early testers have observed hiccups without official acknowledgement of fixes being offered.  I for one plan on not accepting the Windows 10 upgrade for a while (assuming of course that I will be offered the option and it won’t just install on its own). We have until July 2016 to get the free upgrade to Windows 10, so there is no need to rush it!

Of course, patching the dll as previously discussed in the Windows 8 Compatibility discussion will be necessary if you are installing Money on a clean install of Windows 10 or upgrading from Windows XP or Windows 7, but if the PC is simply being “upgraded” from Windows 8 to Windows 10, I’m thinking that you should have already patched the dll in order to get Money working.

[added 10/30/2015] Microsoft did NOT patch the launch version (1507) of Windows 10 contrary to what some people have stated in the Microsoft Forum.  They did happen to release a version of Internet Explorer recently with a version number less than 16 characters long, but they could again update IE and use a version number with too many characters.

Additionally please note that the “bugs” in Money’s “MNYOB99.DLL” file have been there for years according to Raymond Chen and by his description of those bugs, it is surprising that Money has worked consistently with the older OS’s all these years.  Windows 8 was hit and miss regarding the dll patch, but the patch is definitely recommended for Windows 10 PCs.  Go here for the instructions.


I happened to note that Robin Wheeler has observed that Microsoft Money is expecting that the version number for Internet Explorer should be defined with no more than 15 characters.   The current version number in the registry for Internet Explorer 11 is 9.11.10240.16384 and she has found that the value needs to be truncated by removing the 16th character (4) in order for Money to run.  Great observation Robin!  This could be a pain if Microsoft is going to update Internet Explorer (or Edge which is the name of IE’s replacement) using version numbers greater than 15 characters long.

So, to clarify, in order to resolve the error: [updated 8/2/2015 to include 32-bit variance]*

  1. Open Registry Editor (RegEdit).  (Search for it using Windows 10 search box, and then right-click and choose “run as administrator”)
  2. Navigate to the following registry key for 64-bit Windows:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
    or for 32-bit Windows:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
  3. In the right pane, look for Version registry value.
  4. Modify the value data to 9.11.10240.1638 so that it contains no more than 15 characters.

She questioned why Money looks at the IE version #.   Unlike a program that generically invokes a browser by simply looking up the registry to identify the default browser, Microsoft Money is designed to use Internet Explorer exclusively as the entire user interface and consequently it looks up the registry to find the installed version.  If no entry is found, it will default to prompting you to install Internet Explorer 6 – which of course will never install with Windows 8 or 10.

I’m going to inject my theory here at the risk of being proven wrong (I don’t have Windows 10 yet), but based on past experience, I don’t think it matters if Windows default browser is set to Edge or Firefox or Chrome – Money is always going to use Internet Explorer, or at least what the registry leads Money to think is Internet Explorer. Based on all of the changes reported to work for “Version”, it seems that it can be almost anything, as long as it isn’t longer than 15 characters AND as long as a version of Internet Explorer can be found, that is what is invoked to open up Money.

What isn’t clear yet is whether a clean install of Windows 10 (vs. an upgrade) and/or future iterations of Windows 10 will always install a version of IE, whether Edge will always act like a future version of IE, and whether Microsoft will continue to use the registry as a means to fooling legacy programs like Money into thinking that the current browser will behave properly with Money as IE has up through Version 11.

I’ll do my best to keep track of any issues and solutions that keep me from using Microsoft Money as I really have no intentions of not using this fantastic program.

[UPDATE 9/10/2015]

I’ve just read that upgrading to Windows 10 sometimes messes up the read/write permissions of your Documents folder and since I recall that some readers have reported that they had trouble saving their Money files, i thought I would add instructions for this issue in this blog. I automatically assumed that readers reporting this issue had their Money data file in the wrong location since Windows 7 & 8 never messed up the file permissions.

“I can’t use my files after updating. How do I get rid of the read-only attribute in my Documents and Download folders?”

Removing read-only attributes is usually a snap, and should take only a minute or two. Here’s how:

  • In an admin-level account, right-click the read-only files or folders and select Properties.
  • Under the General tab, untick the box for Read-only and then click OK.
  • After a few seconds (depending on number of affected files and folders) all the selected files/folders should no longer be read-only.

NOTE: I recommend that you check your browser setting in Money since the internal browser reports to site servers that you are using outdated IE9:

Under settings you can change Browser Settings from Browse Internet from within Money
Always use default browser to browse Internet

*     Versions of Windows 10 subsequent to 1507 no longer require the Internet Explorer registry patch.




  1. David said

    I am a UK user of MS Money 2004. I updated to Windows 10 at the new year and the basic program worked fine, until I tried to download a bank statement online. It then crashed and windows closed the whole program. Updating the .dll file stopped the program working at all (luckily I had followed your advice about renaming the old one, so I was able to restore it). The Regedit didn’t work either. However what has worked brilliantly is your comment about Using the default browser to browse the internet. Doing this has resolved the problem completely, and now I am no longer getting messages from the bank all the time, about my browser being out of date! Thanks David

    • ameridan said

      Thanks David, I added a paragraph to the bottom of the blog regarding your browser comment. The regedit only works if the invoked browser is IE, so that makes sense. And the patched dll is for the US Sunset edition, so that makes sense as well.

  2. Colin said

    I fixed my Money program by right clicking on the Money icon – selecting Properties – Compatibility and then running ‘Run compatibility mode’ and accepting – Money works fine now

  3. Peter Smith said

    My Microsoft Money 2002 Business Edition UK has just stopped responding both in Windows 10 and Windows 7. Tried various, compatibility mode, adjusting Version Number in RegEdit all to no avail. The initial page opens after entering the password but then it fails to respond. I suspect this failure follows an auto update as it occurs on different Pc’s and different op systems. Grateful for any help. Peter

    • Jim Morgan said

      I’m running Money Sunset Edition in Windows 10 with no problems.

  4. Dave said

    I am also running 10 with Money sunset. No problems. Ameridan, I think, still monitors this site. I’m sure he will have an insight on this.

  5. ameridan said

    I did not reply, as Peter is using a 2002 version of Money which I am not familiar with and I was hoping a UK user might be able to help. I know that unless you have the Pro version of Windows 10, you can’t control the auto-update feature, but you can temporarily undo the updates one-by-one to try and zero in on the culprit for what its worth. You state that you did the Regedit, but make sure IE11 is still installed and that Edge hasn’t completely taken over. The Regedit tricks the programs into thinking that IE11 is version IE9, but only if IE11 is still there. Since Peter stated that his Money under Windows 7 is also acting up, I doubt that Edge is the problem though, but try David’s suggestion (Jan 10th).

  6. Peter Smith said

    Thanks for the comment Jim. It is rather strange as Money is now working again on my three different devices and two different platforms!
    Thanks again

  7. Peter Smith said

    Thank you for your reply Ameridan, that is appreciated. I now know the reason why MS Money 2002 Personal and Business edition Version 10.0.150 failed yesterday. As previously mentioned it is fine on all my platforms and Pc’s today without any modifications. This made me wonder if it could be some tenuous link to the 29th February that caused the issue, although it has worked through previous leap years without any hitches. So as a test I reset the date on one PC back to 29th February, and the problem returned. So in four years time we can expect MS Money 2002 to fail again perhaps!

    I would love a similar replacement app that would accept my MS Money files without too many issues. Is there anything about yet that you are aware of?


  8. ameridan said

    That was probably unexpected that the leap year affected your program. It didn’t crash our Sunset editions. I guess your issue could be added to this Wikipedia article 😉

    You could “downgrade” to Quicken, but I would just stick it out or perhaps upgrade to the 2005 UK QFE2 version (unless you use the Business functions).

    • Anyquist said

      Do not understand all this activity. I have windows 10 pro, Edge, and the sunset edition of money of money plus deluxe. I do have IE installed any where on the desktop after doing a clean instal of win 10. I have not had to make any changes to mnyob.dll or the registry and it all worked as usual all day on Feb 29 including down load in share prices from money app. !!

    • ameridan said


      I was throwing out ideas for Peter, but most importantly, his version of Money is 2002 is 4 – 5 years of changes behind our Sunset edition. You’re right that Win10 also installs IE11 presently, but the possibility of an upcoming update eliminating IE11 always exists to get everyone on the Edge browser. I haven’t made the switch from Win8.1 to Win10 yet, so it’s hard for me to know what Microsoft’s automatic updates contain from day-to-day.

      The registry change is only necessary if the IE9 version entry contains too many characters, so your day may come… You are lucky that you haven’t had to do the dll patch though.

  9. arganoid said

    I am using Money 2000 on Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7). It seems to work fine, the only problem is that every time it starts I have to agree to the EULA. Any ideas why?

    • Hi, I am using, and have used Microsoft Money Deluxe Version for a while now, both on Win 8 and now on 10 (Windows 10 Pro – Version 1511 – Build 10586.218). Everything was fine until a couple of days ago, when the date format in Money went wrong. It is now showing as 30-4-16 as opposed to the system date 30-April 2016. I have tried a few things as mentioned on this and other forums to no avail. Any ideas why this changed all of a sudden? I suppose I can live with the date issue, but it is a bit strange. Any suggestions are most welcome.

    • ameridan said

      Only thing I can think of is Windows Settings > Control Panel > Region and look at the options for both Region and Short Date (and perhaps Long Date). Here in the U.S., I only see dd-MMM-yy available for short date – there is no option for dd-MMMM-yyyy available, but perhaps it is available for your region.

  10. Mark Borsuk said

    4-16-2016 Ameridan: My MS$ stopped printing checks this week after MS updated my system over the internet. My tech can’t figure out the printing problem. Do you have a fix? Thanks. Mark

    • ameridan said

      Mark, I never replied to you as you didn’t provide much information. Hopefully you guys figured it out. If not, it sounds to me like you got a bad printer driver, perhaps from Microsoft. You may want to replace it with your former driver or the latest from the manufacturer’s web site.

  11. Dave said

    Ameridan, are you still monitoring this page? I understand Microsoft is releasing a large update in August for Windows 10. We money users may need your help.

  12. ameridan said

    Yes, I get instant emails from every comment submitted. We all help each other 😉

    Unlike previous versions of Windows where you could defer updates, unless you have the Professional, Enterprise, or Education editions of Win10, we are all beta testers of these update packages.

    • Dave said

      Thank you, my very helpful friend

  13. Dave said

    Upgraded to windows 10 anniversary version, yesterday. So far, I have not experienced any problems with Money Sunset Deluxe. I did notice that my regedit IE version changed to 9.11.14393.0

  14. Norm said

    I need some advise with Money Sunset.
    Today Money loaded and undated manually with my banks. Could not get the updates to open. Closed Money and reopened the program. Received a my money.mny file was missing or corrupt. All of previous backups were are greeted with corrupt file notice. Rebooted PC ( did the massive W10 Nov update) and still could not open Money with mny or any of the several pervious backups.

    So, believing that the Money program muse be corrupted, removed the program and tried to re-install. Get error message that autorun.inf is missing or corrupt. Installation is aborted. Tried on another PC and received the same autorun.inf message. Tried on a friend’s PC and the installation went perfectly and the backup file was imported without issue. Updated the DLL and was able to update online. All of these PC were running W10.

    Any idea why a autorun.inf missing or corrupt would be an issue? Yes, I did download the Sunset version again from Microsoft with the same result.

    • Jim Morgan said

      Have loaded Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and have continued to use Microsoft Money with no problems – every day. I have Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe version:

  15. ameridan said

    Cal has the solution to that in the Money forum: I suggest you extract the Money installation file to avoid the autorun error. That technique is described in

    • Norm Coltri said

      Thank you. I recall there was an autorun issue some time back. The link was just what was required to get back running.
      It’s amaszng that this old software is still the best personal financial manager available. This site keeps it running.

  16. Lisa S said

    First I want to say I have taken the time to read all the comments in this thread…now my problem seems to be the same as many others, but possibly slightly different. I purchased a new computer preloaded with Windows 10 and Edge in March. I successfully loaded the Money 2005 program on the new computer using the program disc. A couple of weeks ago my webcam stopped functioning and I sent my computer to HP for warranty repair. When I got it back today I immediately went about setting it up as if it was a new computer as everything was wiped clean during the repair. Once I finished it automatically updated Windows 10 and all other Microsoft programs that were installed. I then installed Money 2005 with my program disc. Once loaded I tried to open the program to get an error message “Money required Internet Explorer 6 to function properly. Please reinstall Internet Explorer 6 so these components can be added.” Once I click on “OK” the program closes. Obviously at this point IE6 is no longer available to download, I have already tried the REGEDIT solution to find no numbers to shorten for the value. I have tried the ‘right click on the Money icon – selecting Properties – Compatibility and then running ‘Run compatibility mode’ solution and do not get “Compatibility” as an option under Properties. My thoughts lead me to think that whatever updates were installed to Windows 10 after my initial set up back in March are now making the Money program not work correctly. Does anyone have a solution for me or is my best option to go back to the restore point that was created prior to any updates being downloaded after I set up my computer and try to reinstall or open Money without the updates? Pulling my hair out as I have all my finances on Money and need to access them, even if it’s simply to transfer to a new program. TYIA

  17. ameridan said

    Sounds like HP only installed Edge and not IE11. This may be the way the newest versions of W10 work, but IE11 (that fools W10 into thinking it;s IE9) is needed for Money to run. See if you can’t find an IE11 install or get HP to send you an older version of W10 to install and then upgrade. Before doing that, why don’t you try installing Money Sunset (download links are at the top page of this blog site.

    • LisaS said

      I do have IE11 also and have it set to be the default program when getting to the web. What is the difference between Money 2005 and Money Sunset? I have the disc for 2005

    • ameridan said

      Sunset is 3 versions newer, but others have M2005 working under W10. Go back and follow the instructions precisely as the Registry entry must be there then.

      So, to clarify, in order to resolve the error:
      1.Open Registry Editor (RegEdit). (Search for it using Windows 10 search box, and then right-click and choose “run as administrator”)
      2.Navigate to the following registry key for 64-bit Windows:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
      or for 32-bit Windows:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
      3.In the right pane, look for Version registry value.
      4.Verify that the value data reads something like 9.11.10586.0 – (the latest value and that it contains no more than 15 characters).

    • LisaS said

      I have done this several times, the value data field is empty, no numbers at all. :/

    • LisaS said

      And I can see from the comments others have gotten it to work, Couldn’t find the link to download $Sunset

    • Chris J said

  18. ameridan said

    Using Regedit, plug in the value I state above for version.

  19. LisaS said

    Ameridan, I greatly appreciate a you advice. When I use the Regedit command and go to the value data field, how do I enter the value you suggest? I right click on the empty value field and get several options to create a new….various types of values…..I downloaded $Sunset and removed $5, still getting same IE6 message and program closes when I click on “OK”

    • ameridan said

      If version is empty as you said, double-click-it and enter the data in the value slot. I don’t understand why the value is empty though – each Windows update should be incrementing the value. Makes me wonder how HP refreshed your PC.

    • Lisa S said

      I actually ended up having to do a complete restore to factory settings and do a “new” set-up of my computer after I got it back from them as there was a problem with my being able to login. Once I had it set back up it automatically updated Windows from the 2/2016 version that was on it when I purchased it. 😦 That’s when all my problems started….after all the updates were done installing. When I first installed $2005 on this computer it was within a day or so of first receiving it back in Feb and none of these updates were on yet. Fortunately they didn’t interfere with the program when they first updated, thinking it’s because I turned off the option of “banking online”.

      When I right click on the value slot I don’t have an immediate option of entering a value, it gives me a choice of creating a “New” Key, string value, binary value, multi-string value, or expandable string value. Whenever I click any of those options it creates a new line in the right pane with a field that is still empty. I don’t know which of those would be the correct one to try.

      Again, I thank you for your time and assistance. At this point, since I still have my old computer I think I will simply use it for $2005 until I decide if I want to purchase Quicken as a replacement program.

  20. ameridan said

    I didn’t want to guess, so I just looked up the type of value for REG_SZ which is my setting for version and it’s a STRING value, so select that. Don’t go to Quicken 😉

    • Lisa S said

      I’m certainly trying my best not to switch! 😀 so I just entered the value you said above as a string value, saved, shut down my computer, restarted and $2005 still gives me that *@#** error about IE6….I am currently using my most recent backup of $ from before the repair and updating $ on my old computer, this is a temporary solution as I was about to get rid of the old computer… and willing to try anything else you can think of, including trying to do a restore to a point prior to all the updates being installed after I did the setup. 🙂

  21. Tom said

    Since the last windows 10 update(s) my MS money sunset h&B edition has stopped working. I have applied the .dll fix as well as the registry change. However, when I open money windows announces that money has stopped working. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

  22. ameridan said

    My Money program is so far running fine, but today, for the first time in years, H&R Block tax program is hiccuping while updating itself as well as during the installation of the State program. I had to right-click the exe and select “Run as Administrator” for it to perform (even though I’m logged in as an Admin), and perhaps Tom, that is what you’ll have to do.

    It seems Microsoft is going overboard regarding permissions, yet so many people have issues with Trojan programs taking over their PCs.

  23. Percy Hood said

    Being a 83 yr old UK computer moron. I am still unable to download bank statements since upgrading to Windows 10. I have Windows money 2005. I would add, when trying to download statement I get the following. c:\users\percy\appdata\local\temp\statements09013602301580.qif

  24. ameridan said

    I combined your comments Percy, and I deleted my former reply, as I had misinterpreted what you were saying. It appears that you need to go into your browser settings and fix your downloads folder location to:

    • percy hood said

      ameridan. Sorry for the delay, waited until No:1 Daughter visited [well I did say I was a moron on the computer.] All now fixed and running well. Thank you once again. percy

  25. Nicola B said

    Hello Ameridan,
    I just installed MS Money Sunset on my recently purchased PC, May 2017. I have NOT updated the register entry or replaced the DLL referenced in another post. I was able to make some basic entries and customizations to settings. I have yet to import transactions for the credit card statements.

    Do I need to make these adjustments? Although MS is not supporting Money have Windows 10 updates made the referenced changes unnecessary?

    Please advise and thanks for keeping this software working for all of us. Have a great holiday weekend.


  26. ameridan said

    The dll patch in this thread is highly recommended, and that should be all you need to do at this time. Microsoft seems to be following the IE version number protocol, so changes in the registry haven’t been necessary.

    • Nicola B said

      Hi Ameridan,
      I updated the DLL per your recommendation. No issues but I just realized something, when Money was installed on my Windows 7 machine when the program started it would play startup music. The new Windows 10 machine does not do this and I miss it! Have you noticed this? Is there a setting I need to establish to bring it back?

      Enjoy some coffee,


  27. ameridan said

    Settings > Control Panel > Sound > Sounds tab and scroll down to Microsoft Money and select the .wav you want for “Launch Money”. I use the Windows Logon.wav file

  28. Paul said

    Ameridan. HELP!!! I have a question about MS Money and Windows 10. I have been using MS Money Plus Home + Business since 2009. I bought it in CD version so I have the key. I’ve been running it on Windows 7 until recently I bought a new laptop which runs 10. I loaded Money and it runs fine, however, each time I start it, it gives me a message that I must activate it. The countdown is now down to 13 days. I’ve tried activating it using the prompts and entering the key but it gives me an error message saying that either the key is invalid or I’m not connected to the internet. I’m worried about what will happen in 13 days. The message says that after 13 days I will not be able to enter any new transactions.

    Can you assist me with this problem?

    Thank you in advance!


    • ameridan said


      In the first article of the blog you’ll see a download link for “US Money Plus Home and Business Sunset”.

      Just run that .exe to install the Sunset version on top of your program, since the Money servers are offline and activation is no longer possible.

  29. Paul said

    Ameridan. Thank you! Great blog! Thank you for your service to a very dedicated and loyal MS Money user group. I still am at a loss as to why MS abandoned this software. For me, as a small business owner, it’s invaluable.

    thanks again……………..Paul

  30. bfg25 said

    I have been using MS Money for many years. I have had no problems running it on Win10pro. I routinely import OFX/QFX files with no problems. Today I inadvertently clicked on an .ofx file and got a message that Money will load the file the next time it runs. Now, when I start Money, it crashes. Any ideas?

  31. ameridan said

    Click on your sample.mny file to open Money, and then try opening your regular file from within Money. If it still crashes, you may have to open you most recent backup file and go from there.

  32. bfg25 said

    Thanks for the response… I copied another .mny file and opened it – had the same result. From reading a myriad of posts on Money, I believe the crash has something to do with an impending import of an OFX file as Money is starting up. I have no idea how to fix it. How would Money know that there is a pending import?

  33. ameridan said

    That is the job of Money’s Import Handler (mnyimprt.exe). It might be best to simply reinstall Money Sunset (and patch the mny99ob.dll file).

  34. wayne said

    Windows 8, installed ActivePython 2.7, installed OFX Scripts, installed Money, double clicked setup py. only got the code need to have python interpet program.

    • ameridan said

      I assume you mean Pocketsense, but regardless, the OFX scripts are an add-on and supplement data AFTER you have your Money database setup and running.

  35. peter clarke said

    Hi Ameridan,

    I recently purchased a new laptop and downloaded the MS Money English International Version. It works fine to open my file. So, all good there.

    However, I still have a compatibility issue with the browser. I get a message “Sorry, your browser isn’t supported”. I have tried the regedit change suggested and that does not help. In regedit, my version is: 9.11.16299.0

    I have also tried Compatibility mode and Admin mode. No joy with these either.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  36. ameridan said

    Is it possible that the launch edition (version 1507) of Win10 was installed on your laptop?

    See if this thread helps you.

    I also fixed the links to the QFE2 versions of Money.

  37. DAVID A POLLARD said

    Ameridan, can you please help. I recently bought an RCA Cambio running Windows 10 Home version 1709. I downloaded the USMoneyDlxSunset.exe (2016-08-09 34,842KB). After running this .exe file and accepting the licence agreement the extraction and installation begins. But it ends with the error message: “Setup was unable to install some of the components needed to run Money. Try installing Money again”.

    My impression after reading this thread is that the .DLL replacement and registry fixes won’t help. These address issues after Money is installed. Or am I mistaken?

    Like your other followers, I am a die-hard enthusiast of Money. I would be very grateful for any suggestions you might have to keep the program alive.


  38. ameridan said

    Check out this article, even though it is for Win XP:

    Also, if you haven’t done so already, perhaps your user account doesn’t have admin rights, so right-click the exe and select “Run as Administrator”.

  39. DAVID A POLLARD said

    Alas, running the USMoneyDlxSunset as an administrator produced the same sad results.

    As to your other suggestion, I am a bit fearful of tweaking registry settings for problems relating to Money in Windows XP … After all, XP was a while ago. Is there post Windows 10 evidence that this reset command works for the purposes of installing Money?

    In also tried two of the solutions Cal Learner proposed in other threads of the Money forum reporting the same problem.

    — 1. — setting up a new user and having the new user download Money and do the installation (also as an administrator)

    — 2. — creating a temporary folder, extracting all the files to it, and invoking the .exe from within that folder.

    Always I have the same error. Grrr.

    Like others, I applaud you for your blog. If you have any other ideas to help me I would be so grateful that I would make a generous donation to your coffee fund.

  40. RJB said

    Windows 10 seems to have broken MS Money sunset again.
    It was working fine when I last used it 8 June 2018, but yesterday when I tried again, it spent about 3 minutes and then came up with the window that it needed to be installed.

    I tried installing it, but it then said it could not complete the installation.

    I have done the .dll update, but nothing else works. Ideas?

    • ameridan said

      Regarding your install issue, perhaps your account doesn’t have admin rights. Right click on the install and select “…as administrator”

      I won’t be the best person to respond quickly regarding Windows Updates effects on Money, as I’ve suspended Updates for just that reason, as you can read about in one of my most recent articles.

    • RJB said

      Tried the admin install, still same result.
      ‘Setup was unable to install some of the components needed to run Money’.

      Thanks for the idea.

      I had suspended W10 updates, but they are time limited, and force themselves going again.

    • ameridan said

      I’m pretty sure if you followed my directions, there would be no updating. I’m at version 1709, and I’ve not been touched since. I imagine if Updates were really causing a problem, we’d be hearing a lot more…

    • said

      I am running windows 10, version 1803. I have not restricted any updates and have been using Money Sunset daily

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