New Money addon program released ~ MS Money Quotes by Gaier Software

     MSMoneyQuotes by Gaier Software, LLC

[UPDATE 1/3/2015] Dan has just released version 2.0 for 2015 that obtains financial data from an entirely new online quote service built for the new and MSN Money websites, and is also used by the Windows 8 Finance app. The new online quote service is more reliable, has better symbol coverage, and should be here to stay for a long time. It is backed by a Morningstar quote feed and should prove to be more useful to more users than has been this past year!

Well, I stated in my previous blog post that this addon program looked promising, and indeed, even though Money is offline now,  with MSMoneyQuotes, we once again have the ability of  feeding live (20 minutes delayed) MSN online quotes data into our Money database once again – even if your Money program isn’t currently running! For those using Pocketsense, simply make sure that you run this program prior to Pocketsense each day (or stop retrieving quotes with Pocketsense  ~ comment them out in sites.dat file by inserting # in first column, and use it for statement downloads only)  so that your quote price is input into Money as online rather than update.    Online allows for continuous updating throughout that day whereas Update only holds the first price entered that day.    There is even an option for updating quotes every 15 minutes like Money used to do!

[[UPDATE 5/13/2014]  Cal brought up a good point in his review of my review 😉  ” We remember that quotes used to be a big factor in the size growth in Money files. So maybe some of us might run two Money files… one with all of the investment info, and one slower-growing. Anyway, it does honor Money’s selection of about what quotes get downloaded. “ By running Pocketsense prior to MSMoneyQuotes and keeping active those stocks that a representative stock price only is adequate (no other quote data is needed) by listing them in your sites.dat file, you will retain much less data in your Money file.   Those stocks that you really wish to retain all of the MSN quote data for will still be entered into Money as long as MSMoneyQuotes is the source of that data.   Or you could use this strategy once per month to gather and save the detailed data, using Pocketsense for the other days…   Very versatile!!

In addition to Last Price, you’ll also see the following fields updated by MSMoneyQuotes if the MSN site has things set up correctly:  change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, ask, beta, bid, market cap, shares outstanding, PE, volume, and yield.

Many of my blog readers were involved in the Beta trial and based on the terrific feedback provided, Dan Gaier has come up with a very compact and efficient program that has many powerful options which weren’t available in the original trial release.   Well worth the $9.99 lifetime purchase price and in conjunction with Pocketsense, Money really feels like it’s online again!    If you would like to try or buy the program – click here.   In addition to those of us already using this program, the program’s author will be monitoring this thread so feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment here if the official support page doesn’t answer your questions.   You also have the option of emailing Dan Gaier directly at Thank you Dan for making this available to Money diehards!!!!    Long live MS Money offline it’s already been 4 years.



  1. ameridan said

    Gunther – I think with ofx version 1.03, the first time you login with the script it registers you with the client ID at the bottom of your sites.dat file, so then depending on their procedure, by verifying you with an email response (or not), the data requests are fulfilled. The hint that you provided was the SSL certificate verifiy error. Now if you had additional accounts with Vanguard, the subsequent accounts wouldn’t work with that same client ID.

  2. gunther schwarz said

    thanks for clearing that up, so, the errors were not Vanguards doing then.

    thank you very much

  3. gunther schwarz said

    after running Money Quote it says: Failed to create Symbolmap.
    Why is that?

  4. gunther schwarz said

    I don’t have Excel downloaded on my new win 10 computer. Will Open Office work with SybolMap cvs?

  5. Ants Wreathall said

    Downloading MSMoneyQuotes is blocked by the SmartScreen filter in IE11. This wasn’t happening a few months ago when I first downloaded the software. MS Help suggests that Gaier Software has been reported as a phishing or malware website.

    • ameridan said

      Simply turn off Smart Screen filter (at least temporarily) by Selecting Tools in the IE browser screen and finding that option. If you are using a corporate PC where the system admin prevents you from doing this, you’ll have to use a different PC to download.

  6. Ants Wreathall said

    I found the Smart Screen work around. I should have been more direct with my question. Why do MS consider the Gaier website a dangerous place to download from?

  7. ameridan said

    I think the inverse is in fact the case. Gaier probably hasn’t procured a security certificate, and the traffic is so light, so MS hasn’t pronounced the website as safe. I’m aware of no issues with the site though and I would not hesitate to download his software.

  8. Chrisso said

    Hi Ameridan, Have you had a chance to look at the ‘new’ layout of the FT.COM web site yet? It looks to me like you cannot download the csv file anymore. (well I haven’t found it yet).

  9. ameridan said

    Hopefully someone else answers as I have no experience with FT.COM

    • Denis said

      You can still request the old format page (for now).

  10. John said

    Since I upgraded to Windows 10 (on Friday 29th!), neither the new nor old formats of Portfolio seem to be updating Money today as they did until Friday (the new format was OK then).
    Anyone else suffering from this problem?

  11. Chrisso said

    Hi Ameridan, I raised a query with the FT.COM help desk and you can still download a CSV file. Here is their response ……
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Financial Times Customer Service.

    We appreciate that you have brought this matter to our attention and we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Kindly follow the steps below in order to download watchlist file on the Next FT website:

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Go to your portfolio.
    3. Click watchlist.
    4. Choose the the fund that you would like to download.
    5. Kindly click “Actions” located on the right hand of the page and select “Export”.
    6. Choose data set and click “Download”.

    We hope this helps. Should you have queries or need more assistance, please feel free to contact us again by sending us an email to or by calling the numbers listed below.

    Kind Regards,

    Jennifer P. Gragasin
    Customer Service Executive
    Financial Times Customer Service –

    International Toll Free: +800 0705 6477
    UK & CEMEA: +44 20 7775 6248
    US & Canada: +1 917 551 5005 or +1 855 685 2372 (Toll Free)
    Asia Pacific: +632 982 5780
    Japan: 0120 341 468
    India: 000 800 001 6817 (Toll Free)
    The only thing I would add is that the ‘action’ and ‘export’ is hiding behind a square ‘….’ icon but it is in the right hand top part of the page.



  12. Chrisso said

    Hi Ameridan,

    Do you know how to get a printout of the Inventory in Money?

    I recently had to make an insurance claim and it would have been handy to get a simple list of my items and serial numbers. I ended up using screen prints but it was messy. All my details are recorded, but I just cannot figure out how to print or export them.

    Have you played around with this at all?



  13. ameridan said

    If you go to Settings > Toolbar Display Settings > and select Home Inventory to add to the Toolbar, you can get a list of items. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t come up with all the details for each item. Just Replacement Amount + Current Value.

    I just tried clicking on the box to add Home Inventory to Net Worth Report and didn’t see them come up, but play with that as you might be able to customize that report.

    • Tom said

      I just went to the on screen report, then selected File->Print

    • Tom said

      For details, take a look at sunriise. You can export to a csv.

  14. ameridan said

    Tom is right! If you print the Home Inventory screen, it produces a Home Inventory worksheet report which, in addition to the values I’ve mentioned, also adds Make & Model and Serial #. Select landscape mode to keep it all on one page.

    I’ve added this information to the Home Inventory Reference blog page, which is probably where these questions should have been posted 😉

    • Chrisso said

      Thanks American and Tom. I’ll check it out. Sorry to post in the wrong spot.😥

  15. Chrisso said

    Hi Ameridan & Tom.

    I feel such an idiot. I’ve checked out what you advised me and it was just perfect for what I wanted. My previous versions of MSMoney had the File –> Print option greyed out so I stupidly didn’t think to try it with the latest version. It was so simple in the end. Thanks for your help and not calling me names. 🙂

    Tom, I’ve not heard of ‘sunrise’ and it sounds interesting. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll let you know how I get on. I recently found an Excel Add-in called ‘MoneyLink Plus’ (no longer supported) and it allows you to get to some Money data from within Excel. If you don’t already know about it, its worth a look.

    Ameridan, if you want to cut and paste (preferably delete) these last few posts to where they should be, I’ll follow up there.

    Thanks again guys.


  16. ameridan said

    Chrisso, don’t worry about it. All is fine. Here’s a link to my blog about sunriise that should get you off to a good start.

    • Tom said

      Just as a heads up, I only use sunriise to do and annual update to the income tax tables. It gives me more flexibility on choosing a bracket. The tax estimator helps me calculate my quarterly income tax deposits. After I retired and went on Social Security, Pension, and income generation, I wasn’t sure how to keep up with required tax estimates. This approach works for me.

      I looked at MoneyLink and really didn’t see any advantages over the reports already in Money.

      Gaier’s Money Quote program is awesome!

  17. ALBERT KING said

    Using Gaier’s money quote is great, but using -c to update currency rates, I get an error message: ‘could not load list of currencies from Money file’
    Is Gaier’s support still available, no response yet.
    Any ideas?

  18. Bruno said

    Today, my browsers says https://gaiersoftware;com is not secure. I have just purchased a new computer and i wanted to download the program for my new computer.

    • ameridan said

      I just fired off an email to him, letting him know of the issue. He probably has to update a site certificate.

    • Tom said

      Bruno, there is a typo in the URL above. Try

      No problem with the cert here..

  19. Bruno ML said

    Thank for reply Ameridan. Is the site safe for download? or should i wait for the certificate update?

    • ameridan said

      I knew there was a typo, but nevertheless, my Chrome browser gave me the same privacy error. I have no reason to suspect an issue though.

  20. Bruno ML said

    Well, thank for your help. But there was no need to download the program. I have just copy-paste the program to a external hard drive and again to my new PC. And It work!, No need to enter customer ID or password… Very happy. MSMoneyquotes is wonderful. The web page need however to be fixed for new customers.

    • ameridan said

      Dan is now aware of the issue, and he intends to to “look into purchasing a new SSL certificate, as Chrome no longer trusts SSL certificates issued by Symantec”. He must use “Edge”, as he didn’t know – I have yet to even try that browser…

  21. anmari said

    No need to buy certificates. Any reasonably good host (I use icdsoft) should be offering free certificates with automatic renewal.

  22. Marc said

    I have been obliged to install MS Money 2005 and MS Money Quotes on a different computer.

    The only issue I have (on a Sunday) is that the total portfolio value is not displayed. Subtotals are shown but not total portfolio value.

    I have checked: tools, settings,investment settings, portfolio manager, display, general settings,and both show subtotals and show total portfolio value are checked. If I deselect both check boxes the subtotals disappear and will reappear if I then click the check box.

    Anyone any idea how I can get the total portfolio value to show?

    • Tom said

      I’m running the Sunset version and don’t see any problem. I have totals in both the Portfolio Manager as well as the Account Register.

    • ameridan said

      I too am running the Sunset version, so I can’t offer much help, but the items you have checked are exactly the same in Sunset and should have produced the desired result, so perhaps that was a bug in the 2005 version?

      One question does come to mind though – are the currencies the same in all of your accounts?

    • Marc said

      Ameridan and Tom,

      Thank you for commenting – your helpful remarks have made me look more closely at my version which is 2005 UK.

      On further inspection, if I scroll down to the foot of the scrollable part – which I have not done in the past – I can see the “Total Portfolio Value” so thanks for that.

      However, the values I had in mind were at the foot of the non scrollable part. ON the LHS of this part is: “Last Updated”. Prior to moving all my programmes and data to a new PC, this used to display a time and, to the right of it, the latest changes and total value. It was this data which I said I cannot find.

      I don’t know why this data is missing – it was there last Friday before I changed PCs!

    • ameridan said

      Marc, next to the Display tab is Status Bar, and it sounds like you had previously selected Market Value, and a couple of other values in the footer. You were almost there…

    • Marc said


      I have just checked the Status Bar. The “Show Status Bar…” is checked but positions 1, 2, 3 are all blank as are the drop down options!

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