New Money addon program released ~ MS Money Quotes by Gaier Software

     MSMoneyQuotes by Gaier Software, LLC

[UPDATE 7/6/2019]
Dan has just released version 2.5 for 2019 that obtains financial data from a redo of MSN’s online quote services.  They’ve also changed their “Search” functionality which MSMoneyQuotes uses to resolve symbols, so 
Dan has  added a supplemental ‘Financial Instrument Search’ page. 

If you would like to try or buy the program – click here.

Well, I stated in my previous blog post that this addon program looked promising, and indeed, even though Money is offline now,  with MSMoneyQuotes, we once again have the ability of  feeding live (20 minutes delayed) MSN online quotes data into our Money database once again – even if your Money program isn’t currently running! For those using Pocketsense, simply make sure that you run this program prior to Pocketsense each day (or stop retrieving quotes with Pocketsense  ~ comment them out in sites.dat file by inserting # in first column, and use it for statement downloads only)  so that your quote price is input into Money as online rather than update.    Online allows for continuous updating throughout that day whereas Update only holds the first price entered that day.    There is even an option for updating quotes every 15 minutes like Money used to do!

[UPDATE 5/13/2014]
Cal brought up a good point in his review of my review 😉
“We remember that quotes used to be a big factor in the size growth in Money files. So maybe some of us might run two Money files… one with all of the investment info, and one slower-growing. Anyway, it does honor Money’s selection of about what quotes get downloaded.”

By running Pocketsense prior to MSMoneyQuotes and keeping active those stocks that a representative stock price only is adequate (no other quote data is needed) by listing them in your sites.dat file, you will retain much less data in your Money file.   Those stocks that you really wish to retain all of the MSN quote data for will still be entered into Money as long as MSMoneyQuotes is the source of that data.   Or you could use this strategy once per month to gather and save the detailed data, using Pocketsense for the other days…   Very versatile!!

In addition to Last Price, you’ll also see the following fields updated by MSMoneyQuotes if the MSN site has things set up correctly:  change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, ask, beta, bid, market cap, shares outstanding, PE, volume, and yield.

Many of my blog readers were involved in the Beta trial and based on the terrific feedback provided, Dan Gaier has come up with a very compact and efficient program that has many powerful options which weren’t available in the original trial release.   Well worth the $9.99 lifetime purchase price and in conjunction with Pocketsense, Money really feels like it’s online again!

If you would like to try or buy the program – click here.

For details on how to setup/use the program with a batch file – click here.

In addition to those of us already using this program, the program’s author will be monitoring this thread so feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment here if the official support page doesn’t answer your questions.   You also have the option of emailing Dan Gaier directly at

Thank you Dan for making this available to Money diehards!!!!    Long live MS Money offline it’s already been 6 years.

433 thoughts on “New Money addon program released ~ MS Money Quotes by Gaier Software”

  1. Sorry John, I clicked the wrong “reply” link…….

    This was the (edited) exchange:

    My FTSE index has been returning incorrect values for several months (share prices are correct). Can anyone advise what the entries should be in the symbolmap.csv file please?

    • Mike,
    Does this help, or did you try already?
    and are you using the latest version (2.5)?

    Mike said
    December 17, 2019 @ 11:54 AM
    Thank you.
    I had not tried the link but the details returned from the link are the details which are already in the SymbolMap.csv file. I am using the latest version (2.5)


  2. I am sure that there are many users of Dan Gaier’s programme who have the FTSE 100 index in MS Money. Is your index updating correctly?

    The layout in my SymbolMap.csv in MS Excel format is:

    column A UKX

    column B 151.10.UKX

    and nothing in any other columns.

    If your FTSE 100 index is updating correctly, would you be kind enough to inspect your SymbolMap.csv file and let me know what entries you have?

    Thank you.


  3. John and Martin,

    Thank you for taking the time to post.

    I deleted the details from my SymbolMap.csv file, restarted MS Money expecting MS Money Quotes to update the SymbolMap.csv file but it did not.

    I deleted the FTSE index from MS Money, restarted MS Money and selected a fresh FTSE 100 index. Again I expected MS Money Quotes to update the SymbolMap.csv file but it did not.

    In both the above cases SymbolMap.csv did not even show the FTSE index.

    I noticed that the new FTSE 100 Index became $UKX in MS Money. I tried updating my SymbolMap.csv file manually with this new index and with the old index but MS Money did not show the correct values.

    Perhaps I will just have to update the figure manually once a week….


    1. Mike
      I didn’t realise that the SymbolMap populated itself automatically. Don’t you have to enter the content of both columns?


  4. Sometime over this past weekend it seems that my MS Money Quotes is not getting/updating quotes. Error: “Failed to update quotes. Failed to fetch quotes from MSN Money.”

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I’ve made sure I have internet access. Money works fine otherwise. I’ve rebooted my Windows VM.


    1. Thanks. I do have a support request in as well. I’m trying to think of / poke around to see if any Windows Firewall changes could be impacting this.


    2. Yes, I’m using v2.5. Didn’t have any luck after bypassing Firewall, etc. I seem to get the quotes, but it isn’t pushing them into the Money file, even though I can open it. And I know that even when open Quotes is able to update the prices (I’ve tried open and closed).


    3. I appreciate the guidance. I have looked at that. I have not tried every option, but the ones I’ve always used and have worked are not. The main one was -v to get verbose output. Let’s face facts, in the end, a damn shame that Money isn’t a still supported. 😦


  5. I normally have been using 2.4 but tried 2.5 also with no issues. Perhaps you should try a Standard File Repair from the File Menu. I’m in the US.


  6. All, thanks for the input. I did try each of the items recommended. Thanks to Gaier support, I was able to narrow it down to an “offending” symbol. I had purchased an equity in the aftermarket recently and when I entered the transaction, I put in the approved ticker symbol. Seems the web services don’t like that and therefore the script couldn’t update the file. I unchecked updating that symbol and was able to get this to complete normally. Sorry to drag everyone through that.


  7. It seems that MSMoneyQuotes v2.5.0.1 has been failing since yesterday or even earlier as the last price for symbols are dated May 7, 2021:

    I am running it like this:
    “C:\Users\vince\Downloads\MSMoneyQuotes v2.5.0.1\MSMoneyQuotes.exe” -r -o -a -c

    which is showing this:
    Microsoft Money Online Quotes
    Version: 2.5
    Copyright(C) Gaier Software, 2019. All rights reserved.

    Opening Money File…
    [C:\Users\Vince\Documents\my portfolio.mny]

    Updating currency exchange rates…
    Successfully updated currency exchange rates

    Updating quotes…

    Failed to update quotes. Failed to fetch quotes from MSN Money.
    Timestamp: 10:06 AM

    Anyone else seeing this?



    1. I only use the -r and -o tags, but regardless, mine worked on the 5th, but doesn’t today. I get…

      Updating quotes…
      Failed to update quotes. Failed to update one or more securities in Money file.
      Press any key…


    2. Tom, did you really mean v2.4.0.1 because that version wouldn’t have worked as that was the reason v2.5.0.1 was released.

      ameridan, how did you get the press any key part?

      I am sure it has nothing to do with the tags used.


  8. I don’t know, I guess because of the error. Usually the script just runs, and I don’t get a chance to see the results 😉


    1. Tom, you are right as 2.4 was the one that fixed a big issue for everyone.

      Version 2.4 – 06/30/2019 – Updated to consume the new Microsoft Quote Services
      Version 2.5 – 07/06/2019 – Added logic to handle “GBp” to “GBX” currency mapping. Microsoft new Quote Services returns “GBp” for pence

      And just for the data – San Francisco, CA here.


  9. Ameridan, I’ve just updated my version to 2.5 and have noticed that unlike previous versions, if you have MsMoney open at the time you run it, will launch an additional version MsMoney. Previous versions would just update the share prices in the MsMoney you have open. What am I doing wrong? Its no big deal, you can just cancel out of the 2nd version and not open it, so I’m not complaining. MsMoneyQuotes has work flawlessly fo me for years now and I could not be happier.


    1. I’ve been using version for almost 3 years now, and it behaves perfectly. Check your script file. Perhaps you have added the file option erroneously?

      -f option:
      By default MSMoneyQuotes will update your “current” Money file. That is, the Money file you last had open in Money. However, the –f option allows you to override this behavior and update any arbitrary Money file you’d like.


  10. Thanks Ameridan. Yeah I only have one mny file and I don’t use the -f option in my script. I’m not too stressed as the bug fixes in V2.5 don’t apply to me so I’m happy to keep running with the older version. These are my options anyway:- “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MSMoneyQuotes.exe” -v -o -r
    Its a great little program and long may it keep working regardless of the version(s).


  11. Thanks Ameridan. Yeah, it was worth a try, but alas it didn’t work. I’m not worried. I have a system that works for me and I couldn’t be happier. The purists will argue that its always better to be on the latest version of any software but in this case I’m happy to be out of step. Thanks again.


    1. I’ve had random times where the sync failed. No changes on my end (no Windows patches, no VMware updates, no changes on my host Mac). After a few days it would start again. My guess is something with the site where the quotes are pulled from is overloaded or having connection issues.


    2. Checked mine an hour ago and all seemed OK.
      I have the CSV file setup with the stock symbols in it.


  12. Thanks chaps – my situation was the same as Rakesh. Funnily enough, after the market closed, all my UK stock prices updated correctly! Will see what happens today…


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