Schwab OFX downloads

[UPDATE: The revised scrubber routine is now incorporated into newer released versions of Pocketsense, so you no longer need to look for the beta version 12/12/2013]

I discovered that Schwab has started using a new tag CORRECTACTION when uploading their ofx data, and Robert immediately added a routine to his Pocketsense scrubber script for me to try out. After testing it out, he released the revision and I am happy to report that was apparently the only issue that has caused errors recently for Schwab ofx updates. You can download the beta package by heading to the February 17th entry in Robert’s blog comments. It is reported that Quicken does not like this tag, so I can’t imagine why Schwab is still using the tag, as most of Schwab’s clients attaching to the OFX server are undoubtedly Quicken users.

The new scrubber should also fix transaction (-)  sign issues that have been seen in Fidelity Net Benefits ofx downloads. I think this is the same issue I reported last summer from VALIC as well that would actually crash Money.

Thank you Robert!



  1. Anyone else having problems with Schwab downloads? The last few days have been getting the following message:
    ** An ERROR occurred retrieving POST response from
    Exception type :
    Exception val : [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly
    closed by the remote host
    I’m not even getting an OFX file with any clues as to what’s going on. It’s as if they shut off access to their OFX server.

    As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

    • ameridan said

      Yes, I believe we all are. I’m following this issue at Infinite Kind (Moneydance) Support and Pocketsense Support. JL reported that you have to call Schwab and request that they add your IP address to their White List, and confirmed today that his downloads work now, so I’ve just called and had a ticket submitted to do the same.

      Schwab tech support told me that they’ve been blocking IP addresses because of malicious (Bot) attacks on their site, and perhaps got a little too aggressive. YEAH, if you block out Comcast IP ranges, isn’t that at least half of the United States?

    • ameridan said

      After calling Tech Support at Schwab to have my IP address added to their “White List”, all is well again.

  2. Since I don’t have a static IP address how will this work in the long run? Do we have to call and submit a ticket every time we reconnect and our IP address changes?

  3. ameridan said

    They claim they enter a range of addresses (as most people aren’t lucky enough to get a static IP address) and not your actual address at the time of your tech support call.

    • Ken H (@kenh8) said

      I contacted Schwab via online chat. Using to tell them my current IP address, it took only a few minutes for the rep to create the trouble ticket. I was back to being able to download about 1 1/2 hours after that.

      Thanks for your help.

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