Windows 8 (64-bit version) compatibility with Sunset Money

[UPDATED 12/12/2013 & amended 4/20/2014, 8/8/2015]

Windows 8.1 is reported to be compatible with Microsoft Money “Sunset”, but the patch available below is recommended regardless.  When upgrading to Windows 10 you will again encounter the crash issue if you haven’t fixed the dll.  In order to find the dll file, you’ll have to not only show hidden files, but you’ll have to unhide system files as well and have administrative privileges.  The dll file can then be found in c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYcoreFiles.

So here are the steps for Windows 8.x (also Windows 10)  😉 after you have downloaded the appropriate patched dll file as discussed in this blog article:

  1. Enable Show Hidden Files in Folder Options:
  • Click radio button to turn on “Show hidden Files, folders, and drives”
  • Turn off “Hide Protected operating system files” (Recommended)

file options

2. Backup the original “MNYOB99.DLL” by renaming it to “MNYOB99.DLL.OLD” in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles

3. Copy Download Patched “MNYOB99.DLL” to
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles\” to replace the original file

[UPDATED 3/20/2013]

Apparently Windows 8 “Update” should now fix the crash issues with Microsoft Money during imports of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloaded transaction.    As of  12/12/2012 though, the same OS updates (KB2758857 specifically) that Microsoft published actually introduces the same crashes for Windows XP users.   I’m not sure which files their updates actually effect, or what methodology they use to “fix” the issues, but I’m so glad I don’t allow automatic updates!

Raymond Chen has reverse-engineered his own patch to fix some bugs in the Version 17 file mnyob99.dll which you can read about and perform yourself with a hex editor and seems to be more reliable across all OS’s.    By his description of the bugs, it is surprising that Money has worked consistently with the older OS’s all these years.   Thanks to John who has provided me with the patched file for the Plus Deluxe version of Sunset Money, I am making it available for you to download it  here.    If you are using the Plus – Home & Business version of Sunset Money, download the patched dll file specific to that program here.

OR you can manually edit your dll file yourself, using Raymond Chen’s great patch blog instructions (summarized here):

  • File offset 003FACE8: Change 85 to 8D
  • File offset 003FACED: Change 50 to 51
  • File offset 003FACF0: Change FF to 85
  • File offset 003FACF6: Change E8 to B9

Even though I wasn’t having a problem with XP (I don’t do OS updates very often), I’ve replaced the dll file on my system with no hiccups.

Another error that was reported…

MS Money was crashing after sign in while trying to import data. It was reporting that UTLSRF08.DLL was the faulting module.

was also fixed by replacing the faulty dll file.

[UPDATED 12/17/2012]

Cal Learner has verified that the only changes to the dll file that I’ve posted are as discussed above.   Thank you Cal

trp2525 also reported today that the recent XP Security Update that caused problems is fixed by installing the patched dll file.

The mnyob99.dll is located at C:/Program Files/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYCoreFiles for my version of Money.

After replacing the dll file I installed update KB2758857 and then restarted my computer.  I then tried updates from 3 different banking sites that included OFX and QIF downloads and my program worked perfectly with no crashes!  These were the same downloads that had crashed my program (with update KB2758857 installed) prior to the replacement of the dll file.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to use this fantastic program for many years yet!

[UPDATED 2/23/2013, 3/20/2013 & 12/18/2015]

Cal Learner has stated in the past that there are slight differences in the patch depending on the version of the Money program.  Other readers have confirmed that the Sunset Deluxe patch seems to work on other versions (including 2005 International), but technically he recommends that the other versions be patched using his Python script to  fix the dll file for versions of Money other than Plus Deluxe & Sunset Plus Deluxe.  See his post and (read the comments for more info) here.

When he first published his scripts, I was one of the few that had used this routine, and I was happy to report that I’d fixed my dll for the Home and Business version of Sunset Money and all went well (although the downloaded dll mentioned above also worked for me as well 🙂 ) and you can download the patched dll file for the Sunset Home & Business version here.




  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Windows 10 with Money Plus Deluxe Sunset now works! YAY! (happy dance)

  2. grindlay said

    Genius, I thought Money Plus Home & Business was screwed after upgrading to Windows 10 but applied the patched DLL and have returned to productivity. Thanks ++

  3. JohnL said

    Brilliant – I have no idea how you work these things out – but I sure am glad you can – thank you verry much

  4. GregSilva said

    I was stuck after the recommended RegEdit changes and was looking to buy a Windows 7 computer. I am grateful for you sharing. Worked like a charm .I love using Microsoft Money .. Yay !

  5. JB said

    Thank you for an easy source to keep MS Money running smoothly. It is appreciated more than I can say!

  6. mjmcc said

    Bless you, the patch worked! I’ve spent hours messing with this problem and then I found this site. Windows 10 update and Money Sunset Plus now working together. Amen and thank you.

  7. nali said

    Another thank you for this patch. I love MS Money and this patch kept it going!!

  8. Marcus said

    Thanks for this chap.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you. MS Money wouldn’t be much use if I had to key all my banks and credit cards data. Now it works as it always did. Genius!

  10. Pam said

    AMEN! Thank you so very much!!!

  11. Nicola said

    Where can I download the patched MNYOB99.DLL from? Is there a link in the article that I’m missing?

    Thanks for your help,

  12. ameridan said

    Yes, there are links in the article you are missing. They are the orange words “here”.

  13. JoAnna Tingey said

    When I show the hidden files in windows explorer, I don’t see the MNYCoreFiles in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus. I am trying to apply this patch on Windows 10

    • JoAnna Tingey said

      nvm. Below the show hidden option there are two or three options I unselected to show specific file types. That allowed me to see the MNYCoreFiles folder

  14. DavidG said

    Thanks for the info, the much loved MS Money (I have used since 1995!) lives to fight another day under Windows 10!

  15. Steve said

    Wow. Thank you for taking the time to keep this guide online. I’ll donate as a thank-you, if you indicate how.

    • ameridan said

      Just click on the Donate button if you have a PayPal account. Thank you.

  16. HoraceG said

    Worked a treat – I was getting very frustrated trying to work out the reason for the crash then found your site. Thanks.

  17. After struggling with various suggested solutions, this one worked – much appreciated, many thanks!

  18. CARL said

    Thanks so much. I have searched for hours to find a fix for this and your fix worked!!!!

  19. Very thankful for this resource. I’ve had to find it and redo it a couple times due to OS rebuilds and HDD crashes. Well done!

  20. Scot L said

    I tried replacing the DLL but Money would not run without running Setup first, and unfortunately I have been using it so long I have misplaced or lost the install disc. I am running Money 2007 Premium v16.0.125.621 Anyone else run into this?

    • ameridan said

      Just download the Sunset edition and install that.

    • Scot L said

      But the way I understand it the Sunset edition will not allow me to download transactions, am I correct?

  21. ameridan said

    The Sunset edition will accommodate downloaded transactions just fine…

    • Scot L said

      So far so good. Thank you.

  22. DaveL said

    I unzipped the DLL file. Now what do I do??

  23. DaveL said

    I also reinstalled Sunset edition. I also worked three hours with MS support. They told me to stay with Windows 10. Great. I still cant use MONEY and I have a business to run, HELP!

  24. Carlos Sarmiento said

    Many thanks for your help! I changed registry and didn’t work but updating patched dll it worked! I really have a lot of years of my financial information in Money. thanks!!

  25. Following the “add new payee” failure last evening, I spent a sleepless night wondering what I was going to do if MS-Money would no longer run (my earliest recorded transaction is dated Jan 2, 1994). Thank you for your simple explanation of the problem and for your excellent “fix”. I followed your instructions carefully and it took less than 10 minutes to get MS-Money running flawlessly. THANK YOU!

  26. DG said

    Thanks all for the advice . Had the dll and explorer 6 issues after initially downloading windows 10. restored back to 8.1 until I read your fixes. It’s all working now and great. I did have an issue with outlook and Icloud calendars but that was an easy fix.
    Thanks again ameridan….. and other posters

  27. Thank you thank you thank you! I was beginning to think it was time to give up my beloved MM. After the registry change and dll patch all seems to be working again. I truly appreciate that there are people techier than I am that love MM as much as I do. As a personal finance guru, I’ve tried many other products and nothing compares.

  28. Cathy said

    I’m not IT savvy at all so bare with me. I have found everything I need but don’t know where to go to do the backup for the MNYOB99.DLL. Once I get this done do I just copy the download and paste it over the dll in the core files? I have used this program since 1990 with no problems till now.

  29. ameridan said

    Cathy, the short answer is yes, but the better strategy would be to rename the original file (just right-click the file and select rename) MNYOB99.DLL.OLD and then just copy the download. Then if you are ever looking around in that folder again if you ever reinstall Money, you’ll kind of see a history of what you did.

  30. Peter Lin said

    This wasn’t a problem for me using Windows 8 until I upgraded to Windows 10

  31. Dave said

    Now I can’t find the new dll download

  32. Lynn Berns said

    THANKS! I upgraded to Windows 10 and FREAKED out when Money would not work. Thanks for talking me off the ledge!

  33. Awesome patch fix …..much appreciated !!! Many Thanks !! …God Bless.

  34. Mike said

    I have held off installing Windows 10 and am now thinking it was a wise thing not to do.

    I have MS Money 2005 which shows as Version

    My problem is that when I go to c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money/MNYcoreFiles all I can find is c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money 2005/ with four items; a pdf file ‘guide’ of 7533kb, an MS Money shortcut, a readme text file and an MS Money file named ‘sample’ of 4168kb.

    I have searched for MNYCoreFiles on my c drive but get no results.

    I have turned on options to show hidden files and unticked the folder options to unhide – if you know what I mean.

    I am obviously missing something, I wonder if you can help.

    • ameridan said

      Right-click on the shortcut icon on your desktop and select properties. That will identify the path to the actual Money.exe and MNYcoreFiles folder that you are using. If it’s the same folder as you described, then you’re obviously doing something wrong because money.exe wasn’t among the 4 files you mentioned.

    • Mike said

      Yep, ameridan. I had unticked the wrong box. Doh… as the youngsters would say.

      And if I get any more probs I will post my questions on the Windows 10 compatability thread.

      Cheers, Mike

  35. Ian Heazle said

    Hi there. I am using Money2005 updated version, which apparently is the last version to use international currencies (Aust $) . It ran on Windows 8.1 on my laptop and continued to run when updated to Windows 10. I copied the Money files to my new Surface 3 which also runs Windows 10 and installed Money, but it will not run. It comes up with IE6 problem. I have downloaded the mnyob99.dll but it changed nothing. I noticed that when I copied it into MNYcorefiles that it was not there in the first place. Nonetheless it still does not work.
    Best regards Ian.

    • ameridan said

      Ian, just like Mike found out today, you have to follow all of the instructions. If you weren’t prompted as to overwriting the file, then you really didn’t copy the new file in the right place or didn’t have admin privileges. By the way, you can’t install money by copying files, you must run setup!

  36. Ian Heazle said

    All instructions were followed. I re copied all files (mnyob99 was there this time), I re installed, using setup (webinst I believe) as before with the same result. I am a retired electronics/computer tech, reasonably familiar with how things work. I am possibly overlooking something, but at the moment cannot see it, hence my post here. Thank you for your prompt reply.
    Ian H.

  37. Ian Heazle said

    Okay the problem is fixed. There were too many copies of the dll which caused confusion. I deleted everything, started again with a fresh download (dll) and lo it works. It did not help with other sites saying that the dll patch was for the “Sunset” version creating another doubt in the mind, but it definitely works for the 2005 “International Currency” version.
    Anyway your site has helped many people for which you should be commended.
    All the very best of the season,
    Ian H.

  38. ameridan said

    Thank you Ian. Cal Learner has stated in the past that all versions of Money needed to be patched, but that there were slight differences in the patch depending on the Money version, so I’m glad to hear that the Sunset patch works on your 2005 version as well. Others have seemed to confirm this as well, so I’ll try to clarify this in the blog.

  39. Ian Heazle said

    Ameridan you will not believe this. My brand new Surface 3 had touch screen problems and it had to be replaced – I am back to square one – it will not work on the new machine. I am tearing out what is left of my hair, I have tried every combination I can think of. Just thought I should let you know. Maybe Cal is correct – is there any further info on 2005 International?
    All the best,
    Ian Heazle.

  40. Ian Heazle said

    This becoming a little embarrassing. I tried everything I could think of including restarts, but the same (IE6) message would appear. After spending hours at it, I left it alone for a day. During this time Windows 10 had a major update and a restart and guess what? Money worked like a charm without any further effort from me. The update or the restart are the logical explanation, I really do not know.
    Ian H.

  41. ameridan said

    Kind of sounds like the character count in the version # of IE is fluctuating due to the updates, as I discussed in the Windows 10 blog thread.

  42. Bev said

    I am still afraid to download Windows 10 since I do not want to affect my Money Program. I have the Sunset version running on Windows 8. The latest comments above sounds like the update to Windows 10 may now work for Money without having to do anything… am I understanding this correctly? Thanks

    • ameridan said

      “may now work” is correct. I think it all depends on whether the IE version number entry in the registry contains too many characters or not.

      If a pattern develops whereby the registry needs to be edited often, I’m sure a script can be developed to fix as needed.

  43. Tine said

    I have Money Standard 2005 and a new laptop with Windows 10. I’ve installed Money (from cd) on computer and it will run, but can’t restore my backup files. Will the patch help me? I was running Money on Windows 7.

    • ameridan said

      The patch available for download is for the Sunset edition, so I’m not sure how it plays with the 2005 version, although it has been reported to work fine. If you do try it, follow the instructions so that you can reverse the replacement of the dll. As to why Money isn’t restoring from backup files I can’t say, but you should be able to copy your latest .mny file to your Documents folder and open it directly with your new laptop’s copy of Money. See the last couple of paragraphs in my later Windows 10 blog for some hints as to why you are experiencing difficulties.

    • Tine said

      Thank you for your help. I decided to downloaded the Sunset edition of Money and was able to restore my files with it. I think my cd was probably working, but I was over looking a steps on how to restore my file. Anyways, I’m very happy that I got my Money 2005 files to run in the Sunset edition and that it is running on my new Windows 10 laptop 🙂

    • Mike said

      At the risk of repeating questions from earlier posts, can I ask, is Money 2005 the same as version

      and if so which Sunset version could I download to be certain that my files from version 14 will work?

      Presumably judging from Tine’s answer I could then happily install Windows 10 or should I install Windows 10 and then make the changes to Money?

  44. Mike said

    Post script;
    I’ve just noticed that this is a thread I contributed to last December but my questions still apply as I’m still building the confidence to take the plunge with Windows 10.

    Be warned, its an age thing 😉

  45. ameridan said


    Yes, 2005 is version 14. Assuming you have the U.S. version of 2005, you would download the regular Sunset edition, which is version 17. The Home & Business edition will also open your file, but if you have no business needs, why complicate things. In theory, 2005 should work with Windows 10, so try it after upgrading. I personally prefer the Sunset edition though.

    • Mike said

      Thank you Ameridan, that is really helpful advice. So now I am teetering on the edge of upgrading.

  46. Mike said

    I’ve just noticed the ‘proviso’ in your reply. ‘Assuming you are using the US version of 2005’. In fact mine is the UK version 14, so does that mean I will need to install the dll when I go for Windows 10?

    I presume I can’t download and use the US Sunset version 17 Home and Business with my version 14 UK files?

  47. ameridan said

    You’ll have to stay with your 2005 version then. Ian reported that the dll patch worked for the International version, so it will probably work with the UK version as well.

  48. Mike said

    Sorry to bang on about this but do you think that the patched dll file for the Sunset Home and Business version would be the best patched file for my UK 2005 version 14?

  49. ameridan said

    I would use the Sunset Deluxe dll patch unless you are using UK Home & Business. To be honest, both versions worked for me at the time I wrote the blog, so I suspect both patches are very similar. But then again, the original dll worked for many years, until we upgraded to the most recent versions of Windows.

  50. Dennis Dean said

    I installed the patch and the file opened, however the activation notification continues to pop up and it notes I have 60 days. can anything be done to stop it?

    • ameridan said

      Install the Sunset version.

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