Windows 8 (64-bit version) compatibility with Sunset Money

[UPDATED 12/12/2013 & amended 4/20/2014, 8/8/2015]

Windows 8.1 is reported to be compatible with Microsoft Money “Sunset”, but the patch available below is recommended regardless.  When upgrading to Windows 10 you will again encounter the crash issue if you haven’t fixed the dll.  In order to find the dll file, you’ll have to not only show hidden files, but you’ll have to unhide system files as well and have administrative privileges.  The dll file can then be found in c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYcoreFiles.

So here are the steps for Windows 8.x (also Windows 10)  😉 after you have downloaded the appropriate patched dll file as discussed in this blog article:

  1. Enable Show Hidden Files in Folder Options:
  • Click radio button to turn on “Show hidden Files, folders, and drives”
  • Turn off “Hide Protected operating system files” (Recommended)

file options

2. Backup the original “MNYOB99.DLL” by renaming it to “MNYOB99.DLL.OLD” in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles

3. Copy Download Patched “MNYOB99.DLL” to
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles\” to replace the original file

[UPDATED 3/20/2013]

Apparently Windows 8 “Update” should now fix the crash issues with Microsoft Money during imports of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloaded transaction.    As of  12/12/2012 though, the same OS updates (KB2758857 specifically) that Microsoft published actually introduces the same crashes for Windows XP users.   I’m not sure which files their updates actually effect, or what methodology they use to “fix” the issues, but I’m so glad I don’t allow automatic updates!

Raymond Chen has reverse-engineered his own patch to fix some bugs in the Version 17 file mnyob99.dll which you can read about and perform yourself with a hex editor and seems to be more reliable across all OS’s.    By his description of the bugs, it is surprising that Money has worked consistently with the older OS’s all these years.   Thanks to John who has provided me with the patched file for the Plus Deluxe version of Sunset Money, I am making it available for you to download it  here.    If you are using the Plus – Home & Business version of Sunset Money, download the patched dll file specific to that program here.

OR you can manually edit your dll file yourself, using Raymond Chen’s great patch blog instructions (summarized here):

  • File offset 003FACE8: Change 85 to 8D
  • File offset 003FACED: Change 50 to 51
  • File offset 003FACF0: Change FF to 85
  • File offset 003FACF6: Change E8 to B9

Even though I wasn’t having a problem with XP (I don’t do OS updates very often), I’ve replaced the dll file on my system with no hiccups.

Another error that was reported…

MS Money was crashing after sign in while trying to import data. It was reporting that UTLSRF08.DLL was the faulting module.

was also fixed by replacing the faulty dll file.

[UPDATED 12/17/2012]

Cal Learner has verified that the only changes to the dll file that I’ve posted are as discussed above.   Thank you Cal

trp2525 also reported today that the recent XP Security Update that caused problems is fixed by installing the patched dll file.

The mnyob99.dll is located at C:/Program Files/Microsoft Money Plus/MNYCoreFiles for my version of Money.

After replacing the dll file I installed update KB2758857 and then restarted my computer.  I then tried updates from 3 different banking sites that included OFX and QIF downloads and my program worked perfectly with no crashes!  These were the same downloads that had crashed my program (with update KB2758857 installed) prior to the replacement of the dll file.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to use this fantastic program for many years yet!

[UPDATED 2/23/2013, 3/20/2013 & 12/18/2015]

Cal Learner has stated in the past that there are slight differences in the patch depending on the version of the Money program.  Other readers have confirmed that the Sunset Deluxe patch seems to work on other versions (including 2005 International), but technically he recommends that the other versions be patched using his Python script to  fix the dll file for versions of Money other than Plus Deluxe & Sunset Plus Deluxe.  See his post and (read the comments for more info) here.

When he first published his scripts, I was one of the few that had used this routine, and I was happy to report that I’d fixed my dll for the Home and Business version of Sunset Money and all went well (although the downloaded dll mentioned above also worked for me as well 🙂 ) and you can download the patched dll file for the Sunset Home & Business version here.




  1. MarkS said

    Thanks so much. I’m so used to data transfer from my bank that I hated going back to manual entry. You have saved me a lot of time and heartache.

  2. 3R1C said

    Thank you very much this help me resolve the problem of Money crashing on new Payee creation. Just renamed the old dll and copied the one from this blog page. No KB uninstall, no reboot. I just restarted Money and it solved the problem straight away.

  3. Pete said

    Saved me weeks of trouble. Thanks.

  4. DracoBengali said

    Saw the issue adding a payee in XP, would work fine when I tried on 7. Thanks to this website and Raymond, I can keep using Microsoft Money.

  5. Norm said

    Thanks to the great purveyors of knowledge, the mnyob99.dll file resolved my issue with OFX downloads in XP. My initial reaction to the crash “OMG I may have to accept the shortcomings of Quicken”. Now all is well. Many Thanks

  6. ameridan said

    Anyone using an older version of Money that wishes to patch their dll file is recommended to check out Cal Learner’s script at

  7. marbab said

    After installation all is OK so far. My system was similar to trp2525 (Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 NTFS, Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702) and I was experiencing similar problem since late December 2012 as well. Thanks to all of those who put their excellent efforts to resolve this issue.

  8. sirorlando said

    Awesome! Fantastic! Thank you! This resolves an awful lot of heartache/headache for me. 🙂 Looking at the number of comments for this specific MS Money blog, it’s clear that a strong group of Money users still remain. 🙂 I am a power user of Money, as I have used it since July of 1998 (Microsoft Money 97), first installed in Windows 95! Now, three operating systems later, I’ve upgraded that file through 3 versions of Money, to Microsoft Money Plus 2007, and finally updating to Sunset edition last year. My primary checking account file actually goes back 14 years! I have a dozen financial accounts tracked, and it’s fascinating to see my spending and budgeting trends for 1½ decades laid out electronically.

    I actually went a month without using Microsoft Money (last November) because of a busy schedule. When I launched it one weekend in mid-December to catch up and reconcile my account, I discovered that I could no longer perform imports from my Checking account.

    I went through the same process of repairing my Money File and restoring back to a previous version of the file that many of you have. I’ve struggled to keep my file stable ever since, blaming file corruption as the cause. And trying to change any of the Payee’s in my existing data would cause Money to crash 90% of the time.

    So happy to report that after grabbing the “fixed” mnyob99.dll file, my Microsoft Money file is working stable and error free! 🙂 Rather ironic that a Windows Security update is the cause of all this grief. And as you said, it’s amazing that there haven’t been compatibility issues caused before this. I’m sure many of you can relate to the euphoria first felt when you too could import QFX QIF data files once more! Thank you to everyone who worked to successfully resolve this issue!

  9. CDamico said

    Thanks to all involved. The solution above was a snap
    PS Machine runs XP SP3

  10. Tony said

    I have a New PC with Windows 8 64bit, when installing MS Money and I enter the Key for the program it attempts to connect to the internet and then states internet is not connected when it is. will this patch work?

    and if so when I did attempted to download the patch, mnyob99.dll I received a warning that popped up stating that his file could harm my pc. is this normal?

    I hope so and If so after download will I just proceed to install the CD again
    Help.. thanks

    I am excited to think I may get to use MS Money Plus Deluxe again.

    • ameridan said

      Hi Tony.

      I assume you mean Windows 8, but regardless your CD is useless now that Microsoft servers no longer support Money Plus activation. If your CD installation got far enough along to show that the program can be uninstalled, do so. Then, at the top of my blog is a “sticky” thread that contains a link to Sunset Money Plus. Download it and install that instead. Then install the patched dll file and you should be all set (ignore the warning). Stay away from using Live ID for your password if the option is presented; just use a “normal” password.

      By the way, you should save the Sunset install file and the patched dll file onto a CD or other media so that you’ll have install media in the future in case they become unavailable.

  11. Tony said

    thank you, it worked like you said. the only thing was it prompted me to install a download manager program, ilivid, however once I did it seem to work thank you for every thing. you ROCK..

  12. Sir Brently said

    thank you, it worked! I patched the Microsoft Money sunset version installed in a Windows XP 32-bit OS that had the specific behavior of crashing when adding a new payee via the register.

  13. Scott said

    Thanks to many and all for the wonderful information found here and on a couple other forums today. Due to dying PC, work issues and travel I had not accessed my MSMoney since last fall and recently tried to get caught up in preparation for taxes and because I simply was missing access to reports and useful information.
    I was truly in a panic thinking I had lost the ability to have my data that goes back to June of 1998 up to date and in one place. Many many thanks to the solutions here and I am getting everything caught up so I can run reports again.
    Really is a bummer that MS discontinued this product. I have loved it for years and like others started with it with Money97 and would be a shame to not have the history at hand.
    Will be following this blog going forward, glad that I also have a solution now to move to a new laptop with a new OS.
    Thanks all!

  14. Leigh said

    Thanks for this.
    I still have problems with Money crashing when I try to run reports – anyone else have this problem?

  15. A new bug that is not fixed by Raymond Chen’s patch has been discovered and identified. Workarounds and remediation have been documented, and will be made available to users without charge at the web site. See the ongoing progress at

  16. ameridan said

    POM Developer,
    Wow, that was an interesting read! If I interpret your findings correctly, it sounds like errors can still occur using the dll patch if you have a substantial quantity of statement downloads (approx more than 12 or so).

    I wonder if most of us “patched” users (that have a substantial quantity of statement downloads) are not encountering errors any longer because of the great new feature in Pocketsense, CombineOFX whereby OFX statements are combined prior to sending to Money.

    • Perhaps you are not encountering error because of luck and not using Windows 7 or 8, plus other unknown factors. As Raymond Chen wrote, skipping string (here, hash table) initialization may not cause problems if all the memory in the uninitialized table contained zeros and/or references to readable memory, so users so far have just been lucky. But often that luck runs out under Windows 7 or 8 in his case, and also in our testing.

      It’s not the 12 imports causing the problem. The error occurs with just one OFX import, either via the shell (open) or via File | Import. This is a pretty clear Sunset bug, perhaps caused by eliminating online services from Sunset.

      The specific characteristics of the OFX file are yet to be determined. Speculating, it might be that there is a security listed in the positions section that is not mentioned earlier, or something like that.

  17. Pete said

    I had been using Money over 5 years on XP, when the import feature crashed the program. I downloaded the above mentioned mnyob99.dll and replaced the old one. I can now go to my banks and credit card companies and dowlaod transactions again. THANK YOU ALL!

  18. Larry said

    I also experienced the crashing of Money Plus Sunset on Windows XP. The Microsoft update mentioned had been installed 12/12 The new .dll file stopped the crashing when a new payee was entered.

    I enter my charges manually, not via downloading. The new quirk, or another existing quirk, is that a transaction with a new payee and new category appears to be entered in the register normally. Call that transaction #1.

    Entering the next transaction, #2, deletes the transaction #1. This behavior seems to happen only if transaction #1 involved a new payee and category.

    Any ideas on that one?


  19. ameridan said

    I’d like to try this myself Larry.

    The new quirk, or another existing quirk, is that a transaction with a new payee and new category appears to be entered in the register normally. Call that transaction #1.

    So do both the payee and category have to be new?

  20. I cannot find the dll file to delete in the money plus file on my c drive any ideas? have downloaded patch but am now stuck

  21. ameridan said

    A few others have had the same issues Ian – you just needed to click on “Older comments”. Specifically go to this comment and some subsequent replies to see if that doesn’t help.

  22. Erika Jones said

    Thank you so much for this fix. Was afraid I’d have to give up MS Money, and now I can continue using it. Really appreciate your help.

  23. Bev said

    Anyone know how to change the path when backing up MS MOney Sunset? I have not been able to back up the program when exiting since I installed it on Windows 8 new computer. Fortunately I finally got it to work again and all my files moved over correctly. However, I am concerned since I cannot back it up within the program. MS Money keeps giving me the error message when trying to backup on exit: Invalid path ? It’s the one I’ve always used to backup the files when existing Money.

    I am just backing up my computer frequently so that it will save the latest info in Money hopefully. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • ameridan said


      I’m told that “My Documents” doesn’t exist in c:/Documents and Settings within Windows 8 like it did in XP, and the path is memorized within your data file, so you need to click on Tools > Settings > Backup settings and click on the Browse button to find the new path to your Documents folder in which to store your backup file.

  24. Steve Yost said

    The binary editing worked for me on XP. I had a different version of Money, so needed to first download Money Sunset Deluxe (verified the problem exists in both versions of Money).

  25. ken said

    Thank you for this! Also had the problem of crashing when added new payee. Downloaded and replaced dll file and wha-la!

  26. Des said

    Hi, I have just got a new computer with win8.1 64bit and when I try to install sunset can’t get past the first screen. When I hit on the accept button I get the hand symbol. Can’t get any further than this. Can anyone help please. Thanks in advance.

  27. ameridan said

    See if this helps (credit to Cal Learner)

    You can run the Sunset installation program with command line switches that allows you to extract the files, so you can get to setup.exe and avoid any autorun.inf problem.

    Put the USMoneyDlxSunset.exe (or BIZ) into a your “Documents” folder. Open a command window. Then enter the four commands below. While they look cryptic, they are the way they are to allow various versions of Windows and do not have to be modified for different user names.

    To enter the commands you can either type them, or do a copy and paste. Then press the Enter key. This article seems to have a good description of how to paste into a command window:

    cd %USERPROFILE%\*documents

    USMoneyDlxSunset.exe /C /T:%TEMP%\Sunset

    cd %TEMP%\Sunset



    Here is a description of what the above four commands each are doing:

    1. switch the command window to your documents folder. That way the
    USMoneyDlxSunset.exe will be accessible to run. CD stands for Change
    Directory. Directory is another word for folder.

    2. do the extraction command putting the files in a new folder within your
    temp folder.

    3. switch to that new folder. That new folder has the setup.exe file as
    well as the other files needed for the install.

    4. run mnyinst.exe to do the Money Plus Sunset install. For this purpose you
    do not have to type the .exe part, although is permitted

  28. Derek said

    I had this problem about the same time as everyone on this post. I have unistalled KB2758857, as well as ,installed the patched mnyob99.dll
    Everything has been fine until this week when I installed the final XP security updates. The problem with Money crashing after an import from the bank started up again. I had to uninstall KB2922229 in order to get Money working again.
    Anyone have a similar issue?

  29. Michaelje said

    Derek, yes, same issue here, in relation to adding new payees. I too had removed KB2758857 years ago, and now today getting crashes. The last KB installed here was on 13th April, being KB2922229

  30. Sheldon said

    Thank you so very much. This fix worked perfectly.

  31. Marion said

    Thank you very much for this fix! I was about to scrap a much liked program with features I’ve not found in other programs.

  32. Peter Moy said

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit, IE 11 with Money UK 2005. Every thing was fine until Microsoft KB2977629 for IE 11 which seems to have caused Explorer to Ignore the MS Money Style sheet when it renders the “Portfolio Manager Display”. (It only display a frame with is about 1 inch by 1 inch.)

    The problem appear to be the following patch: ID: 2996958, “Content in Internet Explorer 11 may be scaled larger than the intended size on large displays”.

    Does anyone else have problems with this patch. There is a comment in the patch that says. “After you apply this update, you can switch to legacy scaling mode so that Internet Explorer can use the same scale factor as the Windows Desktop, and a specific scale factor can be selected that overrides the default scale factor. To do this, you can click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Personalization, and then you can select one scaling level for all displays.” Can anyone translate this from Microsoft speak to English. If I install this patch do have to do something with personalisations to get Money 2005 to work?

    • Cliff Cleary said

      I have Windows 8.1 64-bit with update Microsoft KB2977629 for IE 11. I do not use IE 11, or any browser with Money, so I’m not clear on your problem. However, the Personalization feature is a common utility which can be reached by right-click on the desktop. You can then select Display, which allows you to adjust scaling for all items or just for text.

    • ameridan said

      Cliff, my understanding is that Money is in fact using Internet Explorer to display every screen, so you are actually using IE 11. Thanks for clarifying the Personalization feature.

    • John Edwards said

      Peter – I’ve JUST had exactly the same problem, although the Windows Security Update you mentioned was applied last September! I’ll try deleting it (although worried about unintended consequences – and whether it will automatically be updated again in due course), but I wondered whether you have found a permanent solution?

      I have also found a claim that the solution is to enter the following at the command prompt:

      regsvr32 jscript.dll
      regsvr32 vbscript.dll

      Any idea about this?


    • John Edwards said

      I’ve now deleted the update and rebooted – but the problem is still there.

  33. ameridan said

    Peter – I have no experience with your version of Money, but I might suggest installing Python 2.7 and run Cal’s python script mentioned in the last paragraph of the blog, since the patch download was specifically written for Money Plus. Sorry I can’t help regarding the scale factor though.

    • Peter Moy said

      Thank for the reply. I down loaded the python script. I have Python 3.4.1 on my machine so I had to make a few syntax changes to get the script to run with python 3 but it didn’t find the problem string in my 2005 UK Version.

      I suspect the 2996958 patch is going to affect other products, in addition to Money so I think I will just leave the patch out for a few months until a second patch come alone that fixes whatever bug 2996958 introduced.

      Everything is working fine once I pulled this patch out and I don’t use IE 11 as a browser. (I am not a masochist!) So I don’t feel I need to keep it patched strictly up to date. I just leave sleeping dogs lie.

      Once again thanks for your assistance.

  34. ameridan said

    I’m using Money Plus H&B (with patch) along with IE 11 and Windows 8.1 64-bit, and I see that I have security update 2977629 (which includes 2996958) and I’m happy to report that Portfolio Manager (and every other screen thus far) displays just fine.

  35. Here is a possible bug in Money run on Windows 8.1 64-bit. I accidentally set the computer date for 9/21/14 instead of the correct date 9/22. During that time I entered some transactions manually – some of them were dated previous to 9/21, others were dated 9/22 (one day in the future). Upon opening Money later in the day, NONE of the transactions I had entered when the computer’s date was incorrect had been saved! Even the transactions that were dated previous to the computer’s date were not saved. Future transactions ditto. That IS a problem, but probably does not exist as long as the date is correct on the computer. What do you think about that?


  36. I should have added that I have replaced the older .dll file back when I ran XP with excellent results. Money runs with no problems on Win 8.1 also with the modified .dll file. Until today, that is, when I accidentally discovered that it refuses to save ALL information entered in a session if one or more entries are dated any time in the future. I can’t say whether this bug exists when running XP. Thanks for reading this.

  37. ameridan said

    Entering transactions with future dates is a common practice so you should not have issues related to that. Hopefully you were just having an off day and are no longer experiencing that issue. I am running Money Plus with Windows 8.1 64-bit and have no problems thus far.

  38. Vi said

    I used this fix on XP, but on newer machine with Windows 7 (64bits) MS Money Sunset works without issues so far.

  39. John said

    And my thanks, too! Just upgraded to Windows 10 when I experienced the data import bug. Replacing the mnyob99.dll did the trick for me. In addition, there are many articles out now about registry changes to fix MS-Money startup problem. Notably

    • Luke said

      This patch fixed Money Sunset on Windows 10 for me as well. Cheers!

  40. August said

    This fix has also worked for me on the similar issue in Windows 10. Upgraded to Windows 10 and Microsoft Money would not open due to internet explorer version. I altered the regedit file from another post and Money opened fine. On import of the .qfx file, MS Money crashed and needed to open a back up copy. Implemented this fix on the mnyod99.dll file and all seems back to normal.


    • August said

      I had issues with permissions to write to the file location C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles and making changes to the mnyob99.dll. My work around was to rename the mnyob99.dll file and place in the user folders. I down loaded an editor from and made necessary changes. I then opened both the above folder location and the user folder location and used a drag and drop method. Copying would not allow permissions, but the drag and drop method would.

    • Larry said

      Thanks to all who have volunteered risking their systems to find a solution on this topic. In their continued obstinance, MicroS does not give full permissions to root in 8 and 10. 3rd party tools can be used to change ownership and set file permissions so admin can actually do what is necessary. For those comfortable with the command line, subinacl is one example. Read more here:

  41. Murugan said

    Perfect. Regedit solve IE6 error message W10. The dll file here solved the error message after first import.

  42. Ok I am now running Windows 10. I have never change DLL before but I believe I can. This issues I am running into are the following.

    I tried renaming the money dll and downloading Cal’s patch. the command prompt open briefly but I can’t tell that anything happened.

    Was going to try John’s method of downloading the patched version but my machine can not open the file. I would love if someone could walk a newbie through this process step by step. Thanks in advance

  43. Rich Tubbs said

    Sorry, but I guess I’m not very computer savy….lol. I have just recently succumbed to the Win 10 upgrade (from Win 7). I have made the dll correction and uploaded the Money Plus Sunset version. The program opens as it’s supposed to however it will not allow me to restore my data from the backup file created in Win 7. It keeps giving me an error message that the backup was created using an older version of Money (version 2005). What can I do to correct this problem? Feeling defeated at this point. I have over 10 years od data and I don’t want to start all over. Many thanks for any insight you can offer!

    • ameridan said

      I think you can open an ’05 .mny file with Sunset, but not an ’05 backup file. Hopefully this helps you figure out a solution.

    • Rich Tubbs said

      Just tried opening the .mny file (from my still operating Money 2005 on my Win 7 computer over the network) with the Money Plus on my Win 10 computer and same error message that cannot open due to being created by earlier version. Thanks for the attempt, though. Any other suggestions?

    • Rich Tubbs said

      Finally got it working. After viewing the “Properties” of my working Win 7 version of Money 2005, I found that it was “MS Money File Version, Product Version 14.00.1105, English (UK). I had noticed elsewhere that a UK version was available at
      so I removed all other versions on the computer and started with a fresh install of the above. The program opened but wanted a password. I ignored that prompt and went to FILE (upper left corner), RESTORE BACKUP, and proceeded. It indeed did the restore and I needed to do no more (no DLL correction or registry correction) unless those corrections remained from my initial attempts. So it appears that I now have a fully operational Money 2005 (UK) operating under Win 10.
      Thank you for the hints and considering my problem!!

    • Rich Tubbs said

      For what it’s worth, I had always noticed that certain words were spelled with the UK version, words like favorite and color were spelled favourite and colour. Maybe this indicated that I had the UK version all along.

  44. Indeed that was the order in which I was able to fix Microsoft Money on Windows 10.

    The initial DLL patch that I applied did not work; I had to look for the DLL patch specifically for Money Sunset. Once I did that, Money no longer crashed/froze when I downloaded statements from the bank.

    Recap: First I applied the registry fix and then I applied the correct patched DLL file.

    Thank you everyone for the help.

    Link to DLL patch:

  45. Thanks a lot for the above Software and details. For the past 3 years having the problem of Money Crashing whenever a new payee was added randomly In Windows XP.

    I upgraded to Windows 8 64 Bit and Installed MS Money Sunset USB Delux Edition. The Same problem continued and the above fix solved the same in no time. Now a huge relief till 2023.

    The MS Money DLL File download was painfully slow from media fire site Hence I have again uploaded the same to The Link is given below

  46. Craig said

    Just downloaded and replaced the mnyob99.dll file (after finding the hidden OS folder in MS Money 2004 deluxe). Worked great! Thanks!

  47. HI.
    Just started using Windows 10 yesterday and am having this problem – crashes after downloading bank statement.

    Tried finding the directory to download the new .dll file. However, on my directory, and I am showing hidden files, I cannot find any subdirectory under the Microsoft Money Plus directory. In other words I am at c: /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Money Plus/ but cannot find any MyCoreFiles directory.
    Probably doing something dumb. Can u help?.

    Thanks Blair

  48. Hi Again,
    Just figured it out and it works great. Thanks.


    • Asaf Humayun said

      I am using Money Deluxe Sunset version. It worked fine with Win 8.1 64bits. With Windows 10 64 bits, it did not work and I applied the Registry edit. Money started working. Last time it worked was on 19 Aug. Now the app starts but soon afterwards shuts down saying Microsoft Money has stopped working. Restoring Registry hack or replacing mnyob99.dll with patched one does not change anything. In all situations, the program starts and shuts down very quickly. I am thinking of going back to Win 8.1

      Asaf Humayun

    • Asaf Humayun said

      Since my last post, I have discovered that my money file was corrupt causing the program to shut down. I have now restored my money file from the last back up. Now MS Money is working fine under Windows 10. No need to apply registry hack.

      Asaf Humayun

  49. L. C. said

    .dll patch worked a miracle!!!! It took me all day to figure out how to show hidden folders & unhide systems files. I even installed quicken but realized it was unusable if you’ve been using ms money for the last 15 years. I almost restored back to windows 7.

    To show hidden folders & unhide system files:
    open file explorer
    click “view” at top
    click “options” top right
    click “view” at top of folder options window
    click “show hidden files, folders. and drives”
    Uncheck “Hide protected operating systems files”
    click “Apply to Folders” at top

    Also, My computer is running a 32bit system & has no option for “program files (x86)”
    I found it the I found & replaced the .dll file under “program files, Microsoft Money Plus, MNYCoreFiles.

    • Siouxzq said

      LC – Thank you so very much for the detailed instructions!!!! I was finally able to get Money working with Windows 10! Thanks also to Zaysen Colonel (post above) for the excellent download and directions!

  50. Bill King said

    Awesome! Thanks to the developer. The REG edit with the DLL update has saved the day. Thank you

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