Version 3 of my PocketSense webpage addon

Version 3 is now available!

Version 3 of ameridan’s OFFLINE webpage addon to Money

Although I developed this webpage (click image to enlarge it) to invoke from within Microsoft Money, I find it most convenient to click on a shortcut to the webpage from my desktop instead.   I know I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a while, but that is primarily because PocketSense is working so well for me in supplying OFX updates to my Sunset edition of Microsoft Money.   The main reason I am posting an updated version of my webpage is to accomodate Cal’s python script (originally submitted by George –  thank you George!) that automatically OKs the import and error messages that appear while the OFX files are processed by Money. You will not need to locate and download this python script file, as it is included in the download package for the webpage addon. NOTE: If Cal updates this file (he mentioned working on, save it as to keep the links working. Also, you do not need to use or modify any batch files with this webpage (nor can batch files be invoked from a webpage).

If you would like to be able to run your Offline update scripts (PocketSense) from within your Microsoft Money program while also viewing the new quotes.htm file that is produced everytime you update your quotes, I’m sharing the new page (along with easy installation instructions) that I’ve developed for just this purpose. Since the Money GUI is really just a customized browser, this is probably the only way modules can be added to the program without hacking into the source code. I would also like to point out that everytime the quotes are updated throughout the day, the quotes.htm page is updated, even though the newer values are ignored within the Money program. And this page will also show Last Closing Price as well as Percent change in price since the last closing price! Thanks Robert!

To greatly simplify installation (it was confusing if your PC setup didn’t happen to be setup just so), I’ve created 4 different versions of the webpage for you (2 for WinXP and 2 for WinVista and Win7) and you’ll simply use the one that works properly. 🙂

To install…

      1. Go to the folder on your hard drive that you’ve installed PocketSense into
      2. Download my webage add-in and extract the Images folder, and the 4 htm files into this same folder as your scripts
      3. Right click on and select Create Shortcut
      4. Right click on and select Create Shortcut
      5. Right click on and select Create Shortcut
      6. Click on one of the 4 webpages (and don’t rename them): GetOfxDataXP(1).htm, GetOfxDataXP(2).htm, GetOfxData7(1).htm or GetOfxData7(2).htm which will open it in your browser. Although all four versions look the same, only one will have links to getdata and setup that actually work. If you want a detailed explanation of the differences, see the 3/19/2010 notes in the Version 1 Blog:
      7. If the link(s) to and work, then Copy the address from the Address Bar (Highlight it and right-click and select Copy). B1inUK offers this tip for WinVista and Win7 users: You may have to Right-click the htm file, select Properties and click Unblock at the bottom to allow the links to work.
      8. Paste into your Desktop if you’d like to access the webpage from there
      9. Open Money and Paste that address (or type the full path to the htm file) into Money’s address bar ( as an example, my path is: C:\Documents and Settings\Dan’s\My Documents\Microsoft Money\Python Scripts\GetOfxDataXP(1).htm ) and hit Enter (or click on the GoTo button).
      10. Select Favorites, Add to Favorites, and type in a name for your Favorite page (like GetOfxData), then click OK

      1. You’re done; whenever you wish to access the scripts from within Money – either click on Favorites, Favorite Web Sites, and then GetOfxData OR select the file in the address bar and hit Enter (or the GoTo button)
      2. ENJOY Microsoft Money OFFLINE!!
[ADDED 3/26/2011] I prefer the font size in the quotes window to be somewhat smaller and this is how that is accomplished: In quotes.htm the font size within the quotes table is controlled in line 64 of (change 16px to perhaps 14px). I also prefer the font-size for the comments at 10, rather than 13, which you can change on line 57. The next time you run PocketSense, the generated quotes.htm will reflect the changes you’ve made and and be sure to make a backup copy of after you’ve tweaked it, so that you’ll be able to apply your changes after downloading updates in the future.




  1. ameridan said

    If you bring up your webpage using a shortcut on your desktop, as I often do now, rather than from within Money, you might wish to add the option of starting Money Plus (Sunset edition) from the webpage as well. If so, here are the instructions to do so:
    1. Using the right mouse button, drag the Money Plus shortcut from your Quick Launch Bar to the folder containing the htm and all of your Python scripts, and select copy.
    2. Substitute Line 39 of your htm file with (don’t paste directly into html editor as the < and > aren’t shown properly):

    <a href=”Money%20Plus.lnk”> <img border=”0″ src=”images\mnywaves.gif” width=”786″ height=”178″ alt=”Click here to start Microsoft Money”> </a>

    3. Save
    4. Now if you wish to start Money Plus, simply click on the Microsoft Money Offline logo, then Open.

  2. Richard said

    Are you still tracking this blog? I have Money 2001, and the quotes just stopped working. I have some ideas about how to work around the problem, but wanted to compare notes… Can you drop me an email?

  3. ameridan said

    I’m using the beta version of PocketSense and everything is working fine. I really like the combined OFX file download vs. many individual OFX files that had to each be acknowledged. Now the update experience feels very much like the Money updates of old through the Microsoft servers.

  4. Norm said

    Hi All,
    Anyone still using MONEY, as I am?

    A problem surfaced around Oct 1, 2012 with TD Bank. OFX suddenly stopped working and delivered an error message:

    “You don’t have permission to access “” on this server”

    Other OFX sites are still working including TD Ameritrade. TD Bank still shows a manual export of OFX on the WEB site, but the automatic OFX server seems unreachable. Anyone else have this issue?

  5. ameridan said


    I went to the most recent Moneydance OFX settings file using my links in the righthand column, and came up with this:

    “id” = “md:1373” “fi_name” = “TD Bank Online Banking” “fi_org” = “CommerceBank” “fi_id” = “1001” “bootstrap_url” = “” “uses_fi_tag” = “y” “app_id” = “QWIN” “app_ver” = “2100” “access_type” = “OFX” “dt_prof_updated” = “633877361592”

    which indicates to me that perhaps TD Bank now uses Commerce Bank, so try incorporating these changes into your settings.

  6. Tom said

    My access to Citibank via PocketSense has stopped. My login is being rejected, even though I can login into the site directly. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    For 4 years, I’ve successfully downloaded my credit-card transactions on a daily basis. Several time I’ve been able to catch duplicate charges from restaurants, and bad charges from stolen cc info. NO MORE.

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