SUNRIISE – Could a new International Java version of Money be far off?

UPDATE: Hung Le has a new build available as of 3/22/2011 that he is calling SUNRIISE available at

Just download one file and open up a renamed copy of your Money file (just to be safe), and explore your Money database.

Hung Le has developed another Java app that will output the contents of your encrypted MNY data file into plain text format, which then allows you to not only archive your data, but perform other post-processing tasks like creating additional customized reports yourself using external tools or adding your own data that currently is not part of the database that would be accessible via an external program.

In theory, this could someday lead to the way for a new program that could simulate or supplement Microsoft Money  using your existing data file.   I find this to be pretty exciting, but this isn’t yet for normal users – it’s mentioned here more for the programmer types that wish to push this further. Since the Ultrasoft Money program for Windows Mobile platform (and the Palm platform) interface so well with the Money data file already, the combined efforts could also lead the way into taking Money into the next generation.

🙂 I think I know what Hung has in mind for now though 🙂

Since there are fields / columns / data that are no longer updated with the OFFLINE feeds like they were with the Online updates, I’ll bet he wants to see if he can expose them and process the data extraneously with his Java app such that after the new data is written into the database, Money will then, in fact, display the missing data! Ingenious, I think, and if this isn’t what he has in mind, then let this trigger that train of thought.:)

Go to Hung’s Readme.txt  file in his MSISAM folder for more details.



  1. ameridan said

    Nice job Hung on the new packaging of SUNRIISE. I added an update to this blog page with a link for you and I think I’ll give it a go tonite. 🙂

  2. Robert said

    Great idea

  3. Hung Le said

    Quick update. I have not been able to spend much time on ‘sunriise’ but I do have codes in my workspace that will let user
    . modifying values in existing columns
    . add new row via duplicating an existing row. Blocking issue right now is how to deal with column that requires unique value (primary key).
    Hopefully, I will be able to do another build in a week or two.

  4. ameridan said

    Looking forward to your next build Hung! Being able to insert data and then see the results in Money, we’ll be able to start providing feedback for this project. Being that I have the H&B edition, there are more tables to play around with as well 🙂

    It’s nice to confirm the existence of 2 different investment symbols in the SEC table, for instance – the one the user inputs in Investment Settings (szSymbol) and the internal symbol presumably input from the OFX download after selecting the match (mUID).

    Wouldn’t it be great if by simply changing the fOLQuotes flag from “false” to “true”, the OFX quote would change from Update to Online and therefore be updateable?

  5. ameridan said

    Hung Le has published version 002 of Sunriise and it does have write capability. It’s time to start experimenting!

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like the ideal way to add the 2012 data to the Tax Tables as an example – by duplicating the 2011 line of data, and then making the necessary changes.

  6. Hung Le said

    An alternate method for updating the stock quotes’ price. Instead of creating an OFX file and import it into MSMoney, this method modifies the *.mny directly. This method opens up possibility to update other quote related values such as percent change, high, low …

  7. POM Developer said

    I tried using this but it looks like development has stalled. Any reason why?
    In the meantime, I have developed an app that also interfaces to the .mny file directly using another method. This means that quotes can be updated in real time as online quotes, without a dummy account, and quotes can be updated throughout the day unless and until Microsoft shuts this down for meddling with their system. Microsoft really should open up Money for development. The app is proprietary software, but if a few would like to test the software, I could arrange that. No warranty, you must agree to back up every day (a good idea anyway), give feedback, work through bugs, etc.

  8. ameridan said

    POM Developer,

    I would be very interested in testing your software. I have used Hung Le’s Sunriise tool to successfully alter data within the Money data file and would like to compare. I would be happy to create a blog entry dedicated to your app should it look promising as well.

    • Ameridan,

      You are welcome to test the software. General directions are on the wiki at

      Anyone else who would like to try can check out the new site, but please give Ameridan a few weeks to evaluate and update the software before we add more testers. All are welcome to participate in the brand new forums.

  9. ameridan said

    POM Developer,

    I did get your email dated 1/25, but although I’ve checked out the Wiki pages, I haven’t logged onto your site yet to download.

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