Preauthorization charges in Discover OFX downloads

I just read a comment from Anonymous (in the PocketSense Blog) regarding the appearance of $0.00 debits in his Discover downloads and

…wondering whether the scrubber could remove those.   My download interval for Discover transactions is 7 days, so if I delete those transactions in Money, they’ll predictably reappear the following day, so I’ve learned to wait about a week to delete those charges to “clean things up”.

   I googled this occurrence and noted that someone else wanted these transactions deleted in MoneyDance after they download their Discover OFX file, and apparently they can just right-click those 0.00 charges and merge it into another charge, rather than simply deleting it, thereby preventing its reoccurrence.   Perhaps we can do something similar in Money by choosing  the “Change” option to manually match it with another transaction – haven’t tried that yet though. The reason I bring this up for discussion, is that I remember sometime around Money 2006 level that Money started filtering these transactions out, and I was kinda upset since Discover used these $0.00 transactions as Reminder Notes to let you know when the next payment was due, when the 0.00% balance transfer rate was expiring,  etc. and I had incurred late fees after missing a couple of payments.   I am glad to see these transactions reappear now using PocketSense, even though I too delete them later on.  You’ll observe that if you make an online purchase using your Discover, you’ll probably see one of these Preauthorization charges in your OFX download the following day, and so these can also serve as a Credit Fraud monitor if you see these $0.00 charges when you know you haven’t made any purchases yourself.  So, in conclusion. if anyone does convince Bobby to add the deletion of these charges into the Discover scrubber, I hope he makes this optionable, as I prefer to see them show up.



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  1. ameridan said

    I guess it’s in the “to-do” list 🙂

    Robert stated: I could possibly add a routine to strip zero dollar transactions from credit card statements, and add a user option in sites.dat to enable/disable. Would that be of interest? I don’t think I would do the same with investment or bank accounts.

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