PocketSense appVER upgrade

 From Quicken’s site, I found the following:   On April 30, of each year, Quicken discontinues its support for any of its versions more than 2 years old. As of April 30, 2011, Quicken will no longer support Quicken 2008,  which implies that we may have to upgrade the default in PocketSense at that time since Quicken forces financial institutions to promote Quicken upgrades by not allowing “obsolete” versions to communicate with their servers.  

I’ve observed that Moneydance is already using version 1900 (Quicken 2011), rather than version 1700 (Quicken 2008) that we’ve been using, so I’m hoping some of you will help test this prior to my requesting that Bobby incorporate this into his next version of PocketSense.

[Update 12/26/2010 – Turns out that the default Quicken version is 1800, so the change isn’t so imminent.  I’ve manually changed the setting to 1900 in site_cfg.py and everything seems to be fine 🙂 ]

For further clarification on appVER, see my Blogpage on the subject.



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  1. Grant said

    Thank you for organising Pocket Sense. Just thought I should put in an observation. I moved from Money 2004 to the International version of Money 2005 (last International version so the upgrade was painless).
    Set up Pocketsense and it imported share prices like a dream.
    Now I have noticed that Money is importing the share prices directly from within the program. Dont know from where or how but it is. I dont have any other accounts set up for importing so cant comment on that aspect.

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