Microsoft is cutting the cord early on Yodlee feeds

There are quite a few Money users who have paid to extend their services through January 2011 that will be upset to learn that the data feeds through a 3rd -party (namely Yodlee) will be discontinued as of October 1st.  If you get the following message when you sign up for online services with your financial institution:

* This service is provided by a third party provider, not your financial institution. It is only available if you have Microsoft Money 2005 or later. You will need to use Microsoft .NET Passport in order to access your account information.
Your financial institution may offer an alternative means of downloading statements and transactions from their web site into Microsoft Money 2004 and earlier.

then you may want to check out one of the Offline solutions covered in this blog.

[UPDATE 2/13/2017]
I read a review on Personal Capital (I see Yodlee is still in business):

an online financial website and app that links all of your accounts to track your spending, investments, and net worth. You provide your login information, and they pull in the information for you automatically so you don’t have to type in your passwords every day on 7 different websites (similar to Mint). Investment-specific features include tracking portfolio performance, benchmarking, and asset allocation analysis.

and my response…

I still prefer to use Microsoft Money (a FREE, private desktop PC program) for  tracking my spending, investments, and net worth.  Used in conjunction with Pocketsense (also FREE and runs from your PC), which are a set of Python scripts that perform the same online functions, it pulls in the information from all of your accounts for you automatically from the same OFX servers on a daily basis, and no one else in the cloud sees your passwords or data.


  1. MoneyUserSince95 said

    If people paid for the use of the full functionality of the software until the end of January how can Microsoft legally be allowed to shut down some of the paid for services early? Aren’t they breaking contract?

  2. ameridan said

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they covered themselves somehow in the EULA, but i would agree with you. I’m glad I wasn’t depending on that service…

  3. HuskyBytes said

    Bank of America has notified customers on their website and a legend on my deposit account monthly statement that they will not be offering automatic updates to Microsoft Money users as of Oct-2010.

    my updates ceased in March but as long as I can grab the OFX and manually import transactions I was still happy.

    Not techy enough to follow your scripting though. Could someone make it a little easier? I’d like an app on my desktop I can just click on to run the script to update my stock quotes mostly!
    Thanks to the GEEKS for figuring this out!

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