Microsoft releases Sunset editions of Money Plus Deluxe and Money Plus Home & Business

Yesterday Microsoft has released the English Sunset edition of Money Plus Deluxe which is a replacement for Money Plus Standard, Deluxe, and Premium editions which shipped with digital rights management that required activation of the product.   Microsoft has also released the English Sunset edition of Money Plus Home & Business, and like the first Sunset edition, they are both essentially FREE legal copies of the latest updated OFFLINE versions of Microsoft Money Plus that you can download, even if you’ve never used Money before! Choose the latter version if you’d like to keep track of (and print) invoices as well as small business expenses.
Money 2007  had a couple of minor bugs that are fixed in Money Plus Deluxe and Sunset including:

  • being able to write to drives with more than 2 GB of space remaining
  • the setting for the number of scheduled backups to retain is honored
  • spinoffs are handled properly

This is from Money’s website:

Microsoft Money products since Money 2007 have utilized a digital rights management system which required users to activate their product at or shortly after setup. Now that the Microsoft Money product line is nearing the end of its supported lifecycle, the activation services will also be ending. To enable users the ability to continue to use Microsoft Money manually, (without online quotes or online banking services), Microsoft is releasing “Money Plus Deluxe Sunset”, and a “Money Plus Home and Business Sunset”. The Sunset [editions] do not require activation, and come preconfigured with no online services, thus allowing users access to their Microsoft Money data files.

The Sunset editions are what we’ve all been waiting for as they allow us the freedom to install the latest updated version of Money on future computers and hard-drives without the activation limitations, yet by using the OFX scripts, still be able to gather our account data and quotes OFFLINE as if we still had Online services enabled!  

If you are upgrading Money Plus to the Sunset edition, it will be hard to tell that the upgrade took place.   The best way to verify the upgrade is to look at the Version number as it will change from   to   

The opening screen can be very confusing as it asks for your email address, etc (WindowsLive ID), but by simply clicking on File (upper left corner area) and then opening your Money data file, you can bypass all the confusion and avoid messing up your file password

IMPORTANT NOTES: Before installing the Sunset edition:

  • Users should disable online access for all of their accounts in the existing Money data file and then SAVE and backup their data files [Account List->Manage Online Services. Click the account. Click Stop Using Online Services]. Data imports may not work as expected with accounts that are still configured for Online statements within Money and you may experience some weird Alert messages as well as ”Last Updated” column dates that will not update properly.
  • Users with LiveID (Passport) passwords should turn that off [File->Password Manager and remove (don’t attempt to change password here though) your Live ID]. If this does not go smoothly, disconnect from the internet, and log in offline and try again. Don’t forget to then SAVE and backup your data files. Users report that the Sunset edition does not allow online connections to be deleted, as the code to communicate with MSN servers has been purged.
  • Users should also disable online quote updates in the existing Money data file and then SAVE and backup their data files [turn off: Tools->Settings->Receive Account Updates From MSN Money MyAccounts], although this one is less critical since the Sunset version code has already disabled this service – but some users have noted some strange behaviors that disappear when accessing the sample.mny file.




  1. Marty McFly said

    It’s great they have released the US versions, but what about the rest of us using the International Versions?

  2. ameridan said

    I’ve read that a Japanese Sunset version will also be released, but haven’t heard of any others. Glyn Simpson has stated that the other international versions did not have the activation feature (my guess is they weren’t at the Money Plus level either, probably more like the 2005 level?), thereby eliminating the need to publish Sunset editions.

  3. Shari said

    Ameridan – HELP! My online services (Don’t use these much but have saved your blog) expire in 14 days-unless I reload my computer…which I can do but it’s a pain. I use this mainly for manual and the Blessed Cash Flow Forcast (If Quicken would just incorporate this I could switch!).
    I’m not very techie and am wondering if you can tell me when this is downloaded if I can restore a backup file into it thus importing my information or will I be building a new file in Sunset from scratch…having to add bank accounts, bills, deposits etc….? I keep complex books for my family and buisness and without this am math illiterate. I read something about it uninstalling the current version…if it does that and you restore a backup does it then re-install the non-sunset version and you’re back to ground zero?
    I could kill MS Money for doing this too me. My whole financial future could be lost if this doesn’t work or if “Sunset” buggy like I just read someone else said. HELP! I would be so greatful! Thank you!!!

  4. ameridan said


    Sorry for the delay; I just got back from a 2-week vacation so it will take me a bit to get to all the comments (and the 50 voicemails and 463 emails )

    If you are using a recent version of Money, you’re Sunset version will work perfectly with the .mny data file. I have not heard that the Sunset edition is “buggy” and tend to believe that to be false, since Microsoft really didn’t do much to the code – It is Money Plus with the online services and activation requirements turned off, and the update “patch” that you normally receive after installing and going online is already built in.

  5. ASP said

    I have used M Money 98 for many years. I love all it is capable of doing. I cannot get the MM Plus to convert old MM98 files.

    I’ve not found anything yet that matches the MM 98 program.

    I thought I would try this MM Plus but, am not sure if it is going to work. I may have to bronze my old CD of 98 since it is a valuable product. Newer and better ofen means smaller & more costly with many products.

  6. ameridan said


    Good question – but it has been answered many times on various forums. Read one of the most recent from the Microsoft Money Forum , where Cal explains that you need to convert the file into [the patched] Money 2005 format first.

  7. wm tanksley said

    I’d like to move in all my data from, an online service that offers OFX exports. But MS Money tells me that the OFX format is invalid, and I can’t figure out why.

    Has anyone figured this out?

  8. ameridan said

    I’d never heard of BUXFER.COM until now. I see that it offers both download and upload of OFX files in Money format, so I will be following this as it could be another means of replacing Money’s Online updates. It appears that the site is still running (started in 2006), but with little support as the co-authors now work for Facebook.

    Anyways, by using a text editor, you could try comparing an OFX file that does work with the BUXFOR OFX file to see if that site is perhaps “corrupting” the file.

  9. wm tanksley said

    Oh well… I get the same error message from Bank of America OFX files.

    I have absolutely no clue how to figure this out; the message is completely non-diagnostic, and I can’t find a working use case.

    Yeah, if I could import from Buxfer I’d have a HUGE amount of my financial data in MS Money, and there’d be a decent way of importing from some banks which would otherwise be harder to use.


  10. ASP said

    Well, I couldn’t convert Money 98 to MM 2005 but, I did get it open on 2004 … it gave a message up front to change my computer’s system date to 2003 or 4. Then it worked. Now I think I will try to get it onto mm plus. Just to get to the most up to date software. Plus, the 2004 is a 60 day trial version and won’t last for long.

  11. ameridan said

    Glad that worked for you. Hopefully you won’t need to go through the MM 2005 conversion next.

    MM Plus and Sunset are basically the same thing, so go for the Sunset, which is FREE, requires no activation and is NOT a trial version.

    • Michael said

      Just don’t make the mistake I did and install the trial version of Microsoft Money 2008 first. I found out about the Sunset edition later that same night, but the registry keys must be nearly identical. So now my sunset edition is set to expire in February. I’m uninstalling to see if it pulls the trial keys out of the registry. Hopefully a reinstall will be clean enough to get past the trial issue.

      I was trying to upgrade to Quicken 2011 since Microsoft is ending support, although I would prefer to stay with Money. Quicken requires Money Plus 2007 or 2008, and I was running Money Small Business 2006. Unfortunately my bank no longer supports the MS Money format, and reverting back to entering transactions by hand would be greatly unpleasant.

  12. Sharon said

    I just bought a new computer with Windows 7. I installed my Money 2005 software. I am now trying to open my Money file. It will not open. Is there a compatibility issue with Money 2005 and Windows 7?
    Should I try to download the Sunset version of Money? Will my file created in Money 2005 be compatible with the Sunset version?

    • ameridan said

      (I made the correction you noted in your comment)

      Money 2005 is the only version that won’t open your same-version data file out of the box after a new install, and after the Money servers go OFFLINE, there are going to be a lot of upset users that won’t be able to open their files (unless Microsoft decides to provide a solution). Cal Learner explains the solution well here, but I’ll quote the jist of it…

      Find the sample.mny file in your install folder. That may be
      “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money 2005”. Right-click the Money start
      icon and select RunAsAdministrator. Open Money by right-clicking the Money launch icon, and choosing RunAsAdministrator. Leave it open for a few minutes to let updates occur. Your data file is unreadable until this update occurs. Close Money, and reboot the computer. Open Money. Your version should then be updated. Then open Money and check that Help->About…
      says you then have version

      Only then, open your existing *.mny file. It should work as you remember.

      To answer your other questions, if you are a U.S. user of Money, yes, I would upgrade to the Sunset edition, but save an extra copy of your existing Money file on the side (flash drive, etc) anyways. and yes, the file will be compatible, as long as the file was saved with the “patched” Money 2005.

  13. ameridan said

    I’ve noted a great post by Dick Watson today regarding upgrading from Money 98 to Money + Sunset, and thought I would share it here as well. Please note though that after Jan 2011, this may not work if the servers aren’t available to patch Money 2005.

    1) Install the M05 trial on your old machine. IF (I’m not sure whether the cutoff for the upgrades from as far back as M98 was M04 or M05) this will upgrade your M98 file then: This installation should sense your M98 install and offer to upgrade your data file. I’d probably tell it that you don’t want to upgrade, then create a new file, then do a Money Internet Update to get the M05 patches installed. I say this be cause the original shipping M05 was REALLY FLAKY. That having been said, the trial download may already be updated with the M05 patch (the first M05 was THAT bad). IF you install the M05 trial, look in Help|About and find a version that doesn’t end in .1105, then it is NOT the patched version.

    2) Then use the updated M05 to open your M98 data file. It will go through the upgrade process, creating an .MN8 (if I just figured it out right) file that is just your M98 version .MNY file renamed and a new, M05 version, .MNY file.

    3) Download and install Money Sunset on your new machine.

    4) Copy the .MNY file from step 2 to the new machine. Put it in your Documents folder. DO NOT put it in the Money install folder (c:\program files\…).

    5) Double click on the .MNY file you just put in your Documents folder. Money Plus Sunset should take matters from there with another file version upgrade and so forth.

    General comment: In general, this SHOULD work. In specific, you are taking a data file that has a LOT of use/time on it and trying to jump a LOT of versions all at once. There are probably lots of ways this could go wrong or run into problems. I would be very careful to CROSS-CHECK and VALIDATE operability, balances, transaction integrity and so forth in the M+ end result before abandoning the old file/machine/version. Run through your workflows. Balance a month of statements. Try lots of reports for all accounts/all transactions. And so on.

    Becasue this is such a leap, I’d consider installing the M05 for the intermediate upgrade on the NEW MACHINE and leave the old machine as much alone as possible. This preserves your fallback plan. Just in case, make several copies of your data file before the intermediate steps and during the intermediate steps. (On the new machine, the M+ Sunset installation should even offer to uninstall the M05, IIRC.)

    All that having been said, I’d reccomend you do attempt this. I think you are better off in the long haul on M+ Sunset if you can get there. Lots of things will need work–for instance, the scheduled bills model changed a lot between M98 and M+. But the result will be worth it.

    Sharon, I just realized that you are probably the same Sharon that Cal & Dick are helping in the Microsoft Money Forum. Glad to see you got it all working. The links in these comments should help others in a similiar situation, atleast for another month 🙂

    • Mike said

      Would this work if your Money 98 is not a US ver and is an internation ver?

  14. ameridan said


    You wouldn’t be able to use your current Money file, so just keep a copy of it around for some future need, understanding that you’d have to go through a few iterations to export your data into Sunset compatibilty. Money 98 doesn’t have an activation issue, but understand that the Offline scripts probably won’t work with that old version.

  15. B.L. said

    I am thinking of installing MS Money Plus Sunset Deluxe on my computer. I have been using an old version of Quicken. Can my data be transfered from Quicken to MSMPSD or would I have to re-enter it all?

  16. ameridan said

    An excellent resource on importing / exporting is at

    Essentially, if you are able to export your Quicken data into QIF files for each of your accounts, then simply import them all into Money as a group (not individually). Also make sure that any closed accounts have been “unclosed” prior to exporting.

    • B.L. said

      Thank you for your help… it worked.

  17. ameridan said

    Anyone using Money Sunset editions with Windows 8 is advised to review this article…

    Regarding the OFX import issue with Windows 8 is this note from that article:

    If you download statements (OFX and QIF) from your bank and do not have Microsoft KB2756872, you will see crashes on import. This patch should automatically download from Microsoft on first installation of Windows, so for most people, will not be an issue. If you’ve upgraded and started running Money and see this, close Money, update Windows and reboot your machine.

  18. Bud said

    Which is better the “Home and Bussiness” or the “delux” version. I Love the Original Program but don’t have it on this computer and don’t know which to use.

  19. Abdullah said

    Hi Ameridan (HELP!!!).

    I am a little bit confused right now.
    There are two versions under Microsoft Sunset :

    1. Microsoft Plus Sunset deluxe &
    2. Microsoft Plus Sunset Home and Business.

    Can you please tell me what is the difference between the two, because I really don’t know which software to go for and what’s the difference between them.

    • ameridan said

      If you don’t have a small business and don’t need to keep track of separate business expenses for Schedule C, print invoices, keep a database on products, customers, suppliers, etc, just use the Deluxe version. You can always install the Home and Business version at a later date and use your same data file, should you decide to start a small business.

  20. Abdullah said

    thanx ameridan!

    actually i am a university student and I needed a software to keep up with my expenses and “stuff”…. guess its just the deluxe version for me! Thanx!

    P.S – do u have any social networking? I’m just asking, u dont need to if u dont want to.

  21. Bob said

    In continuation to “Abdullah”, does this work properly on Windows 8?

    • ameridan said

      Yes, both 32-bit and 64-bit Win8. Just be sure to install with Administrator privileges and keep the data file in your Documents folder (not the Program Files area).

  22. gun schwarz said

    I have sucessfully downloaded and installed “GetOfxData7(1) and added it to my Favorites. All works beautiful and all quotes is up to date.
    (I am using Money 06 Deluxe and pocketsense. However when I try to import the data into my portfolio I get the error message: This program cannot display the webpage.
    I’ve been using Pocketsense since the beginning and never noticed that it didn’t update the quotes till Microsoft stopped this service on July 1.
    so it looks like one of my Pocketsense files must be corrupted, am I correct?

  23. ameridan said

    1) I noticed you asked about the invalid website on Robert’s site with the additional information:

    The diagnostic tool shows the following:
    “The website you are trying to reach doesn’t appear to be valid
    “file:///C:/Users/Gun/Documents/Money-Scripts/ofxpy_pocketsense/” appears to be an invalid address.”

    I noticed the address is very much different than what I typed, forward slashes etc.

    That is exactly how the file address should appear in your browser, so unfortunately something like your browser security settings is preventing you from proceeding. There are others that had that issue as well.

    2) I doubt that a file is corrupted, but rather that the symbols or CUSIPs are different between MSN and Yahoo. Go to Yahoo manually and look up your various investments to verify you are using the correct symbols, that the investments in your Dummy account reflect those, and then you have to match those to your investments in your real accounts that you state aren’t reflecting the updated quotes. Also realize that only the first quote download of the day will be reflected in Money using Pocketsense.

    Robert also further clarified Yahoo quotes today on his blog:

    There seems to be a lot of interest in quotes lately, so I’m assuming Microsoft finally pulled the plug on their quote engine. To clarify for everyone, the PocketSense quote feature should be capable of updating any stock/fund that is actively listed on a US stock exchange. The package currently uses the free Yahoo quote API, which provides support for stocks/funds on the US exchanges. The Yahoo Finance site (the web portal / html version) provides quotes for a broader range of exchanges, but they do not support those through the quote API.

    • gun schwarz said

      I am getting closer to solve my problems.
      1) Pocketsense (I hope you allow me to answer in your blog since you were kind enough to address my problems). The quotes were downloading correctly all along (I checked the imported quote file) but never imported into the “portfolio”, come to find out I didn’t have the dummy account were all my quotes are listed in my favorites. Since I added this account to favorites all quotes show correctly in my portfolio. Of course I never noticed this till July 1 when MS server stopped doing this for me.

      2) as to “Money offline” when I open “Favorites/GetOfxData7(1) all quotes show correctly, but will not download into the portfolio because of the previous mentioned error message. I can live with that since I got it somewhat to work.
      One more thing, since July 1 the “change in price” is not calculated anymore it stayes at “unchanged” forever, I know you have it figured in % but I prefer Dollars and Cents.
      Thanks for listening

  24. ameridan said


    I think I remember you saying somewhere you weren’t a techie, so I hesitate to answer your change request 🙂

    I am not the author of Pocketsense either, but here goes…

    If you look at line 95 in, you’ll see that the last variable is “p2”, which correlates to Percent Change per the table of options and perhaps that should really be changed to “c0” or “k2”. Anyways it sounds like you would rather see Change rather than % Change, and it looks like that is variable “c1”.

    Try changing it (after saving a backup copy of and it you like it, you’ll then have to change the header of the table to reflect that in the subroutine that generates the htm file.

    I am not going to attempt it myself, but perhaps this will give someone else an idea to take it on if you aren’t comfortable doing it.

    • gun schwarz said

      finally got around to change the
      I followed your suggestion and all quotes now show change in $ & cents
      I still have not figured out how to change the header for the last column

  25. gun schwarz said

    How come, when I run the Pocketsense “quotes.htm” the data that shows is frozen at a certain date and does not change, but when I run “GetOfxData.htm all data shows as current and changes every day.

  26. ameridan said

    Gun, I’m not sure I understand the question because you don’t “run” quotes.htm – it just reflects the data generated when the quotes portion of Pocketsense is executed. GetOfxData..htm simply provides shortcuts to Pocketsense as well as displays quotes.htm so you “run” Pocketsense when you click on one of the provided shortcuts.

  27. ameridan said


    I found where the quote.htm header is controlled. Go to and you’ll see on lines 100 and 101 where you can make your changes.

    You can also edit the comment font size on line 60 (I prefer 10 vs. 13) and the font size of the quote data on line 67 (I prefer 14px vs 16 px) to match the fonts in my offline webpage.


    • gun schwarz said

      where do you find the line numbers?
      I am using the python editor and it doesn’t show numbers.

  28. ameridan said

    Look in the lower right corner of the editor.

  29. El Longwell said

    if you are still answering questions about this it will be very helpful! i just downloaded the Sunset version but two of my scheduled payments, Mortgage and car payment, did not transfer correctly. when i attempt to enter the transaction in the register, i get a box that says add a payment and its enters it as an additional payment instead of the scheduled payment. Is there any way I can fix this?

    • ameridan said

      I would delete those two transactions and then go into your mortgage and car payments in the Bills Summary page and enter them there.

  30. El Longwell said

    I did not enter the transactions. What I did was go in and say I wanted them to be entered automatically on the current date. When I closed and reopened the program, the payment was made correctly and I changed it back so I will have the reminder come up again. I can do that each month but it is a pain. What I would like to do is fix it so that they will come up on the bill summary page as “Record Payment” rather than an “Add Transaction”. Is there any way to do that?

  31. ameridan said

    It sounds like you are not taking advantage of RECURRING bills when setting up your payments, but by right-clicking on a bill that has already been entered, select “Make Recurring” and check that frequency is set to Monthly, hit OK and you should be all set.

  32. El Longwell said

    It was recurring and set for monthly all along.

    • ameridan said

      Sorry El, I guess I’m not comprehending your question. Since Money is offline, you should have all online activity deactivated in your settings, so Record Payment really shouldn’t be an option. What I usually do is click on the option to enter the transaction 3 days early and that way it shows up as an unreconciled transaction that can be matched up to downloaded transactions in the reconciliation process.

  33. Zoltan said

    I downloaded/installed the Money Plus from the link in Pocketsense. I created a dummy account/file in Money. I run Getdata and chose to upload to Money. Money opens and Import Complete comes up. I click OK and under Banking the Review investments holdings appears with updated quotes. I click finish to end reconciliation. When I click on Investment portfolio manager there is nothing listed. Do I now need to enter manually the quotes? This would be a lot of work to to everyday.

  34. Brian Wimberly said

    I am running Money on a WinXP machine that is too old to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. With WinXP about to expire (in terms of security updates), I am now trying to decide whether to just unplug this old machine from the internet, or whether I might be able to use Money with WINE in a linux environment. It seems that Money does not in general work perfectly under WINE in linux — cf

    Any thoughts out there?

    • ameridan said

      In my opinion, I would keep the old XP machine on the internet, but only use Python scripts to run Pocketsense and refrain from any other browser activity.

    • Rather than use WINE, I’d try VirtualBox (or some other VM, but that one’s free). I CERTAINLY wouldn’t leave the machine on the Internet except for VERY briefly — ideally you’d download the data from your main non-XP machine so it’s NEVER on the Internet.
      There _will_ be unpatched remote exploits and portscanners that take advantage of them.

  35. gunther schwarz said

    I’ve been using “Pocket Sense for a few years now, but my Money Pro
    Sunset program got corrupted when I cleaned up my hard drive.with “CCleaner”. I think my older Money 2006 that still resides on the hard drive got mixed up with the Sunset edition.
    Would it be ok to just uninstall both Money programs and re-install Money Plus Sunset? I have backup files.

    • ameridan said

      Yes, that is probably the best method to repair. Uninstalling won’t touch your data files, but make copies anyways of your mbf and mny files.

    • gunther schwarz said

      Thanks for the prompt reply, one more question:
      What’s the difference between mny and mbf file?
      I have 1 mny file several months old at 24000 kb
      the recent backup files (mbf) are only around 4000 kb.
      Does that mean not all my data is being backed up?

  36. ameridan said

    Yes – the backup files are compressed.

  37. Chris said

    I have figured out a way to fix the problem when Money stops showing the Cash Flow screen. If you have the same problem you might want to try what I did to fix it.

    Its crude and brutal and not for the faint hearted, but its got my Cash Flow back working. I have encountered the problem three times now and found the help provided by MS not much help at all.

    To be fair though, the problem has not reoccurred since upgrading to the sunset version. It must have been a bug they fixed in that release (although the still left a few for us).

    In the Category Table I use the main categories as headings and record all my data against sub-categories. My problem with the Cash Flow each time stemmed from a corrupt sub-category in the Category Table and where it was used in the Account Registry. I had to find it and delete it in both places. (a couple of nicely worded error messages would help rather than just not displaying it, but that is another story).

    Here is how if you’re interested.

    Take a few copies of your money file and work only in your copies. Open up one of your copies, pick a category and delete it. (I said it was brutal, but remember its only a copy). The last one you created is a good place to start if you can remember which one it was of course. (I just took the blank category that Money offers when you are prompted with each delete).

    After each time you delete a category, try the Cash Flow to see if it now works. If not progressively work your way through the Category Table deleting and testing the Cash Flow each time. When it starts to work, note the category last deleted.

    Now go back into one of your untouched copies and knowing the corrupt category, start deleting its sub-categories testing the Cash Flow each time as you did before. When it starts working you now know from the last sub-category deleted where the problem is. (of course you can just start deleting sub-categories in the first place, but I found it was quicker to start with main categories and work down).

    In your original file you can then decide what to do. I found that just creating a new sub-category and delete/merge the corrupt one was enough, but one time it didn’t work and I had to manually amend every record in the Account Register. It was painful, but being a self funded retiree with an irregular income, I cannot live without the Cash Flow so it was worth the effort.

    Remember you have to actually delete the corrupt sub-category from both the Category Table and where it is used in the Account Register, just modifying it is not enough.

    Good luck and let me know if it was a help (or perhaps a better way to find the problem)

  38. sbkaren said

    I’ve lost all my wav files for Money. Does anyone know how to retrieve them anywhere? I’ve looked and looked on the Internet, but I can’t seem to find anything about the sound/wav files for Money.

    • ameridan said

      Probably best to just reinstall Money.

    • sbkaren said

      I actually did a little searching today and found my original CD for Money, but when I went to install (I have Money 2004) it said I have a newer version on my computer (I think I already downloaded the ‘sunset’ version. Anyway, I opened the CD and copied all the wav files into a new folder, then found a list online for all the assignments and reconfigured that in my sound folder. So, I have all the wav files. If anyone would like them and can guide me how to upload them online, I’d be happy to do so. I missed my sounds! I’m pretty tech savvy but not used to uploading wav files, or where to put them!

  39. ameridan said

    As i stated previously, just reinstall Sunset Money and the sound files should reinstall and reset the Sound settings to the defaults. Even if you knew the destination folder for the files, installing them manually won’t activate the sounds.

  40. TwoKidsTaxi said

    If I buy an old version of Microsoft 2007, will it be able to open my file currently saved in Microsoft Sunset format? I’d like to delete Sunset because I’ve had memory issues ever since I installed it, and it says it takes up 100GB on my computer.

    • ameridan said

      No, Money 2007 is version 16, and Money Plus & Sunset are version 17. Money Sunset H&B (which is a larger program than Deluxe) takes up 55 MB on my PC and that’s with quite a large data file, so perhaps you might uninstall and try again.

    • TwoKidsTaxi said

      Thanks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. It still takes up 100 GB, which is almost half of my entire memory on my laptop (220 GB). My next largest program is MS Office, which is only 325 MB, so 100 GB is just crazy!

  41. Mike said

    HELP!! I apologize in advance … not much of a techie, but I can modify the Regedit, if need be.
    Other than, here is my problem. Been running Money for years. Other than a hardware issue a couple of years ago, no problems. I DO NOT do any of the online downloading of information and reports – I just use it to help keep track of everything in one place.
    We just got Windows 10 over the weekend. Last night was the first time I sat down to deal with our finances. Couldn’t run Money – “Need IE 6 to run”. Apparently no more Explorer; I got the Edge
    I found Money Sunset – it wants me to delete previous versions of Money. In fear of losing data, I considered Quicken, then found your Blog. Modified the Regedit accordingly (this is when I found I didn’t have IE.) Tried to download Explorer. Won’t run on my system.
    At a loss as to what to do. If I delete the old Money, will I lose the data?
    Suggestions? (Sorry, but Pythons and Javascripts will be beyond me.)
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Mike said

      As a follow-up … I made sure I saved the data, I think.
      It still won’t run without IE, and I can’t get IE to work on Windows 10.
      Any suggestions?

  42. ameridan said

    You’ll find solutions to you Money issues in my most recent blog entry

  43. Sue said

    Please help. I need to install Money on a Windows 10 laptop, but when I try to install it always says “The AUTORUN.INF file is missing or corrupt.” Any ideas?

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