Online updates for PNC Bank customers

In November and February, 2.9 million customers and 560 branches of National City were converted to PNC Bank throughout western Pennsylvania, Youngstown, central and southern Ohio, the entire state of Kentucky, southern Indiana and Florida.   Another 1.5 million customers and signs at some 420 branches, including more than 235 in Michigan, were converted last week as part of the biggest acquisition in the bank’s 157-year history.

Although National City offered online updates via Direct Connect for Microsoft Money, PNC doesn’t provide this service without going through a third-party (Yodlee) which requires a Microsoft Live sign-on, so I’m happy to report that the Python OFX scripts work great with PNC Bank to return the online update function to Microsoft Money users.


If you had a Checking account at National City, you should have automatically received a Quicken enrollment kit in the mail, which contains the information needed to setup your account.  First of all, setup your site data…

    SiteName : PNC
    AcctType : BASTMT
    fiorg : ISC
    fid  : 4501
    url  :
    bankid : 041000124
    brokerid :
    appid :
    appver :
    mininterval :

Then you need to add your account information in the setup script using your account number, your userID  identified in the kit, and your password – which is the PIN number identified in a subsequent mailing.   What I found very confusing (until a very patient and friendly customer service rep gave me the clues needed to rectify the resultant errors):

  1. If you sign up for Online Banking on the PNC website, the username and password changes that are required do not affect your OFX access account setup, just your web access.
  2. The statement:   “During initial sign on you will be required to change your PIN number”.   This might lead you to believe that the changes made for web access are relevant to these scripts, but they are not; perhaps the PIN number change is applicable if you are actually using Quicken, but you won’t be changing your PIN for OFX downloads via these scripts.




  1. Victor said

    I was a National City customer and although I did not get a Quicken Enrollement kit, I have been able to download my account information from PNC by adding those accounts using Money. However the transaction descriptions are not complete and Money does not appear to be able to categories or assign the appropriate Payee name like it used to. If I set up the Python OFX Scripts like you describe, will the downloaded transaction descriptions be complete and will Money then be able to assign them properly again? Thanks

  2. ameridan said

    You must not have a checking account if you didn’t get a “kit” (just a one-page letter). Payee names are always complete, so perhaps check your “preferred payees names” matching criteria.

    As to categories, Money pretty much just uses the categories used from the most recent previous transaction for that payee, or else guesses the most obvious category based on the payee name.

    All that being said, I do have better luck with the OFX downloads than I did with Money’s Online updates. For instance, I never saw my Discover Cashback award transactions with Online updates, as Money would automatically “filter” these out.

  3. PNC Customer said

    I was “switched” from NC to PNC. PNC doesn’t recognize transactions already entered, descriptions are in the worng field, and i have to log in again to download to money even though I just logged in to get to the screen where you download from. Huge CLuster Foxtrot. May bail on PNC and my $$ elsewhere.

    • ameridan said

      I haven’t tried downloading from PNC’s website, because the scripted downloads from the OFX server work perfectly. Try it out…

  4. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information!

  5. Ken said

    I recently opened an account in Illinois with PNC. It’s their Virtual Wallet account that is actually 3 separate accounts (Spend, Reserve and Growth – checking, reserve and savings). I’ve tried to set up the Spend (checking) account for downloading and although I use the institution data given above (substituting my ABA code for the bank ID) I’m getting error messages. Has anyone successfully set up any of these accounts with PocketSense? I can always download the QFX files from their website but PocketSense would be easier.

    I was never given the opportunity to sign up for a Quicken password so have been using the website login ID and password. Is that my problem?


  6. ameridan said

    All you had to do is google “PNC Quicken Enrollment” and the first choice is your link 🙂 to sign up for the Enrollment Kit. As I said in the blog, the web credentials are seperate from the OFX script credentials.

    • Ken said

      I had actually looked for that PNC Quicken Enrollment link on their website but couldn’t find it. So I contacted PNC to ask why it wasn’t there. So that others will have this info in the future here’s what they replied:

      ” Please note Direct Connect with Quicken is not available with the Virtual Wallet as it is considered a financial software itself.
      Please know that you are able to export the most recent two statement cycles of transactions within the Posted Transactions section of Online Banking.”

      They may consider it financial software but it’s basically crap. They offered me a $150.00 bonus to open the account and after the minimum period expires I’m going to close it. One of the worst designed banking websites I’ve used.

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