Online updates for Bank of America customers

Bank of America (BOA) is another financial institution that requires going through a third-party (Yodlee) and signing on to Money with a Microsoft Live sign-on (which I’ve always refused to do after hearing of the many issues that some users have experienced).

Now that the OFX scripts work so well, I need to decide on opening up a free checking account at Bank of America, which I understand will then entitle me to daily access to my BOA credit card data via OFX, rather than waiting for a monthly statement download on their website.   Once I verify that I won’t be charged a monthly fee for this capability, I may just do that.  

 According to my research, the site data for BOA Credit Cards…

    SiteName : BOA
    AcctType : CCSTMT
    fid  : 6812
    fiorg : HAN
    url  :
    bankid :
    brokerid :
    appid :
    appver :
    mininterval :

After calling BOA customer service and “Enabling Quicken Direct Connect”, you are supposed to then be able to add your account information in the setup script using your account number, your web access userID  and password for access to all of your BOA account(s) transactions.




  1. A D Tracey said

    Well, my Money license expired 3-26-10 so I wondered what would happen and waited before purchasing Quicken for $10 off! LOL

    I can go to Bank of America and download Checking & Savings to .QIF format and import the transactions fine. However, the Credit Card does not even provide a download daily, just the monthly statement so although you can see your transactions you cannot import them until the end of the cycle.

    It is a few more keystrokes than clicking on Update NOW, but not earth shattering. Not sure what will happen down the road.
    Investment prices do NOT update so I’m doing that monthly manually. If I want to go to the BAnk of America website they provide a ‘My Portfolio’ where you can see a picture of any accounts you add from banking, investments, loans. Happy with that and don’t really need all the features MSMny provided daily. Not a techy geek but consumer end user.

  2. ameridan said

    The option to import from website downloads is always available (from most but not all financial institutions). This post had more to do with scripted OFX downloads that preclude you from having to visit the website(s) and behave more like the ONLINE Microsoft Money that many of us are used to.

    By the way AD Tracey, select Money download format rather than QIF format, and you won’t have to worry about date range and replicated transactions 🙂

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