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Because of all the variabilities in users OS and file property settings, I‘d like to come up with a python script that could mate with PocketSense that would actually create the webpage addin for Money.   This would compensate for those variabilities and would eliminate the need for any editing.

Another thought I had that I’d like to hear from others as to whether it would be worth developing (the same Python script that would create the webpage could also do this) – All of the stocks and funds that are listed in sites.dat could show up on this same webpage as url links to Yahoo! Finance, so that users could click for news, charts, etc on each investment, like they can with MSN Online thru Money currently.

For instance, Ford stock would show up as: 

      F  (the hyperlink is http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=F )

Using Bobby’s sites.template as an example:

    #--- indexes ---
    ^DJI       #Dow Jones Industrial Avg.
    ^GSPC      #S&P 500 and
    ^IXIC      #NASDAQ Composite

    #--- stocks ---
    GOOG       #Google
    YHOO       #Yahoo!

    #--- Currencies ---
    EURUSD=X   #for Euro to US Dollar
    USDJPY=X   #for USD to Japanese Yen

    MBFIX      #Wells Fargo total return bond I
    AGTHX      #Growth Fund of America


[UPDATE 3/31/2010]  I’ve just about got the webpage V2 coding done.   Updates include:

  • it’s own html style section to control font, colors, layout, etc.
  • it will be centered  in the Money screen rather than along the left side
  • a section for all of the <stocks> + <funds> listed in your sites.dat file
  • investments that you’d like links to but don’t get quotes on (thru the quotes script; perhaps they are quoted via your brokerage instead) can be added to a new <more> section in your sites.dat file that doesn’t interfere with the scripts
  • I’ve tweaked the investment links so that the Yahoo! screens will open up in their own browser screen, rather than within Money – to insure that any Java, popups or the scrolling ticker, etc. won’t mess up Money.
  • Insure that Yahoo! Finance is acknowledged as the source of the financial data – Thank you Yahoo! for surpassing MSN Money with quoting capabilities!

Bobby has gratiously offered to assist me with the scripting portion that will hopefully create the webpage based on the user’s OS, file property settings and add it into Money’s special Favorites section – I think it was the same section that MSN used to add links to:  …\Favorites\Financial Links

Any additional feedback?

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  1. ameridan said

    The first OTHER response I got on the first Poll:

    I just point to the getdata-shortcut in the Money address bar.

    Not sure who the author was, but thanks for your submission – a very simple, yet effective solution that I hadn’t even considered, especially considering that normally you don’t need to access setup and a read-only copy of sites.dat from within Money.

    I still think it’s cool to have an OFFLINE screen in the Money program that allows access to everything that used to channel through MSN servers though.

  2. ameridan said


    Thank you to those that have responded to the Polls. I have used the feedback in the design of V2 (version #2) of the webpage. For those wondering when it is going to be published, I’m holding off as Bobby intends to modify PocketSense such that when it produces quotes.ofx it will also produce an html file with quote data and links to the Yahoo! Finance page for each investment. (Thanks to Ray who gave the idea to Bobby).

    My webpage will display that page in addition to a GUI to the scripts.

  3. Brian said

    Did you ever release v2?

    • ameridan said

      No I haven’t as it was dependent on a new version of PocketSense that generates a htm file. Bobby keeps promising that the new version is close, but that time constraints keep him from finishing the project. If he ever decides that he won’t go in that direction, then I’ll take it from there, but that is why I’ve been holding off.

  4. Ken said

    Now that it’s getting down to the wire with Money downloads going away I wondered if Bobby has moved forward? I know this is a labor of love rather than a necessity but just thought I’d check in and see if any progress has been made. I’ve been waiting before downloading and finally just went ahead with Version 1. There’s some glitch where it’s not working correctly that I need to troubleshoot (Win 7 w/ IE 9) and will give it a little more time before committing. Thanks for all your efforts!


  5. ameridan said


    I think he’s getting close as Bobby stated today…

    As for the web page, there will be one in the next release (finally). Also, if you enable the option in sites.dat, a quote history csv file is created in the xfr directory, which stores every download. I don’t use it, but someone wanted the feature.

  6. Nore said

    Does this method require setting up of a dummy account to receive these imports or does it just update the prices of whtever investments already exist in different accounts like MM used to do itself?

  7. ameridan said


    You should still create a dummy account to link to the quote feed to insure that your real portfolio investment quantities won’t be altered.

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