Mutual fund quotes ~ open-ended vs. closed-end funds (like ETFs)

I noted a blog entry from Marilyn & Bob  that seems to point in the direction of requesting closed-end mutual funds like ETFs (which are really more like stocks) in the [stocks] section of Bobby’s sites.dat file or TFB’s file rather than the [funds] section.

Robert  pointed out that extra OFX code (“MFTYPE = OPENEND”) is added to mutual fund quotes (so that Money recognises them as such) and this might not mix well during the import crossover into your brokerage accounts for closed-end funds.  

Everyone needs to realize that the OFX Python Quote scripts are taking real quote data and wrapping that data with created OFX parameters so that Money recognises it as an OFX file to import.  Therefore, as we discover little quirks (if there are any 🙂 ), we’ll need to document them (feel free to use this blog if you wish) so that the scripts can be tweaked if necessary.

I hope this proves useful to some of my Blog readers 🙂



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