Java app(s) to update quotes

[UPDATED link  1/20/2011 – the author (Hung Le) updated the Java app and the link now points to the updated version.  This is an ideal alternative for those that only need to update quotes (no Account Statement updates) and don’t wish to install Python scripting]

The first comment I received on my new Blog site is from Hung Le and he offers a Java app (hleOfxQuotes) he wrote to obtain quotes from Yahoo! and output them into an OFX file for import into Money.   If you already have Java installed, download the latest Release version of the app , save it on your PC, and just click on it.   

The program is easy to use and works great!   The first time you import the file,  just link it to a Dummy Investment Account you can create on the spot (don’t link it to a real account, since the download shows you own zero (0) shares of each so as to not have any effect on your net worth).  If you mess this up, see this Blog Page to fix the linked account.


  1. The other accounts that actually contain these stocks and funds will automatically update, but you will not see a daily change value as you do with online updates.
  2. The first download update of the day takes hold for that date, so run this after 6 or 7 pm EST if you’d like the quotes to be “closing bell” values, especially regarding mutual funds (stock values don’t have to be computed).
  3. If you’d like currency exchange rates (although they work a little differently than the MSN method) or Market indexes, the method I’ve discovered and blogged here works with this app too!
  4. [added 2/4/2011] Apparently the newer test version(s) also work for Options and foreign exchange investments (see comments below for more)
  5. If you’d like quotes from other non-USA exchanges and other countries, the method I’ve discovered and blogged here works with this app too!
  6. Keep in mind though that the Yahoo interface is a “work around” intended solely for tracking things that aren’t held in an OFX-enabled account.  If your investments are held in accounts for which you have an OFX download option, that may be the prefered method.

Thank you Hung Le!


For those of you that are curious as what an OFX file looks like, I’m publishing the file generated with the hleOfxQuotes app requesting quotes for Ford stock and the Dow Jones Avg this evening:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <MESSAGE>Successful Sign On</MESSAGE>
          <BROKERID> ofx quotes updater</BROKERID>
              <MEMO>Price as of date based on closing price</MEMO>
              <MEMO>Price as of date based on closing price</MEMO>
          <MEMO>Price as of date based on closing price</MEMO>
          <SECNAME>Dow Jones Industr</SECNAME>
          <MEMO>Price as of date based on closing price</MEMO>

[UPDATED 1/29/2011] There are also beta test versions  posted on Hung Le’s site as well, for those wishing to experiment further, that support two additional quote sources: and Google Finance Portfolio. Hopefully, those will give our UK/Canada users additional sources for their quotes. He has also added a new mapper.csv function. Please read the Help files (Readme.txt) carefully.

In your current working dirctory, create a file named mapper.csv. It is a comma-separated-value, you can use Excel to create it but remember to save as CSV file.

mapper.csv MUST have the following header (case-sensitive, make sure spelling is correct)

Add row as needed
. First column: the symbol for a stock/fund in your MS Money
. Second column: the symbol that can be find in your quote source
. Third column: true if is a mutual fund

Let’s say your’s results.csv has price info for BBT:NYQ. But in MS Money the same stock has symbol BBT and this is a
stock, you would add row

Your results.csv use BBT:NYQ (QuotesSourceSymbol)
The generated *.ofx SHOULD have BBT (MSMoneySymbol)

added by ameridan from Hung Le’s comment 1/31  on Microsoft Money forum:
For currency issue: currently I do write out the OFX currency tag per security but I have no clue if MM will honor it



I set CURRATE to 1.00 right now but I have code to look up the exchange rate (using the pseudo-symbol USDGBP) but I have not put the code in yet because I did not want to muddle the water right now for the UK folks who are still having problem getting MM2005UK to update the price. Obviously, we can also convert from GBP -> USD before writing to *.ofx.

I want to give Google Porfolio a plug here regarding how it handles currency. For Google Portfolio, you can set the porfolio base currency and Google will report the position market value in BOTH: “native” currency and portfolio based currency. For example, let say I set my base currency to GBP and have a position of AAPL, Google will report market value in both USD and GBP. So that will take of currency conversion outside OFX generation tool. Currently hleOfxQuotes.jar can fetch data from Google Portfolio and will:

1. preserve shared count (instead of using 0 count) // this is mostly to see if it will help the UK folks

2. using “native” currency // since I don’t know how multi-currency actually works in MM

But it is fairly easy to add a couple check boxes to let user choose what he/she wants.

FYI, I am back to using MM on daily basis now (hence more active in updating hleOfxQuotes.jar). I gave Quicken a college try but things are not working out:

. I am used how the UI works and could not really overcome that

. In Quicken, if I hide the reconciled transaction, the balance is displayed certain way that is just too confusing.

I don’t mean to bash Quicken here but just a note to say that I am back to the “right” side ;-).


The comments below are only the most recent – if you wish to review older comments, there is a link near the bottom of the page to do so.



  1. hleofxquotes said

    There are on-going concern about Java’s security. Since hleofxquotes uses Java, I am trying to explain what are the risks and my recommendation:

  2. pere said

    Maybe a stupid question but I have read a lot in comments and the wiki and I cannot make it work.
    I’m trying to get the quotes for foreign stocks and funds that are in yahoo servers as let’s say BBVA.MC.
    The tools doesn’t seem to retrieve those with the dot, only in the yahoo historical but not in the yahoo tab.
    Same happens with some mutual funds.
    Another stupid question probably. Would it be difficult to make a tab to retrieve from

    Thx a lot

  3. For foreign stocks, you probably will have better luck with the quote source “Yahoo option”. It was created to deal with “options” but will work also for hard-to-find symbols that the primary “Yahoo” quote cannot find.

    For new quote source request, please log an issue at


  4. David A. Scheiwe said

    I have been using Money for ages and Hung Le’s java app to download stock prices since MS abandoned Money. I has worked fine in both XP SP3 and Windows 7. My 11 year old old XP computer crashed recently and I replaced it with a Windows 8 Dell. Money seems to run OK, but I can’t get Hung Le app (in any version) to run.
    I’m aware the java will only run from the Desktop.
    I downloaded and installed latest 32 and 64 bit versions of Java (7-15).
    I associated Java to run .jar apps.
    Made internet recommended changes to windows settings to run Java in Windows 8 desktop.

    Nothing has worked so far. I try to load the app, the Command Prompt screen appears momentarily (just a flash), and then nothing.

    Has anyone else had this problem with Windows 8 and how have you resolved it. I’ve done every trick that has been recommended on the internet, but really don’t want to screw up the entire operating system by messing with the innards of Window if I can help it.

  5. David A. Scheiwe said

    Java version is 1.7.0_15.

    Tried second tip – always get a message “unable to access jarfile “filename.jar”

  6. ameridan said

    I edited hleofxquotes response just now to try and help clarify – you shouldn’t type “filename.jar”, it’s whatever [your] jar file is named. Hope I interpreted your response correctly David.

    • said

      Thanks Dan.

      David, for example if the filename is hleOfxQuotes-Build_20111221_78-app.jar, you will do

      java -jar hleOfxQuotes-Build_20111221_78-app.jar

    • David A Scheiwe said

      Thanks. That works. Figured it out in the middle of the night. Having some issues with accuracy of data import into Money, however.

    • mystictide said

      I have not been able to solve that same problem on windows 8.1

      I am running java 8 and have checked it in the way suggested

      The unzipped jar file with exactly the same name as used in your example has the app extension but not app.jar as the zipped file did. Also the unzipped file is a folder without a java icon.

      It does not have a right click option to run with java.

      If I open the cmd prompt as administrator, change directories to desktop, which is the location of the folder, then type in exactly what you have in your example java -jar….etc…… I get the error message, cannot open jar file and the file name.

      I have looked at properties of the folder and there are no restrictions on the use which is classified a general and is for both read and write etc for all users

      If I type DIR into the command prompt the program (unzipped jar file) is listed as DIR

      I tried changing the directory to include the file name, which it seemed to do. DIR then showed the files in the folder but running the java -jar etc command in this new directory still produced the same error message

      Can you help please I am at my wits end

    • ameridan said

      I’m hoping Hung Le still monitors this and answers. I haven’t used this in years as Pocketsense & MS Money Quotes meet all of my needs.

  7. Long-time Money user who's still looking for anything better and dreading the version of Windows I can't install it on said

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! The information here is going to make patching up a lot of missing historic prices in our Money files SO much easier!

  8. Stuart said

    Quotes server stopped updating last week; keeps reporting prices from June.. Looks like this is the end. 😦

    I’m using Money 2001 Deluxe (version 9.0) which does not accept the .qif or .ofx files generated by hleofxquotes. Any chance of support for this version?

    • hleofxquotes said

      What happened when you tried to use the generated OFX file? I am guessing that we will need to generate a very earlier version of OFX (v1 or something like that). If you have do research on what OFX version does MS 2001 accept, I can look into generating it for you. Best.

    • Stuart said

      Thanks for the fast response!

      Instead of making a Dummy acct, I changed the watch acct to live and added a couple shares. Here’s the import log –

      File Import:
      Received statement and latest balance for: Investments to Watch
      Received investment positions for: Investments to Watch

      All share prices are unchanged.

      I looked everywhere I could think of for temp files, but couldn’t find anything. It seems maybe in this version the quote update process writes directly from the quote server to the data file? The registry key that specifies the quote server refers to a .dll – could that be significant?

  9. Barb Knuth said

    It does look like the end, my ms money 2007 last quote download was July 1, 2013. I thought this would come sooner, bought quicken 2010 and tried to import my file and got so much garbage I decided to use money until quotes quit. Will this script work on a vista machine, I’m assuming I will create a dummy account that holds every stock etc that I own. Do the 2011 instruction above still hold true and work? Not that tech savvy, any comments?

  10. ameridan said

    Yes, the instructions should still be fine as we are all still using these alternative sources 🙂 If you have issues, I believe Hung Le still monitors this thread and should do his best to help. If not, click on “latest release version of the app” which should take you directly to his site.

  11. c said

    Happy to report it is working for me with Money 2006 on Win 8. Yeah!

  12. TJ said

    Dear Hung,

    I successfully ran the jar and imported the dummy account into MM 2005 Deluxe, but the stock prices in all of my real accounts do not sync up with the updated dummy account. Any idea how I can fix this? I ran the OFX Analyzer (latest version) and it did not show any errors.

    thanks very much for your great program!


    • For 2005, make sure to enable option “Incrementally Increased Share Count’. See (section “Why ‘Incrementally Increased Share Count’) for explanation.

    • TJ said

      Works fine now, thanks again! Very grateful for your help!

    • Mike said

      Hung Le,

      I don’t know if you have encountered this problem before…

      I download UK stock prices from and use your excellent programme to import the prices into my dummy account in MS MUK and it works a treat with no problems.

      I am about to go abroad and have copied the MS M file to my travelling laptop and all the data is there. However, when I import the prices, all the stocks in the “dummy” accout disappear leaving only the “cash” and “total account value” remaining. Needless to say, none of the prices have been updated.

      Any ideas?

    • hleofxquotes said

      Hmm .. that is weird. I have not seen that before. Was there a prompt to add and or remove the share when you import? Reason I ask: hleofxquotes saves the last “incremental” value in a “Java preference” file that is local to each machine. So on the new machine, the incremental share value will start again at .001 which should cause a share deletion but should not remove the securities itself. I am pretty sure I’ve tested this case: when share goes high to low. But I would not discount the possibility of a bug in that code path. Suggestion, remove the “dummy” account (which simulates a fresh state on a machine) and try again and see if that will make a difference.

  13. denis said

    I have used this for quite some time – works well!
    However, Investment Trusts now seem to be a problem: they are no longer updated by MSoft (as of start of July). They are entered into MSMoney as a ‘managed fund’ but hleofxquotes will not update them (with IsMutualFund set to TRUE or FALSE). Only way around I can see is to convert Investment Trusts to ‘Share’ in MSMoney.

  14. denis said

    Oh, and converting Investment trusts from fund to share would loose all my history for that holding……

    • denis said

      Solved my issue. Invetment Trusts (eg ticker CTY:LSE) are companies that hold a portfolio of investments, in which you buy a share. So FT.COM reports them as a share price. Money says you should enter them as a ‘managed fund’. the problems I ahd seem to be beacuse FT.COM have changed the way they declare fund prices, plus an odd ‘feature’ of Money.
      1) FT.COM now downloads managed fund prices as ISINnumber:GBX for (nearly) all funds (until now it was just some), so Mapper had to be changed
      2) Despite this, Old Mutual funds still have :GBP at the end (I assume in error)
      3) For some reason, I cannot enter ticker symbol e.g. AV:LSE for “Aviva” into Money. Money converts it to AV-LSE, without telling me!

      Solution was to correct Mapper for change in FT.COM, and declare ITs as IsMutualFund = TRUE, and convert from e.g. CTY:LSE to CTY.

      Hope that helps somebody….

  15. Mike said

    Hung Le,

    I have 32 shares in my dummy account matching the 32 shares which I own.

    On the other laptop, when I import the share prices, I am NOT asked to add or remove the share. I am taken straight to “You have no statements to read” where the dummy account is highlighted with 32 shares. I normally click on the 32 shares icon, click “finish” and check to see if the prices have been updated which they normally are.

    On my travelling laptop I tried deleting the dummy account. I closed down MSM, reopened it and the dummy account was gone. I created a new dummy account, added one share to it and imported the latest prices. I was surprised to see 32 shares highlighted in the dummy account. However, when I went through the rest of the process, the one share which I had added did NOT have its price updated.


    • hleofxquotes said

      Mike, can you try one more time on the travelling laptop
      * Delete Dummy account
      * Create Dummy account
      * DON’T manually add securities/share
      * On hleofxtquotes, turn off ‘auto-click’
      * Now generate OFX file and import

      Does that make a difference?

    • Mike said

      Hi Hung Le,

      Now in Japan which is why I did not reply sooner.

      I followed your instructions by deleting and adding a new dummy account, not adding shares manually, checking for autoclick by selecting tools, import dialog autoclick – it was already unchecked – and reimporting. Unfortunately the new prices are not being imported.

      I do appreciate the time you are spending on resolving my problem.


  16. hleofxquotes said


    First, I am not familiar with the terminology ‘Investment Trusts’ so I might be out of my depth here. If you happens to have an example OFX file from one of your broker, can you send me a copy.

    For issue related to price not updated, if you are using MS 2005, make sure that you have this option enable ‘Incrementally Increased Share Count’

    See: see section Why ‘Incrementally Increased Share Count’

  17. hleofxquotes said

    Re: example OFX file from one of your broker, can you send me a copy.

    If you do plan to send me an example from your broker. Can you make sure to scrub out sensitive information (accounts numbers …)

  18. D Johnson said

    I’m using hleOfxQuotes-Build_20110212_001 with MSM Sunset version. Suddenly the program is refusing to load. I did an update to Java (mostly to get rid of the annoying Oracle requests to update) and I suspect that is the cause of my problem. I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit machine. and haven’t had problems of this type before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  19. D Johnson said

    I received an error, saying that java could not find the main class.

    I also went to the log file, but there are no entries after 7/26/2013 which is before I upgraded Java.

    I also downloaded a later version of the quotes program, and it refuses to open as well. I tried shutting off my AVG virus protection, but that didn’t matter.

    • hleofxquotes said

      That is strange. One possibility is that the *jar file is corrupted.Suggestion to a new jar file and see if that will make a difference.

  20. hleofxquotes said

    Typo: Suggestion to DOWNLOAD a new jar file and see if that will make a difference.

  21. hleofxquotes said

    I need coffee!! You did say you download a new jar file!!!

  22. hleofxquotes said

    What is the output of ‘java -version’. Also if you can cut-and-paste (or send me screen shoot) of the actual error in the console window, that will help.

  23. D Johnson said

    Problem solved! I went to the Oracle site given on this blog, downloaded an updated java platform and everything is working now. I think my previous update was faulty. I thought it was from Oracle, but they included a Google Chrome browser which I hadn’t asked for, and that makes me suspicious.

    I couldn’t cut and paste from the window, and forgot how to do a screen shot. But the issue is moot now. I’ll keep the new jar file that I downloaded for future use, in case I need capabilities my old version doesn’t have.

    Thanks for getting me through this!

  24. Craig said

    The feed for the MS Money international versions (Australia) has eventually stopped. Was hoping we were lucky and MS forgot about us in Oz. Any experience or feedback of this program working with Money 2004 (v12) International edition?

    My quick play says it possibly could. It says it imports but does not calc and display. Only interested in share prices. Need to work if it can work with this old version before trying to import/export to the Sunset US version.


  25. Jon said

    I dont know what Im doing wrong but this isn’t working for me at all. I import a CSV file downloaded from FT and exported to MSMoney . Created a new investment called Dummy and MSMoney asks me to match up the codes for each stock with the omnes I already have in Money.That done I click on “done” in money and look at the investment portfolio. There is Dummy but with no stocks listed at all and none of the other stocks in my portfolio have been updated??
    Running Money 14.0.120.(2004)
    Any help appreciated.

  26. Mike said


    I had the same problem until I re-read Hung Le’s comment:


    I thought I had checked this several times – edit, quotes, Incrementally Increased Share Count – but I had misread the current setting which was False. Adjacent to Share Count it should say TRUE – if not select True from choices; this should do the trick!

    • Jon said

      Thanks for the advice. I checked the box next to “share count” as well as “Incrementally Increased Share Count” set to True and success I have it working.!
      Thanks for the help

  27. Jon said

    Still not working for me. Here’s an example.
    In MSmoney I have stock with the code BP.-LSE . The download from FT.Com shows it as BP.:LSE so I create a mapper file with theses details and set Incrementally Increased Share Count to “true”. Import the csv from and the mapper loads OK. Export to MSMoney and create a new Investment Account called DUMMY.Money then pops up with page “Review Investment activity” and tells me it has found the investment in the broker statement and gives me two options. 1:The investment is already in the portfolio with a different name OR 2:Add this as a new investment. I choose 1 and set the investment as BP.-LSE which is what it appears as in Money It asks me if I am sure its the same investment and I select YES.Then asks me if I want to change the ticker symbol to match the statement I click YES.
    i look at the Portfolio and Dummy account is empty and no prices have been updated.

    Can you suggest anything else I might do to get this working ?.

    • denis said

      Here is what works for me:
      1) if it is a share price you dont need an entry into mapper. For reasons of its own, Money will not let you enter BP,:LSE directly, it converts it to BP,-LSE. When you download BP.:LSE, Money asks if this investment is already in the portfolio, as you have found. If you slect option 1, Money changes BP.-LSE to BP.:LSE in your portfolio. so NO NEED for MAPPER. Delete any entries of this type. You should only have entries with IsMutualFund = TRUE in Mapper.
      2) Make sure option ‘Keep Share Count’ is ticked in HleOfxQuotes

      After loading, and selecting option 1, Money should ask you if you want to change the sare count to match that just imported. Select ‘Yes’

      hope it helps

    • Mike said

      I suppose the answer is “no” but….

      I update my UK stock prices via The share prices are correctly imported but the “change” column is blank. I had always assumed that the “change” figures were calculated by the MS Money programme but I now suspect that the “change” figures were imported from the previous server.

      I don’t suppose that anybody has been able to get the “change” figures to update by any chance?

    • denis said

      The download from includes the ‘change’ from the previous day, but it does not look like hleofxquotes reads that field, and hence does not include it in the .ofx for Money. I would guess it would be a relatively simple job to get hleofxquotes to read and generate the correct field.

  28. Doug Macmillan said

    I loaded HleOfxQuotes several weeks ago and it was working great. But yesterday (Aug 26/13) I updated the prices and then opened up Money 2006 (Canadian edition) and went to view “Portfolio Manager” it would open up then suddenly close Money (entire program) down. I tried several times updating the stock prices and opening up Money but the problem persists. Any ideas / solutions??

    • Doug, this type of error sorts of fall into ‘cannot open my *.mny’ file. Typical paths: open the previous/backup file if that will help. Or run the money repair tool on the current *.mny (salv.exe). I think there are some write-up if you can search on the on the microsoft money news group. Best,

    • Bryan Tollerene said

      Doug – I had a similiar problem and it was solved by getting the program to open up on a different page other than the Home page- there was some type of glitch there – it was actually a Geek Squad guy that figured it out for me. I can’t remeber how we got in the program to alter the start up page – there may be a way to do that at the start up page before you sign in. Hope that helps.

  29. Brian said

    I like this, the UK stock prices come down beautifully from Yahoo and the .ofx files looks fine, but Money is frustrating me – when I press the Import to MSMoney button, I get “A communication error has occurred.” message from MM. Does anyone have experience of this? Is the edit-quotes-OFX Account ID value important?

    • Brian, what version of Money are you using? Can you send me a sample of the generated *.ofx file: to hleofxquotes at gmail dot com.

    • Bryan Tollerene said

      Thank you for writing this app – it has allowed me to keep using Money and avoid an aggravating migration to Quicken or something else. I have been using it to update prices for many months now and it works great.

      On the portfolio page inside of Money at the bottom right hand corner there is a field to the right of where it says Add Symbols:.

      Is there a way to make that field operative again so that when you add a new investment you can simply enter the symbol and it will find the full name of the company/investment and automatically put it into the higlighted account?

      Also is there anyway to reactivate the service that will detect when a company pays a dividend and automatically enter it into the account under the appropriate stock/investment?

      If I wanted to update to the newest version of your app will I have to re-enter all of the symbols or will they migrate over to the latest version?

      On the download page what is the name of the newest version of the app – I got confused when I went to that page.

      Many thanks,
      Bryan T

  30. ameridan said


    In answer to your reply to Doug, changing the Home Page is found at: Tools > Settings > Program Settings > Default Home Page ~ selections are either MSN Money News or My Money. I think what is more important are the selections chosen for the My Money page. Keep the Home Page simple by choosing Favorite Accounts and FYI (all) for instance. Probably best not to choose Investment Chart of the Day, Investment Performance, Investment Summary, etc. You can find these settings at: Tools > Settings > Home Page Display Settings.

    In answer to your question(s), no the Add Symbols and the dividend info service are no longer working, but if you get broker statements, the data should be entered when downloading the ofx or qfx files from the broker. I believe your symbols may have to be re-entered when upgrading hleofxquotes, but you could copy them into your clipboard before upgrading.

  31. Mike said

    Mike said
    September 28, 2013 @ 7:47 AM

    I suppose the answer is “no” but….

    I update my UK stock prices via The share prices are correctly imported but the “change” column is blank. I had always assumed that the “change” figures were calculated by the MS Money programme but I now suspect that the “change” figures were imported from the previous server.

    I don’t suppose that anybody has been able to get the “change” figures to update by any chance?
    denis said
    September 28, 2013 @ 8:23 AM

    The download from includes the ‘change’ from the previous day, but it does not look like hleofxquotes reads that field, and hence does not include it in the .ofx for Money. I would guess it would be a relatively simple job to get hleofxquotes to read and generate the correct field.


    Thanks for your reply.

    Hung Le – what do you think? Might it be possible?

  32. Craig said

    Using now for a few months and working great – especially when I connect directly to the internet from my laptop.

    Occassionally I’d like to connect from my laptop through my work’s proxy server. It does not seem to like this. Any way how you modify some setting to allow the script to work through a proxy server?


    • said

      Proxy: yes. A bit of a hassle right now. Try the following (I have not test it). You will need to create a bat file to run

      java -Dhttp.proxyHost=enterYourProxyServer -Dhttp.proxyPort=enterYourProxyPort -jar nameOfJarFile.jar

  33. Mike said

    If it would not cause you too much work, would it be possible for the prices which are imported from the UK’s to include the day’s “change” as well as the current price?


    • Steve said

      That would be really useful.

    • said

      Will look into that. Will have to see if the *.ofx spec has an entry to provide the day’s change value to MS Money. Off the top of my head, I don’t believe there is.

  34. Pierre said

    Is there a way to get the quote from this mutual fund F00000QC6B.TO
    It is from the Yahoo finance page,
    It seem that symbol with . don’t download

    • hleofxquotes said

      Try the “Yahoo Option” quote source (tab name). See

    • Pierre said

      It’s not working either on the Yahoo option.
      I found that answer on the forum.
      I guess it not working

      A: Though they can be viewed on the web, the price of those securities are not available for download from Yahoo. If you don’t believe me, try this

      Go to the bottom right of where you see the price quote. Find the section that is labeled

      Toolbox Download Data (delayed)

      Click on the ‘Download Data’ link, you will see that that data is either blank or has zero values.

    • hleofxquotes said

      Yahoo changes the format for “Option”. I’ve fixed it in my working directory. Tested. Was able to retrieve F00000QC6B.TO. I will package it up and make the build available by the week-end.

    • Pierre said

      Thanks a lot.

    • Pierre said

      Do you know when the new build will be up

  35. Chris said

    This app is the best !!!! Thank you Hung Le. It works great !!

    Here in Australia I’m able to download all my prices using ticker symbols with a trailing .AX (eg… CBA.AX for the Commonwealth Bank).

    I have written myself a macro in Notepad++ to work through the ‘quotes.ofx’ file that the app generates to update my individual holding quantity for each stock. (changing ‘0.000’ to my value in the field for each stock). My macro also strips off the .AX and updates the account details.

    I then read the edited file into MM straight into my actual portfolio account. (no dummy account needed). Everything matches and account balances perfectly.

    Sure, its an extra step, but only takes a moment to run and you end up with the right prices and the account is not corrupted !!!
    Bob’s your uncle. (as we say in Oz).

    The macro is held in the ‘shortcuts.xml’ file in the Notepad++ program folder if you need to edit it should your holding quantity change.

    I’m happy to help if anybody interested.

    • Col Dunn said

      Thanks for the clue on getting Australian share price updates. Will this work for Mutual Funds(Trusts) as well?
      Could you provide the macro for stripping the .AX and adjusting qty.
      I have been searching for a solution for some time now.

  36. Martin said have updated their portfolio programme and it appears for me that their .csv file generated from the new watch list no longer works when imported into the ofx programme, I.e. it does not generate the prices etc in the import to MM window of the programme – just a blank so there is no data imported into MM. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Dave said

      Yep, quite a few folks are.
      The problem has been logged here:

    • Denis said

      Yes, have changed their download format.
      – In fact, share prices ARE downloaded: they just show up as 100x the value they were previously. Maybe hleOfxQuotes is not picking up the GBX flag to show the quote is in pence: maybe because the ‘Exchange’ column has been removed?
      – Fund prices show N/A in the download, so I think that is an FT problem

      I will email FT and see if the can get the old format back. I suggest you do the same!

  37. Denis said

    For the prices showing 100x what they should be: have changed the currency heading from ” Currency for Last Price” to “Currency of Last Price” – so hleOfxQuotes does not pick up the GBX which shows it should be in pence…..

    • Martin said

      Thanks for the replies – it appears I’m not alone! I found the 100x value issue if I download from my portfolio but the watch list, which I normally use, does not seem to import anything into the hleofx window although the exported *.csv from is populated with data??

  38. For some reason I am not getting notification when user entered new issue on the Google site anymore. So I am hearing about for the first time here.
    Unfortunately, the outlook for the rest of this week is not good. I will try to take a look by week-end.

  39. Mike said

    Hi, invited me to “migrate” my portfolio and I did so.

    Having done this, although I was able to export my Watchlist, when I imported it using the hleOfxQuotes-Build 20111221 78 app, nothing was imported.

    Sorry to ask you to look into this but if you are able to resolve this issue, I would be most grateful.

    I also noted that the new migrated watchlist now has “Today’s Change” displayed; could this also be imported do you think?

    Thank you,

    • hleofxquotes said

      Can you send me a sample of the “new” export *.csv file.

      To hleofxquotes at gmail dot com

    • Mike said

      Will do. I am at Heathrow airport at this moment so I will send it on Saturday when I get home if that is ok?

  40. thetyke said

    I have found that you can edit the new ft layout to just stock or fund then last price and update works but prices from ft in pence GBX transferred to pounds.

    • Denis said

      As above, change ” Currency of Last Price” to “Currency for Last Price” in the .csv download filr.

    • Mike said

      Very strange…

      I ditched my Watchlist and created a new Portfolio. I then edited the current view and ensured that the right hand column had the values I wanted. I then downloaded and opened the .csv file and changed the “of” to “from”. Used HLE to import the file and all figures were imported to MS Money.

      What was strange? The next time I downloaded a new .csv file I forgot to change the “of” to “from” but it still updated correctly!

  41. Mike said

    Please excuse my previous message – when I mentioned “from” I meant “to”. However, I don’t know what I have done but I seem to have messed up the “Custom View Columns” such that when I change the “of” to “for” the prices are imported in £s and not pence. I must have chosen the wrong “currency” column…

    Would someone be kind enough to let me know what entries I need in the “Custom View Column”?

    • Denis said

      Just use ‘Edit Current’ to show ‘Last Price’ for each of Equities, ETFs and funds. Delete other columns (if you want – i dont think it matters). Save custom view.
      Download .csv file.
      Do the change ‘of’ to ‘for’ thing
      When you import the .csv file into the program, it should show GBP or GBX against each of the prices. This tells Money what the value is in.
      Import into MS Money.

    • Mike said


      Thank you very much indeed – all working now.

    • Denis said

      My pleasure.

  42. Ian said

    My remaining inconvenience following the FT Portfolio change is the requirement to edit the .csv file downloaded from the FT Portfolio to change the header from “Currency of Last Price” to “Currency for Last Price”.

    Is it possible that the hleOfxQuotes program could be updated to accommodate this change automatically?

  43. Mike said


    Things have moved on quite a bit and many of us are using a new programme – details here:

    you can scroll down to the foot and click on the link if you don’t want to read all the comments. The programme is great!!

  44. Dennis said

    I cannot get the hleOfxQuotes program to update the Dow Jones index. I’ve tried many different symbols. Can anyone tell me the correct symbol please. Thanks.

  45. Justin said

    HleOfx import using FT.COM CSV format for Canadian mutual fund data seems to only grab the last price in a historical list of prices for any individual fund. Has anyone been able to get this working for multiple values and dates for one mutual fund? Thanks.

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