Charles Schwab Brokerage OFX downloads

Presently, if your Microsoft Money program is offline (online services are no longer active), I know of no way to import your transactions and statements (as well as the update of your quote data on all of your investments at Schwab) into Money (other than these Python scripts).   Unlike the websites of many financial institutions that at least let you initiate a download of your transactions in either QIF or OFX format, there is no such option at Schwab  – at least on the brokerage side (I have no experience with Charles Schwab Bank which is a separate entity and uses different settings). 

After contacting Tech Support at Schwab and being told that after Money goes offline, I’ll have to move to Quicken to resume this capability, not only did I commence escalation of my issue within Schwab (I’ve now been told that they are currently investigating an alternative means for all of us Money users to access our OFX data)[see 2/11/2010 update below], but I also began my Google search for alternative(s) and started the MICROSOFT MONEY OFFLINE blog.

As I learn more regarding the outcome, I will update this Blog.   Meanwhile, here are the site settings that work with these scripts to obtain your OFX data.   I seem to get some replication of transactions when the download interval period is 30 days, so I’m sticking with the 7-day period for normal usage.

    SiteName : SCHWAB
    AcctType : INVSTMT
    fiorg : ISC
    url  :
    fid  :
    bankid :
    brokerid :
    appid :
    appver :
    mininterval :

For TFB’s Python script, here are the site settings:

"schwab": {
          "caps": [ "SIGNON", "INVSTMT" ],
         "fiorg": "ISC",
           "url": "",

[UPDATE 2/11/2010]  Schwab has stated that they don’t intend to change their policy regarding OFX downloads, so they maintain “officially” that Quicken will be the only game in town after Money goes offline.   Had it not been for PocketSense, Schwab may well have lost me as a client, and I suspect there are others that feel the same way…

[UPDATE 3/24/2010]  I removed the settings for Schwab Bank to avoid confusion, and because I was unable to verify their accuracy.

[NOTE]  Regarding the site settings for SCHWAB, if  a value for “fid” is added, it will be ignored, however if  “BrokerID”: “SCHWAB.COM”  is added, the server will reject the request.




  1. Pablo said

    I wrote these fields to enter in my broker Schwab account, but when I test this account it says that the Bankid required is wrong (I thought that for this broker account the Bankid field is not necessary). Please, could you tell me what I have to do to download data into my Money Software?
    Pablo Tricci

    SiteName : Schwab
    AcctType : INVSTMT
    fiorg : ISC
    fid : 5104
    bankID :
    url :
    brokerid :
    appid : QWIN
    appver : 1800
    mininterval: 7

    SiteName : Charles Schwab & Co., INC
    AcctType : BASTMT
    fiorg : ISC
    fid : 5104
    url :
    bankID :
    brokerid :
    appid : QWIN
    appver : 1800
    mininterval: 7

  2. ameridan said

    Hi Pablo,

    In sites.dat, this is all you need for a Schwab brokerage account:

    SiteName : SCHWAB
    AcctType : INVSTMT
    fiorg : ISC
    url :
    fid :
    bankid :
    brokerid :
    appid :
    appver :
    mininterval :

    Apparently you didn’t read my NOTE regarding BrokerID. And if you had a Schwab bank account, that sitename probably wouldn’t work and the fid, url, & bankID are all wrong. You added too much incorrect information, considering my example showed exactly what you need (I just removed the Schwab Bank settings from the Blog, as that may have just added confusion…) 🙂

  3. Pablo said

    Thanks for your answer.

    I saw your note regarding BrokerID, and I tried inifinite possibilities, miracously on Saturday I could download my statement (with the same information that I wrote in my last comment, but now I can not download anymore.

    I followed your instructions and now appear this message “Site Schwab does not have a (Required) Bankid value defined.

  4. ameridan said

    It is a brokerage account (not Schwab Bank), right? I just downloaded my statements this morning with the exact settings in my previous comment. And you were overriding the AppVer with 1800 before, which is Quicken 2010, which I believe uses QFX, instead of OFX. Anyways, maybe go into setup, delete the account and start over. Good Luck!

  5. Tom said

    I’ve been bothering Schwab about them dropping OFX support too. I just want to be [assured -] Tech Support says they won’t.

  6. ameridan said


    I added the [word] that I think you meant to type into your last sentence. Let me know if you wanted it to read differently. Schwab told me they don’t intend to change anything, including adding a Download link to the webpage. The OFX server does accommodate requests from Quicken users, so I would expect no changes anyways.

  7. ag said

    Any recommendations of who to talk with at Schwab to ask that they support .ofx downloads like my banks do? I have several accounts with them and only got the bad news when I talked to their tech support today. The tech supporter recommended Quicken; having since looked at reviews of Quicken, I have no interest in that. (And they don’t even offer you a free trial! Even MSFT does that for 60 days.)
    Tried Mint but that is totally too lame.

  8. ameridan said

    I was told back in February 2010 that my request had been escalated as high within the Schwab organization as it could go when they conveyed to me that nothing would change regarding transaction downloads and that Quicken would be the only game in town come February 2011.

    However, thanks to our Python scripts that submit “Quicken OFX requests”, we are still able to use Money, so I recommend trying out PocketSense!

  9. Cheryl said

    Is anyone else having trouble with Schwab .ofx files not importing into Money if they include any INVTRANLIST entries?

    If the file just has INVPOSLIST entries, no problem, but if there’s a dividend paid or transfer of funds into cash, then the file errors out in Money.

    The last time I successfully loaded a file with INVTRANLIST entries was in August, 2013.

    If I take the .ofx file and edit out the INVTRANLIST so that I just have open and close XML tags (with DT attributes but no actual transactions), then it loads fine.

    Thanks for any advice.

    • ameridan said

      I’m not having any issues with my Schwab downloads using “PocketSense OFX Download Scripts for Money, Ver: 22-Mar-2013”

  10. Cheryl said

    …and I’ve just been outed as someone who doesn’t keep up with the updates 😐 I’ve installed the latest version and it’s working fine now. Sorry.

  11. MarkD said

    I have successfully downloaded Schwab transactions. The only thing is that Schwab Money Market buys/sells are not included in the transaction lists. The symbol is present in the stock information section (SWGXX) but no transactions. Thoughts?

    • ameridan said

      Because the Money Market transactions are treated as your cash account in Money.

    • MarkD said

      Interesting because OFX spec/developer guidance says these should be treated as “Other” investments with a price of $1 and the quantity is how much is moved to (buy) or from (sell) the money market account. This isn’t a pocketsense issue – just wondered if anyone had found a way of requesting them through OFX.

      I suspect Schwab decided not to include those even though they sweep into a holding symbol (SWGXX). Those transactions are not like cash because the timing of sweeps are deliberate, periodical and the fund earns (pitiful) interest unlike the cash position which really is cash.

      The current resolution is that my MSMoney either has to completely ignore SWGXX (and I delete 12 years of transactions plus I add in the occasional cash from interest) or I have to go online and add the sweep transactions and Interest “reinvested interest”.

      Hopefully this thread will be informative to others who notice SWGXX transactions are missing.

  12. ameridan said

    The interest is attributed to SWGXX, but that to is then transferred to the Cash account. I personally don’t think there is any problem with the technique Schwab uses, and it all works when it comes to tax reporting too.

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