Creating an EXE to duplicate Money’s Update Online Information

There now is another Python script (originally published by TFB) that pretends to be  Quicken 2008  requesting transactions and statements from your financial institutions.

Since Quicken should be around for a while after Money is permanently offline, this method of obtaining your financial data should work into the foreseeable future!   The OFX files that are created will automatically import into Microsoft Money (even if offline!) and the process of requesting all of your credit card transactions as well as your bank and brokerage statements and transactions can be automated, but the automation depends on a batch (BAT) file that calls the Python script for each of your accounts, which would expose all of your account numbers, user IDs and passwords in plain text.    He recommends keeping the BAT file on a USB drive, but if that was ever mislaid or stolen…  😦  

(Read his blog here for details regarding the development of this script and instructions on how to set it up with your financial institutions.)

Anyways, I’ve developed a method to  encrypt the BAT file into an EXE that is even easier to use than the BAT file. 

The free program I used that works great is Quick BFC  and it creates an encoded EXE file so that you can get rid of the batch file. You simply open the bat file, click on the Build button, and name your new file (keep it in the same folder as your python scripts).

If you need to make changes, simply repeat the entire process, as you can not edit the EXE file.

The BAT file will specify all the accounts you wish to import into Money with one click, and can also download  all of your other quotes into the Dummy Account you’ve created  (see the text in maroon)…

@echo off

REM Place this .bat file in the same directory as your Python scripts.

REM delete the old files.
del *.ofx

echo Downloading [name of the site]
python   [name of the site]  [your online login]  [your online password]  [your account number]

<— repeat for all of your other accounts…>

echo Downloading other quotes
<- see  for more info >

echo Done.

– ameridan


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