Importing quotes, indexes & exchange rates into Money

Well, I must give credit to The Finance Buff (TFB) for writing a Python script that  pulls stock and mutual fund quotes from Yahoo! and creates an OFX file that can then be imported into Microsoft Money.    The first time you import the file (by clicking on the generated OFX file),  just link it to a Dummy Investment Account you can create on the spot (don’t link it to a real account, since the download shows you own zero (0) shares of each so as to not have any effect on your net worth).

Simply click here to review his great blog that includes instructions.

I utilize a Watch Account (named Market Indexes) in Money for my Portfolio screen and I wondered – can I use this script to update indexes as well, when Money goes offline?

Well it turns out you can by simply including Yahoo’s symbols for the indexes in the STOCKS section of TFB’s [or Robert’s sites.dat] script:

INDU   for Dow Jones Industrial Avg. (^DJI doesn’t seem to work anymore)

^GSPC   for S&P 500 and

^IXIC   for the NASDAQ Composite


[added 1/31/2010] – can I use this script to update exchange rates as well, when Money goes offline?    Again, it turns out you can by simply including Yahoo’s symbols for the exchange rates (hover over the currency pair here to see the symbols) in the STOCKS section of TFB’s [or Robert’s sites.dat] script:

EURUSD=X   for Euro to US Dollar

USDJPY=X   for USD to Japanese Yen

AUDUSD=X   for Aussy Dollar to US Dollar



So we are off to a great start – you can modify TFB’s [or Bob’s] script to update all of the stock, mutual fund, exchange rates and market index values that aren’t part of your normal OFX downloads (like 401k accounts, DRIP accounts, etc.), or if you manually input all of your data, this script can be used to update all of your positions.  The only negative is that Money won’t calculate your daily change value with downloaded quotes, as it does with the online updates.

The next step is to show you how to fold this into a EXE file that will not only grab all of your quotes, but will download all of your bank statements, credit card transactions, brokerage quotes,transactions and positions, etc, – almost like clicking on the GO button in Money to update all online information.

– ameridan



  1. HLE said

    (I’ve no longer actively working on this but it might still be useful to someone).

    A java program for generating OFX file contained US stock and mutual funds prices. Prices are retrieved from Yahoo stock quote. My goal at the time was to create a daily OFX file that I can use to update MSMoney stock quotes.

    The GUI and OFX document generation is completed but I have NOT fully tested the MSMoney import.

  2. ameridan said


    Thank you for posting. I didn’t realize the link was available by clicking on your username 🙂

    The program works fine, and the first time you import the file, just link it to a Dummy Investment Account you can create on the spot. I decided it’s worthy of it’s own Blog entry

  3. John said


    First of all thanks and congratulations for the very useful information. I tried the Java app recommended and it works like a charm. There is only one problem in terms of updating exchange rates. The Java app gets the data no problem and following your instructions I set up a dummy account and the data was imported perfectly. The only problem is that it imports the data as a price and not a rate; what I am looking for is something that will update the exchange rates of accounts I have in other currencies against the base currency. I have looked through the OFX specs but couldn’t find anything. If you have any idea how this can be done it would be great.

  4. ameridan said

    My guess is that we won’t be able to import the rate in the same fashion that the Online update works. However, if you think in terms of bonds, the price of the investment can be the units and the exchange rate can be the price to result in the worth at the exchange rate.

  5. Chris said

    This is great, thanks to everyone contributing. My problem is that I live (and invest) in Canada. Yahoo has stopped publishing quotes for Canadian mutual funds.

    I don’t get what Microsoft is trying to do – piss off its few remaining supporters? Money is one of the few applications keeping me on Windows.

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